Why Advertising Is A MUST and How To Do It Right

If you run a business, you must know that advertising is the key.

Which is the best form of advertising?  

Check out these tips below:


1 Invest and be patient: Invest in advertising but over time. Don’t stop, because that’s the key to success, a long term investment.

2- Be creative: You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.. You can post images, videos. You can even make a livestream. All you need to be is consistent and the results will be there.

3-  Good Content: Foster your organic reach.

4 – Targeting: Make sure you target the correct people! The ones who really need your product or service.

I suggest you do advertise if you want to place your business into the next level. Because that's going to accelerate your results exponentially.

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I have some really cool stuff to share with you guys today in terms of advertising and you know, it's funny because I've been kind of doing these slides, I just made a post on my Facebook wall that you can go in and take it and take a look and watch it. And I talked about what I found after going live, roughly doing 60 days straight. Somebody asked me yesterday if I noticed that if I went live early in the morning or late in the evening, if I would notice any difference. And the reality is that okay, we're good now. Right mirage. Very cool. Thank you guys. So what's up, Kelly? It's good to have you here, Lloyd and Miraj Barac Ricci, Neil Alright, awesome.

So and somebody asked me if I was like, if there was a reason why I was doing this in the afternoon and the reality is that there Yes, there is a reason. I'm going live in the afternoon my afternoon because I you know, most of my audience is in the US anyways. So I target them. All right. So I think it was Ryan dice who said that if you want to launch if you want to send emails, just send them a 9am PST and it will be around noon my time.

Okay. I don't know how that relates to what I was saying. But you know, 9am UFC, it's a good I guess, good. It's a good time for communication. If Ryan dissects it, I can, you know, tattooed on my body because that guy texts, that guy does test a lot. Alright, guys. So how are you guys hope you feeling great. Alright, so let's jump right into the content for the day. Now before I do that, and before I forget, because I promptly forgot yesterday, there's two things that you may want to do right now.

Number one is to join the Facebook group. Okay. And the way you get to that Facebook group is by going to HernanVazquez.com, or http://HernanVazquez.com/Facebook. Okay. So that is how you get to the Facebook group. And there's a lot of good stuff happening in there, number one, but also number two, the thing that I forgot to mention yesterday is that you can still get a copy of my book, perpetual profits. And you can go to perpetual profits.net. So if somebody can type it on the comments, perpetualprofits.net, and you can get a copy is $5.60 cents is pretty cool.

And a lot of people have been loving it and taking good advantage of the content inside it. Alright, so let's talk about why you need to set yourself app for success in advertising and why I think it's a must, right now.

And what I'm doing with these live streams after I'm done, and basically how to do it, right. So I think was two days ago, today's Friday. So I think was on Wednesday, I was talking on one of the coaching calls that I'm doing every day, I was talking to one of the coaching attendees that was there, right? And he was asking me Alright, so I have the strategy I want to go live to and you know, I want to do a bunch of stuff and whatnot.

And I have a strategy. Why do you think if I would go out there and I would put $10,000 this month? And that's how much money I can expect to make back? Like what will be my ROI? And, you know, that was a really tough question to answer. Let me tell you that when you do coaching, some people will, you know, put you on the spot. And what I told him is that number one, hey, listen, let me be completely 100% honest with you.

I don't know, he was even launching a new funnel. So we didn't have enough data, you know, to see how much my you could put on ads versus how much money you can put back. But my question was, after that it was something like, Hey, listen, if you would put $10,000 right now in advertising, like over this month, let's say that you put $10,000 in ADS during February. Okay, and follow me here.

Would you be able to put another $10,000 in March? And would you be able to put another $10,000 in April? And he kind of was thinking about this? And you know, if the logical answer would have been? Yeah, of course, if I'm making money, I can put that back on. But what if you if you don't? What if you don't, because the reality is that, you know, I launch a lot of campaigns, Facebook campaigns per day, a lot of campaigns per day, and 90% of them do not work 90% of anything we do online do not work. Right?

Like, honestly, if you get if you get 90% of your stuff working online, then give me your phone number, I'm going to call him going to visit you going to pay you a ton of money so that you can show me how you do it. Because the reality is that not the bigger not the biggest gurus that you can ever look up to are successful all the time. In fact, they're more they have more failures than success. And that's why they success successes are so many because they're willing to fail. So going back to the advertising thing is that advertising right now is a must, because of the fact that organic reaches that pretty much.

