Oh No! My Website Is Ranking For The Wrong Keywords – What do I Do? (Plus SEO ROI Infographic)

Original Video: OH NOES! My Website Ranks For the Wrong Keywords – What Can I Do?

It can be easy to get addicted to the quick rush of seeing traffic flood in after you understand and start to implement the basic tenants of SEO. What can be a curious dilemma is when you start to get traffic for things that you didn’t really intend to, or that you created a large piece of content around but it’s not your main source of income.

It’s important to consider SEO ROI from the outset

There’s nothing wrong with creating amazing content, no matter what… but let’s say you have an organic farm but your spouse does a bit of crocheting on the side.. If you create an amazing guide – ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Crocheting’ and post it to your site, it gets a hundred links to it, Google can start to think your site is about what? You guessed it, crocheting.

Because whether or not you know it… Google is categorizing and segmenting websites so it can parse things more quickly and determine what the website is an authority for.

How to recover from ranking for the wrong things:

1. The Hybrid-Migration Method: To capitalize off of the existing authority Google and other search engines may be honoring your site with – create content that blends the accidentally authoritative subject matter with the one you want the site to rank for more. Our example might use: ‘Crocheting a fruit basket for your Homegrown produce.’

2. Copy the titling and success of the well-ranking topic to move it to the new: “The Beginner’s Guide to Organic Farming” could utilize the naming convention and value proposition of the crocheting guide that did so well, and if it’s done well bring that success into the new site.

3. Do a Persona’s and Scenarios Exercise and derive blog post ideas from your findings: to determine what situations people who are in your target demographic will be coming across your website, or looking up questions or resources to solve the same problems your company helps solve will re-invigorate your content strategy. This simple exercise, if done with a team will really help you narrow down the types of things your team or yourself needs to create to attract and demonstrate expertise to your target market. (There’s a great tool from Xtensio: Startup ToolKit for creating persona’s and scenarios.)

Remember it’s important to determine the ROI for your SEO with this helpful infographic:


SEO ROI Infographic From “Crash Course to SEO Marketing

If you’re thinking about the ROI from the beginning it will help you form the persona’s and scenario’s that will be in a buying position, and the people in your industry that you’d like to connect with and earn links from with epic content. This will help keep your ranking on track for all the right things. Enjoy!

Tim Brown is a web designer and digital marketer for Snap Agency – SEO Minneapolis focused on Ecommerce SEO, and Conversion Optimization.

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