Why Your Facebook Campaigns Stop Working

After a while your Facebook Campaigns May Become Ineffective.


There are basically two reasons why your Facebook Campaigns are broken:

A – You’re not getting enough traction.

B Your copy costs are high

What To Do If Your Facebook Ads Stop Working

1 Always show in your content that you want to consume: If you liked something it will start appearing again and again when engaging with your audience.

2 – Relaunch images and videos after some time: You may want to make a test on a certain angle of your audience to determine what they really need. The tool to do it on Facebook is ‘Dynamic creative asset’.

Try these two actions to make your Facebook campaigns work again and take your business to the next level.

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What's up everybody? Are you guys? How are you? How are you? How are you? Welcome. Happy Sunday today Sunday the third, it's 11am. in Buenos Iris almost 11am is 1015 and 15. How are you guys? I hope you guys are super well. Let me actually share this on the Facebook group so that I can you know, go live there, a lot of people have been asking a bunch of questions there.

So, by the way, if you want to join the Facebook group, you may want to go to digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs on Facebook or you can just go to http://HernanVazquez.com/Facebook. And today I want to tell you guys about what do you do when your campaigns and your ad sets on Facebook start breaking up. With that being said, let me cue up these amazing intro right now.

Alright, again, better, huh? How do you how do you like that intro? I think it's pretty cool. It was pretty cool. It's the intro that I've been using for my YouTube videos. And you know, I got see SAR my guy sees on my video guys, he starts to send it over to me. You know, I've been playing a little bit with V max, for the most part. What's up everybody? Alright, so let's talk about what happens when your assets break break, okay, or what happens when they stop working?

Because the reality is that you might be running if you're running any type of Facebook ads campaign, you know, the feeling that you launch a Facebook campaign, you get a bunch of sales or a bunch of opt ins or a bunch of downloads or your free PDF and whatnot. And then after a while, stuff just breaks, right? And what it means is that either you're not getting any traction at all or be your copy costs are going up. Right. So I talked to you guys yesterday about what to do when things go wrong.

And it's on my timeline right now. So if you want to check it out, but what do you do, and I will explain what I did, because that is something one of the things that broke during the past couple of days was my book funnel. So which reminds me before I forget, because I think was yesterday, the day before, I forgot to make you an offer, which you know, it's something that you want to do pretty much every day, which is that bad boy right there. That perpetual profits go to perpetual profits on that to get a copy of your book, this is a mirror. That's why it's so hard.

You know, I said there on my screen, but it's super hard. Anyways, get a copy of perpetual profits, and go to www.perpetualprofits.net. And you will be able to get a copy of that Bible right there. And I'm getting a lot of good stuff. And it will basically show you how to build funnels that convert people from complete strangers into buyers. Now, without you said I yesterday went through the book funnel that I'm doing. And, you know, the past week has been shit, it's already picking up, which is great. That means that some of the stuff that we did yesterday, and it's actually working.

So that's, that's awesome. Now, one of the things that some of you guys, my experience when it comes to Facebook ads is the fact that your Facebook ads break right after a while, and with no apparent reason, because there's that you need to have in mind several, several things, when you're running Facebook ads. Number one is how big the audience is. If you're running ads to an audience of 80,000 people or 50,000 people, or you got a couple thousand people, your ads will break my much sooner, because you will have exhausted that audience right? Now, it might be the case that you're running out to several millions of people, right? You You, you target these big interests, or you're already on the look alike game and whatnot.

And at that point, if you're spending a lot of money and by a lot of money, I mean, you know, five figures per day on ads, then or four figures per day in ads, then at that point, you also risk exhausting that audience really, really quickly. But it might happen that your audience are big, you're just spending like $5 per day, and stuff still breaks. So what does it mean to us? Well basically means that Facebook wants to always keep a fresh platform, right? He wants to always keep a fresh platform.

And it basically does just that by achieving two main things. Number one is to show in you content that you always want to consume. That's why whenever you engage with somebody online, or whenever you join a group and you start liking a bunch of stuff, more of that stuff will show up. And they have applied that same logic to Instagram. But also, there's the surprise factor. Maybe you're scrolling through your timeline, and you get, you know, an old friend popping up and you say, Oh, it's been a while since I've heard about this guy or this girl, right?