And you need to advertise in order for you to get an additional set of eyeballs, you know, to reach those people that haven't heard about you, they do not know who you are, right. So that is number one advertising of these images. But it doesn't have to be an expense, it doesn't need to put you put you in a constrain. And here's how you achieve that. There's a huge opportunity right now, which Frank Kern has been, you know, talking about forever, and you can follow Him and you know, and there's a huge opportunity right now, you don't need to spend a lot of money to make this work.

In fact, if you're if you're going to burn the bridges and burn all the boats, and you're going to go ahead and put $10,000 in advertising today, and you don't know if you're going to get it back at the end of the month, then you might be better off just going to the roulette, go to your nearest casino go to the related play everything to the red, and see what happens. You know, this is not betting This is advertising.

So my advice for some of you guys that you know, you're eager to get new clients and you're eager to get more people on your funnel. My advice is, is the following. Do advertise that's going to accelerate your results exponentially. But try to advertise in a way that you can keep it over time. It's way better, like way, way, way better to advertise $2,000 per month, during five months than to advertise $10,000 per month in one month. And you know, hoping for the best.

The reality is that money replenishes right, you might actually have $2,000 next month, or $1,000, or $500 doesn't really matter to put back on advertising, but you need to make it consistently you need to make it you know, in time Facebook ads had become a long game. So if you can, if you cannot sustain the long game, there won't be any long game for you. Of course, you want to make money as soon as possible, because the money that comes in will sustain your advertising.

But sometimes that doesn't work. Okay, so why put you in the position of failure right now by investing all of your you know, your ad, and then maybe if you don't get your money back at the end of the month, you're just throw your hands to the to the air and say it doesn't work, you know, so consistently beats intensity every day of the week, because it's like, you know, going to the gym, you can go one day to the gym, try to bench press, I don't know, 300 pounds, whatever, get injured, and never come back to the gym. Or you can go to the gym, you know, every day or every two day every two, you know, every other day, blah, blah, blah, and you will be able to and you will be able to sustain that all the time. Okay.

So that is basically my, you know, that is basically what I want to share with you guys. Because a lot of people are you putting you on your shoulder, you're putting on your shoulder a lot of pressure in order to advertise and to make it work right away. And let me tell you nine times out of 10 it won't work. And that's fine. You want to keep building those download will you want to keep building those audiences.

So for instance, what I'm doing with these live streams is sometimes I go live on my group, and we have some exclusive content for the group. So you're welcome to join. It's HernanVazquez.com/Facebook. And then I go live on my page. And most of you guys, you know, whenever I go live on my page, or on my timeline, so that is public content. But the way I'm doing it is that then I just run ads to those live streams that are really, really valuable and they have offers. Okay, so that is basically what I do it.

And I only get to a point where I am sure that I'm going to get back my advertising and the reality is that I close, close to 45, almost 50 right now $50,000 worth of business over the past 60 days by doing this. So it works. It really does. It really really really really works. Alright guys. So with that being said, All right, let me go through the comments real quick. I know that I didn't have any sound for a bit. Thank you for letting me know. I do appreciate you guys. Federico, thank you, my man. Great to have you here. And the haircut. Yes, you see new haircut is the media buyer style.

I'm trying to implement on style here. So it's media buying media by style. What's up, Chris? Mike, let's try one in particular. It's hard. It's just being me, man. Just being me. By the way, I'm going to be at funnel hacking live 2019 so I'm going to be in front of hacking live 2019 for you know, she's gonna be hanging out there and really excited to be there. It's going to be like, I think it's next week that I'm probably holy crap.

Oh, yeah, it's next week. So anyways, if you're going to funnel hacking live ping me. Maybe we can meet grab a coffee or something. What's up, Jason? I have a question. Go for a brother. Go for it. Emmanuel. What's up, my man. Good to have you guys here. Thank you for joining this beautiful day. I hope you guys are having an awesome, awesome. Friday. I'm having some issues with the date right now. Alright.

So with that being said, Don't forget to get a copy of my book, let me reiterate the offer because that's what we do here. You know, in the Facebook Lives, you return the offer. So go ahead and get a copy. It's really hard for me to do this because it's like, you know, mirror. So anyways, get a copy of this book here. No matter you know, whatever, I get a copy by going to perpetual profits. That man is pretty cool. Alright. So Diana, Federico, thank you, my man, I do appreciate you. Alright, so I have a page of 2.2 million followers. Jason says, Okay, I have a page of 2.2 million followers.

