Hey everybody! On this new video, you’ll find out why your Facebook Ads are not delivering.

Four Steps To Get Your Facebook Ads Delivered

1 – Change your Campaign Objective (from Purchase to Leads, etc): If the Purchase Campaign Objective is not showing results go back and edit the ad set. Set and change the objective to something else (like Leads, Initiate Checkouts, etc).

2- Change to Manual Bidding: Be willing to double the payment for a CPA (your budget will cap how much you spend). This might unlock the delivery.

3 – Change the Delivery Method: A change in the optimization and the conversion window will actually help you potentially getting the initial traction that you want to get.

4 – Change the creative to an image or video: Usually videos get more traction and engagement than images because Facebook will count a video of you as an engagement. But if the creative worked well with an image in the past, don’t change it unless it is necessary.

I really hope you see an improvement on your campaigns following these steps!

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Oh yeah what's up? Listen, I know that your ads are not delivering like this pizza guy right here. So if you just give me like five seconds, I'll try to get my pizza and then we'll talk about why your ad's are not delivering, alright. Yeah what's up dude? Yeah, listen, I ordered the pizza like two hours ago, where is it? No I don't want a burger, I wanted my pizza honestly. Come on, I'm recording a video, could you hurry this up?

What is going on everybody? Welcome to another edition of Life with Hernan. I'm just kidding, we're gonna be talking about Facebook ads. Its a topic you guys seemed to like a lot and sometimes you hate it, sometimes you like it. But anyways lets talk about how to get your ads finally delivering because that's a question that I get on the free Facebook group, why my ads are not delivering? So let's dive right into it.

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So let's talk about Facebook ads deliverability and why some of you guys are noticing that you launch an ad, it gets approved, everything is A-okay, everything is green, all systems go but they're not delivering. You wait 24 hours or not even that because you guys are launching ads and then five minutes later, you're calling me and saying, Oh Hernan. I'm gonna die, my ads are not delivering.

And I totally get it but you need to first, give it 12-24 hours and see that your ads are not delivering. But after that some of you guys are actually patient and you go about your life, you do some other stuff, pretending that you do have some social life. So you out there, you do some other stuff and then you come back and then you see all of those zeroes or those dots or dashes, whatever.

That's means that your ads are not delivering. So here are four main reasons why your ads could not be delivering and what you need to do in order to actually start showing up and actually start delivering and actually start making money with your Facebook ads.

So the issue number one is picking the wrong objective. I've talked a lot about Facebook ads objectives and Facebook campaign objectives. There's gonna be a link somewhere around here, all by the hand of Caesar, my video guy, so you can see there. There's gonna be a link over there so that you can watch the top campaign objectives that you can actually choose for your Facebook ads.

Now here's the deal, the Facebook pixel actually needs data for ti to work. So if you're choosing an objective like purchases when you're running your Facebook ads and its not delivering, try switching the objective to a previous step in the funnel.

So let' say you're running an E-commerce website or an E-commerce store, you have several steps on the funnel right. Somebody lands on your store, that would count as a page for you or sometimes a view content. Then they will go into the actual prior, and that will be content. And then your add, that will count as an ad to count, they will add their checkout information, initiate checkout and then they will purchase.

So if the purchase campaign is not showing, what you may wanna do is to go back, edit the ad set and change the objective to something else. Like initiate checkout or even page view because if your ads are converting and if your funnel and your store is well optimized, you will be able to get some results. So go ahead and change the campaign objective, that's number one and usually that fix it. If it doesn't fix it, let's move to step number two.

Issue number two is that sometimes you're being out-bidded out of the bid of Facebook. As you might know already, Facebook works as an auction, it works based on bids and sometimes you are going into really, really competitive markets and sometimes really competitive seasons. For example, if you try to advertise during the holiday season, November, December, you have a high chance of it not working because of the fact that everyone and their mother is dumping money on ads so it goes to cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) to go up.

So the way you counteract this is that if your ad sets are not advertising, you should switch to some sort of manual bidding, like target bidding, or something like that. So there's gonna be somewhere around here, a graphic that will show you exactly how to do that. So all you need to do is scrawl down to the section that you see the bid and change from auto-bidding to something like manual bidding. And then one pro-tip here, when you're doing manual bidding is to go a little bit higher than the designers CPA.

So let's say you're running ads for a webinar, the way you do it and you're willing to pay two dollars per website lead or per webinar lead. What you wanna do is on the manual bidding or the target cost, you want to go ahead and add at least 200% CPA. So instead of two dollars you'll go with four dollars and see how that works. That could potentially solve your deliverability issues because again, you want to bid high even If your budget is five or ten lower, so a day for that specific ad set, you wanna bid high so that will help you with the deliverability issue.

Issue number three is that you can also go ahead and change the delivery method. So for example, the optimization window, let's say that is one day, you can change that to seven day click or I think it's seven day click and one day view, something like that. You wanna change the optimization window because again, it all depends on if you're following with your targeting, if you're following up with emails and whatnot.

So that will actually help you change the way the ad set and algorithm work in that specific ad set. Because nine times out of ten, it could be the fact that, that ad set is not delivering because the algorithm doesn't have enough data, so change the optimization, the conversion window, that will actually help you potentially getting the initial traction that you wanna go ahead and get.

And number four is to change the ad set creative altogether. So let's say that you're running a [inaudible 00:07:00] chat, you want to try what a [inaudible 00:07:02] ad or maybe a video ad. Usually videos get more traction and engagement than images because Facebook will count a video of you as an engagement. So if you're ad starts getting engagement initially over the first 24-72 hours, you will get some of this traction, that will potentially unlock the rest of the Facebook algorithm so it can start showing your ad and you can start actually getting delivery.

But usually if the creative worked well interesting the past, like you're running an image ad and it has worked really well in the past, that the last step of the four. That why I mentioned it last. I don't wanna switch the creative unless I necessarily, 100%, positively have to do it because I know that the creative side of things it's usually the hardest and it's changing the other stuff on the ad stuff is usually faster and easier than changing the creative altogether. But sometimes it is what it is, and you need to do it.

So there you have it guys. Now you have four tools on your arsenal and your toolbox, whatever you wanna call it. On the trunk of your car, your Facebook ads car, so that you can actually take them out and fix the wheels of your Facebook ads car so that it keep on going forward. So if you have any questions, just go ahead and join the free Facebook group, it's completely free, you're gonna love it.

We deliver a lot of the good stuff on that Facebook group and if you want to subscribe, I'm not gonna get mad. In fact, I'm gonna get really, really happy because you subscribed to my channel. And I hope that you guys get a lot of value out of this channel, right. So again if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below and I'll see you really, really soon in my next video. Bye bye.

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