What about him, and then you start following him around, and then maybe you contact them. So this is like the surprise factor that is always likened to Facebook, and it's embedded on the algorithm. So if you think about it, Facebook, what Facebook does is that the lifespan of any given creative no matter how good it is, how many how, you know, good, have a social proof it has etc, etc. so much, you can run them for months. But some of them like most of them, and I mean, 98% of them will break at some point.

And at some point, I mean, it might be a week, it might be two weeks, it might be three weeks, it might be a month, and you will notice that you keep on relaunching that created that combination of copy and image or video and whatnot. And then you should see that the cost per lead goes up or the cost per acquisition goes up, right? Nobody's fighting anymore. So what do you do? Right? What do you do?

Well, there's this little tool that I like to use on Facebook, which is called dynamic creative asset is basically I'm going to show you guys how to do that. But it's basically whenever you go into an asset, you can select a, an option within the asset, which is called dynamic, creative. All right, and let me share with you guys, I'll try to share my screen without breaking anything. So we should be I think we should be good. Yeah. So here's the screen, you guys should be seeing my screen. So let me actually grab whatever me actually grab whatever.

You know, whatever campaign, make sure you check this out. Okay, so I'm going to create it. And now I'm going to create an ad set. Right? So test just got my name in test. And now when you create an ad set within Facebook, what you can do is you come down here where it says dynamic, creative, dynamic, creative, if I can talk, and you turn bad volume. Okay, so you turn these bad boys on. And what you're basically doing is you're telling Facebook, show me the options for dynamic, creative.

So dynamic creatives have let me actually go back. So dynamic creatives have a really specific way of deploying on Facebook. And what it basically does is you're telling Facebook ad, with dynamic creatives, where I'm going to do is to upload four different copies or copy, you know, buddy copies for the ads, and they have a limit of I think it's like 1200 characters or something like the copy, I'd like to run I like to, like, write these long form blog posts on Facebook.

And they're not suitable for them, I got it, because you can only write up until 1200 characters, which means that I need to chop a lot of my copy, which is fine. Because you're testing angles, right? You're not testing the full blown full fledged copy. What you're testing here are the  angles. So you can upload for angles for images for I mean, I think that you can upload up to six, but I like to do it in terms of for I don't know what I just think that for, it's a nice number.

So I do upload for creatives, for headlines for images, and then I leave Facebook to figure it out. Which one is the best? Now the way I do this is a really specific way. Okay, so Hear me out. I grab my proven audiences, which usually are like 1% lookalike audiences of buyers, right, like 1% buyers look alike are really, really effective. Interesting, I work for me really well in the past, right. So dynamic ad sets is not something that you would go out there and test with at least I don't do this, I know that some people do, I don't do this.

So you will grab an effective audience, which usually is 1% of your best buyers. And then you will show them to those people, what you would do is grab a proven angle, right? Let's say that, you know, a proven Texas working, right. And what you will do is to set up for images for that proven angle. So you're not testing a lot of a lot of stuff, what I do is grab a proven copy that you know has worked for me in the past. And then what I'm trying to change on the variables is the image.

So I'm always testing or the new guy, I told you guys that I like to test one variable at a time. So what I do is I test only one image per I test on that case, it has only images, right? So the reality is that you will get proven copy will grow an audience. So you know the audience works. You know, the copy works, why because you got sales with that copy, combination and audience. But now you're testing images. Now once you leave it running for a while, I mean a while my be anywhere between 48 hours to a week, depending on how much money you're spending, then you will have a proven at a proven asset, a proven creative, that you can go out there, grab it from there and plugging into your campaigns.

Okay, and this is something that I always keep on running in the background, like always keep on running in the background, you always want to test creatives, why? Because again, no matter how good your copies, no matter how good your you know, your targeting is Facebook is embedded on the algorithm that Facebook will at some point deprecate the value of your creative, even if it has like thousands of social proof, I have some AdSense out there some creatives that I've been running for months, and now I'm seeing the downward trend, but they have been out there because they have amazing copy. You know, they are like super, super good assets. So all I need to do, I don't need to reinvent the wheel, I know that it struck a chord with that copy.

