Win At Facebook Ads

In this video you'll find out the two-step strategy to win at your Facebook Ads.

Two-step strategy to build a massive audience to your own business:

  1. Target a big audience with your Ads: Go after big audiences like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, entrepreneurship target them with your Ads, with your content, with your videos, with your blog posts through engagement.
  1. Retarget that audience and make them your own: By doing this you’ll create your own audience and then present them with an offer.

So, I suggest to start implementing this two-step strategy if you want a massive audience for your business. That way, you’ll give them something valuable and you’ll get more and more sales achieving your main goal. Also, learn how to use Facebook lookalike audiences.

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Everybody, and I'm Hernan Vazquez here. If you’re not part of the Facebook group, ( I would strongly recommend that you join. This video will be shared there too. I have some cool stuff to show you guys today, and I hope that you enjoy that.

The reality is that Facebook Ads are being kind of becoming harder and harder right. Even when we are like on right now, we’re on a dip like things are getting less expensive in terms of Facebook ads right. We went through Q4, it was super expensive but now it’s not as expensive that’s why we’re scaling back up all the campaigns.

So, what I want to show you guys is kind of a strategy that you can use. It doesn’t really matter if you’re using it during Q4 or during all year around to win at Facebook Ads to actually build your audience, so you can decrease your costs and basically get more sales and leads. That’s fine, alright? And this is something that we’re doing well.

Here’s what I want to show you, and this is what most of us do, right, when it comes to launching phase. The reality is that most of us, what we do is to go out there and try to target this big interest. So, let’s say that I wanted to sell my book, whatever, my perpetual profits book. ( So, what I would do is to go out there on Facebook Ads and what I would try to do is to target interests like for example: Tony Robbins, right? Or Frank Kern or Gary Vaynerchuk or Tai Lopez or Digital Marketing or Entrepreneurship and all those different interests.

And the reality is that everyone is targeting already those interests, right? So that increases competition exponentially for those specific interests. Now this strategy that I want to share with you guys it’s not only a better approach, it takes a little bit more time because you’re targeting, you know, you’re doing this for the long term. But also, it won’t allow you to create your own audiences so that makes more sense on the long run.

What you want to do, is the following, you want to go ahead and create content, like this content that I’m putting out right now. It could be videos or audios, right now you can put publish audio only on Facebook or it can be a blog post on lower block, right? So, where we can be a motivational quote on your Facebook page. It doesn’t really matter, the main point is that the content is really good, that it’s really valuable, that you can create an actual blog post that is delivering good value.

And you’ll push that type of content, that content to those audiences that you deem that it’s your target market like for example, instead of going out there for the kale and try to serve a conversion Ad to people like Tony Robbins for example, instead of doing that what you want to do is to push this content to these type of audiences. Trough campaign objectives like clicks or landing pages views all right? So that’s what you want to do.

Landing page views, clicks or even engagement. Engagement works well at this point even further for videos. So that’s the first thing that you want to do. Once you do that, you’re kind of farming these audiences. What do I mean? I mean that you’re going out there, you’re targeting these folks with something called NON-threatening type of content, right? Meaning that people that see your content will not need to take another action than to consume that content right. So, you’re going out there to those audiences and you’re mining those audiences.

Now, you can turn those audiences into your own audiences you can go ahead and create custom audiences based on engagement on your Facebook page, based on your website visitors, based on video of yours, right? And now the good news is that those audiences that were big initially, now, they become your own audiences. Now anyone, nobody else can target those audiences because they’re yours, right? That’s the good news.

They’re your audiences, and now they became your own audiences and now you can target them and the cost per thousand impressions, the cost per lead, the cost per click, etc., etc., tends to decrease dramatically, all right? So that is like two-step approach that you can take right now. So, the way it works once more is you go out there to this big audiences Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, entrepreneurship or whatever your audience is, you go out there you target them with your Ads, with your content, with your videos, with your blog posts and whatnot through engagement campaigns, landing page views. Anything that is not necessarily conversions and for videos engagement works well. Blog posts, you can do this with engagement, with landing page views.

And then you retarget them, you create your own audiences. And now, you can present them with an offer. This two-step strategy has allowed me to build massive audiences. I created a lot of good well in the marketplace and at the end of the day, you know, be cool to people and sell without being sell because your offering your best foot forward. All right?

So, I hope this make sense, if it does go ahead and share this or comment or think if all the guys that are joining lab right now. Thank you, guys, you’re awesome. Thank you for being here and if you want to know more, if you want to me to actually help you out implementing something like this for your company go to GROWTHLEAGUE.NET and apply, read that form and apply there. Someone of my team will contact you and we can hop in a call and decide if this would be a good for you, right?

So, I hope this helps, if it does go ahead and share this and I’ll see you guys in the next live stream.

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