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Hey, everybody! On this video, let’s find out how you can use followers when it comes to selling your products online.

2 Strategies to engage followers:

1 – Getting More Followers: How? Sharing quality content to get people following you. You can even boost that quality content on Facebook so you can get a lot of followers in return.

2 – Launching Retargeting Facebook Campaigns: Create an audience based on people that have engaged with your Facebook page and people that have engaged with your Instagram business profile, so you can serve ads to them!

This is a two step strategy that can really help you to grow your brand!

You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below

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What's up everybody? Welcome to another video. This is Hernan, and one of the things that I get a lot from students out of my Facebook group is the fact that people are obsessed with followers, right? With Facebook followers and Instagram followers, or twitter followers. So, we're gonna talk about how I really use followers when it comes to selling my stuff online.

Now with that being said it's not that followers are useless, and you're gonna find out why on these videos. I really do strive to get more followers through my learning pages and Instagram profiles and Twitter, well, Twitter not that much, but YouTube for sure. And there's a specific reason for that. So, stay tuned because I'm gonna tell you all about it.

If you wanna learn more techniques on how to grow your business online, how to get it to the next level, I would strongly suggest that you do two things right now. Number one is that you hit that subscribe button that's somewhere around this video, and number two that you also come and join the free Facebook group.

You can do them in whatever order, you just need to remember to do both. So, let's talk a little bit about followers and how they can impact your brand, all right? So in Facebook specifically when it comes to Facebook and Instagram there's this big feeling that when you get to 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 followers you're gonna become a millionaire, right?

And that's not only detrimental, that's not only a lie because of Facebook algorithm, you cannot get your organic reach, and there's a lot of going on after that. But not only that, but followers are good for one thing only.

Now if you wanna learn more about how to get your organic reach back so you can effectively get to a larger portion of your following, you can check out this video that I recorded that will give you some pointer or steps and tricks to actually get some more of organic reach.

The reality is that followers only work when you're running ads, and when you're running ads in a specific way. What I mean is that when you have this huge amount of Instagram followers, let's say that you have 10,000 followers for something on Instagram, or that you have 20,000 likes on your Facebook page, the best way to actually capitalize and to actually leverage those followers is by running retargeting ads to them.

So, for example, one of the campaigns that I'm running right now that will show up on screen will show you how effective are retargeting ads when you have had these starting points with people. So, you're seeing these memes accounts and you're seeing these people that are only focused on followers. And followers by the sake of gaining followers will get that people will hang up on you when you're trying to buy a car, based on followers, right?

But if you're actively trying to engage with those folks in terms of retargeting, it can be a really, really good idea. So, the way it works is really, really simple. It's a two step approach, right?

Number one, you get people to follow you by any means necessary, and by any means necessary I think that there is one mean worth pursuing which is putting out quality content and get people following you. You can even boost that quality content and you can get a lot of followers in return.

Once you have people following you, meaning that they have voted for you, they have rise their hand and say, “Hey, yeah I like this guy,” or, “I like this girl, I like this company, I wanna follow them around,” and what not.

Once that happens then you can launch retargeting campaigns on Facebook. The way you would do it is really simple, you will create an audience, a custom audience based on people that have engaged with your Facebook page and people that have engaged with your Instagram business profile.

Once you do that, you can start serving ads to them. And the reality is that the more you get people following you, the biggest that list is gonna become because Facebook is gathering all of those profiles and putting them into that bucket.

And then you can run anything from conversions campaigns, to landing page views, to anything that you can think of. Those campaigns can be really, really profitable.

Now, if you think about it you can also do this on YouTube. I'm personally not doing this because I'm focusing a 100% of my energy on Facebook and becoming a master, a ninja, or a samurai, or a whatever on that platform.

But on YouTube you can do the same thing. You can get a lot of good quality videos, you can put them out there. You can boost the video views with video views campaigns. And then you can run retargeting or remarketing to those video viewers.

And then it's up to you to experiment, you can target only people I have watch a video, only people that have commented a video, or have liked a video, which is a little bit down on the engagement sequence, right?

Because people will just watch a video and then some people will like a video, and then there are some people that would comment the video. So, those are three different engagement stages.

The same goes to Facebook, you can go with video viewers, anywhere from three seconds to 95%. The more engagement in the audience, usually the shorter it is. But you can also do engagement with your page.

And watching a video on your page is being engaged with your page. So, page engagers, page commenters, page likes and page, I don't know, video viewers whatever. These also applies to Instagram if you're running video views campaigns or engagement campaigns on Instagram, then you can amass really, really big audience.

So, there you have it guys. If you want to really gain followers, the main point is to put out quality content and then push it and boost it with some money behind it.

The reality is that getting followers just to get the followers for the followers' sake and to brag about with your friend saying, “Yeah, how many followers got bitch? I got 7,000.” That's not cool. You're gonna get kicked out of the restaurant, or maybe somebody will wait you on the corner with a stick, or they will just throw stones at you or sharp glass pieces, or whatever. You don't wanna get that route.

Followers should play a really good part on your strategy when it comes to retargeting, when it comes to regrowing your brand, and at the end of the day, not only you want people to follow you on one social network, you want to have their emails, you want them following you around on many social networks and what-not.

So this strategy, the two step strategy can really help you out to achieving that. And if you have any questions whatsoever just drop a comment below. Come and join the free Facebook group, it's a 100 free and we are showing a lot of the good stuff over there, and I hope to see you guys on the next video.

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