So I just need to test different images and dynamic ad sets makes it so much easier. And this is something that I always have in the background. Like I always have a dynamic God said, you know, campaign running for an allow a low budget, so that that will allow me to always be testing creative, so that then again, I can grab the creatives and plug them into my campaigns as needed. Alright. What's up? My man? My man, Ron Chandra, manual, Diana, how's it going, Diana? Mike.

Happy Sunday, guys. Hope you guys are killing it. Alright, so I just wanted to tell you to tell you guys a little bit about that you guys have any questions, drop them on the on the comment box. And I will be more than happy to help you guys out with any questions that you might have. Let me actually check on YouTube.

Sometimes I get questions on YouTube, and I don't check on YouTube, for whatever reason. So let's everybody thank you for joining. Happy Sunday. Oh, damn, you know, YouTube has changed the entire thing to YouTube studio. And I'm having a hard time finding my way around it like a really hard time finding my way around.

So let me see if we, if we have if I can if I can get it you know, over the next 20 minutes or so. Let me see families so hard now. Alright, guys. Let me see. I don't know if it Yeah, this is live. Right. Totally live here. I don't know if I don't know if I can actually check this out. Yeah, I can check this out. Yeah. Alright guys. So I don't see any questions. Some Some people ask me questions yesterday.

And the reality is that I couldn't answer it because I tend to cut these really short for whatever reason. But in any case, if you have any questions, you're welcome to join the Facebook group. The Facebook group is you can join by going to http://HernanVazquez.com/Facebook. That is the way you reach the Facebook group. And you can join it's completely free.

Don't forget to answer the questions so that we can you know, tailor tailor the content there, you know, to better help you Oh, and one last thing that I need to ask you guys for a favor, is this, let me share my screen for a minute, because I'm having a poll on the Facebook group, which is appalled that I will and that we will finish I think it will be on Monday, tomorrow or Tuesday. I don't I'm not sure. But here it is. Let me share my screen. I think I can show that. Alright, so here we go. This is a baller. I'm running on the Facebook group.

So I want to I want to provide you guys with some amazing content. But I need you guys telling me what you want, basically. So whoever voted here as to what they want. I'll give it to you for free. Okay, so go ahead, join the fray the Facebook group, and then search for these posts right here. I think it's an announcement too. So you can find it on the top. So yeah, and you can you can find it on top on announcements.

Let me actually make sure that that's the cake. So announcements you go here he goes to see all announcements, you will be able to see this, this post and go ahead and vote. Because for everyone that votes I'm going to have you know, the one that gets the most votes, I'm going to develop it to going to develop it to, you know, to give it to you guys. Alright, so right now we're winning with the top 10 funnel templates that from cold traffic into buyers. So that's probably going to be but this is a second close. Right?

For the most part. Alright, so go ahead and vote. And so yeah, that's going to be pretty, pretty cool. Let me see if we can. All right, here we go. Alright guys, so let me see what we got. Putting it is asking how could we qualify clients? Alright, so here's the thing, buddy, you're launching your own SEO agency, which I think is awesome. So the way I like to qualify clients is to make them apply to talk to me, basically, I have an application form, which is super easy, which is basically asking them hey, how long have you been in business? How long you how much money? are you investing on marketing right now blah, and how much money you're generating by your revenue.

Because based on that, I know that I will be able to help you are not because if you're just starting out, I usually cannot help you. You know, unless you're looking for consulting or something or help, you know, setting up your first campaigns, that's fine, we can do that. But for the most part, if we want to work together, I am not cheap. So you know, if you're making five k a month with your business, I'm going to charge you five times a month. That doesn't make sense. You know what I'm saying? So you need to make people apply to work with you. What's up, Derek, what's happening, a lot of you are butchering your name.

Thank you for joining. Let's see to prevent getting cheap steaks. And those who don't call all the time asking what is happening the knowledge? Right? So great question. Yeah, great questions. I actually make them apply number one. So application is important. Whenever you're getting clients, number one, number two, get on out, like I always, always, always 100% of the time lead with price, that means that I tell them how much I'm going to charge them. And if they are ready to invest that on their business, then I'm gonna go in, and then I'll go in and hop on a call with them.

I don't hop on a call, just because what I do is, Hey, I'm gonna charge you five K, if you're okay, let's hop on a call to discuss the details, right, because I'm always leading with price, if they're already that will weed out 75% or 90% of people, depending on your targeting. So that's fine, you don't want to talk to everyone, right? So that's number one. And then number two, here's one thing that will send you kind of weird, but we'd experienced you will know to follow your gut.

What I mean is that whenever you're and maybe some of you guys can, can relate to this when you're hopping on a call with a client. And for some reason, the guy is ready to pull the trigger, but you're not feeling okay. It's like you need to pay attention to that gut feeling. I cannot tell you how many times that didn't pay attention to my gut feeling that these guys gonna be a pain in the ass. These guys gonna call me every day, this guy is going to do this. He's gotten gotten to do that.

And that's, that's important, okay, but also, you need to set expectations of the buyer telling you, hey, listen, I'm gonna hop on a call with you every week at 3pm. Eastern on Fridays. And that's where you need to bring all your questions. It's an education that you need to do with the client on your own. What I mean is that if you're picking up the phone with the guys calling you, then it's your problem, not the client, you're educating the client to do that, because he's gonna just keep on calling you right if you keep on picking up the phone.

So it's an education that you need to do when it comes to the client and your audience. And, you know, that's what you want to do. And that shadow is my girlfriend just hanging out. That's that's what you do the job like that. All right, um, so broadly, let the two aspects clients and hiring the right team, could you make a video on the hiring process of good talents and who Be serious? Yeah, man, here's the thing we have with semantic mastery. com reply to you specifically, with Semanticmastery.com, we have developed a product called outsource kingpin, that process has allowed us to I think we have 30 people working on the Philippines full time right now working for semantic mastery.

And that's all we're using the cut the outdoors camping. So the way you get to that is by going to outsource camping.com or I'm going to leave it there so that you can check it out. And that's how we that's how we find our VA is how we can outsource blah, blah. Okay, so if you're if you really want to get to that level where you're hiring people, then get a copy of outsource can be Thank you very questions, buddy. I really appreciate them.

What's up as man on YouTube's? How are you doing, man? This is super cool, because I can I think I can moderate both at the same time. What's up boss, man? Are you doing man? Alright guys, so and any more questions. Thank you for being here. Thank you for joining me, these lovely Sunday morning. Third day of February. Hope you guys are super well. If you haven't already, make sure that you get a copy of Perpetual Profits my brand new book, it will show you how to go out there with your product and service number one, turn complete unknowns people that haven't heard about you, they do not know who you are, and turn them into customers into not only customers but people that pay you money or an over an Oregon and they are loving you.

They're in love with your brand, blah, blah, blah. And it's all about putting out goodwill in the marketplace and becoming an expert. Okay, so go ahead. It's perpetual profits dot and I'm going to put it there perpetual profits, virtual profits.net. And you can get a copy over there. No problem, my man. Happy to have you. On. Let me see if I if I have any more questions. I don't think I have questions. Facebook is showing two new comments, but I cannot see them for whatever reason. Let's see if we have any questions on the Facebook groups.

Come on Facebook. Help me out here. I'm trying to do 1000 things at the same time. Sorry about that. Let me see. I think we should be good. You really should consider joining the group is pretty cool. All right. What's up Irene? Are you doing? Are you doing great today. I really is working with us as well. And she got she got through us through the outer skimping method. So it's really highly, highly advisable that you get a copy if you really want to grow your team, right.

Alright guys. So that's it. That's it for today. Thank you once again for joining me. If you have any additional comments, drop them below, share, do share this stuff with somebody that needs to see this if you so choose. And I'll see you guys on the Facebook group and see you guys tomorrow. Thank you for joining me Have an awesome Sunday. I'll see you guys later.

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