How would you advertise it? What do you mean? What would How do you advertise? How would you advertise? How would I advertise to them? Is that what you're asking? If you could, you know, reiterate your question, that will be even better. Thank you. Thank you, Kelly, I do appreciate you. Thank you. Let me put a love little love a little hard. What's up, Diana? What's up already doing?

So the way you the way you advertise to a page with 2.2 million followers is by doing two things. Number one, to produce good content for your followers. Number one, and you post that on the Facebook page. And the way you do this is pretty straightforward. Whenever you are, let me actually share it. Let me share my screen. So I can go through this. And by the way, if you guys have additional questions, you're welcome to post them on the chat box. But let me let me go through the let me go through.

Let me share my screen real quick. I'm trying to share my screen here. Alright, so you guys should be seeing my screen. That way you advertise your Facebook followers is pretty straightforward. There's there's a couple of ways. Number one, you want to produce good quality content and put it on the Facebook page. Because even when the even when the organic reach is down, you can still get some juice out of it and you want to foster that organic reach. Okay, that's number one.

Number two is that whenever you're advertising, okay, you would create an ad sets specifically, and on these sites. And what you want to choose is on the targeting side of things that would keep it pretty open because those people are already buying from you. So I will keep it pretty open. But you can go down here. And in what it says connections, you can add a connection type.

And here you can say people who like your page. So in this case would be my page Hernan Vazquez, right? Come on. Come on now. All right, there we go, boom. So on this case, what I'm effectively targeting is people that like my page, a good a page of 2.2 million followers, you can even do some more targeting within it, I would keep it pretty open and call out your people on the copy. That's what I would do. And that's how you do it. With that being said, here's a little trick for you guys. Whenever you're advertising to call audiences, make sure that you exclude your Facebook page followers.

So let's say that Jason want to you know, go from 2.2 million followers to 5 million followers, what you want to do is in connections, you can exclude people who like your page. Okay, so in this case, let's say that I want to exclude people who liked my page, which is what I'm effectively doing with all of these live streams that I'm doing and sharing, but not the reason why is because your product, your cold prospecting assets, will be you know, better targeted, because you will be effectively completely cold. There are some other stuff that you can do to make sure that your ads are completely cold.

And you're not targeting the same people over and over and over again. But this is how you do it. You know if I got that correctly. All right. Ah, let's see. Do download your book, go to perpetual profits.ed, my man and put it back on the on the chat box right here is perpetual? profits.net. You go there you download it, it's $5.60 cents. Let's see. Would you be selective on who you pick for affiliate marketing? Would you also do banners for your website for companies? I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, to be honest. But would you be selective on who you pick for affiliate marketing? Yes. 100%.

Like I would be really selective like initially depends on where you're standing. I've been doing JV for five years. And the reality is that I've always defaulted back to my own promotion and building my own audience on my own brand. And then you know, JBS, the good jP jP, that pay off the affiliate offers are very often the ones that you can build a real relationship with that person, if that makes sense.

Okay, because you can get better paid, you can get better trade on whatnot. And the reality is that you always want to push good products for the most part. Okay. And would you also do vitamins for your website? If you're doing Yeah, for companies? If you're doing it? I'm guessing this is all related to the 2.2 million followers for some reason, then. Yeah, if affiliate It is a good thing. We're driving our 450,000 people on our website because of the 2.2 million followers. Yes, definitely.

So there's a bunch of things that you can do. I hope that you're returning that all of those votes, you have your pixel installed, you're gay, like that goes without saying. So you can create audiences based on people that engage with your page, okay, pp, you can engage people, you can create audiences with people that visit your website.

And then you can return it to those folks, I would retargeting them with offers that I know that convert, or with my own offers, like you can, you know, you can set up like some deals with Shopify stores and you can send them traffic, you can set up some deals with Amazon stores, maybe and send them traffic and whatnot because Amazon like off the bat, Amazon affiliate rates are pretty low.

And then you can do banners, you know, with tracking links on your page on your page, whatnot. Do solemnly big companies for banners if you mean if you mean be companies for binary, in terms of the ones that you're promoting on your website, I would only promote those offers that are proven with advertising.

Okay, I would only promote those, those offers that are proven with your ads retargeting and also banners on your website that are proven, that means that you need to send some traffic to it and see which one I'm the most profitable. So but like, honestly, you can develop a product by man, like even if you are not, let's say that you have a 2.2 million followers, a page out of means or something or out of, I don't know, gardening or maybe you know zero about gardening, you can always hire somebody to make a book or a couple of gardening products, and then you know, just split the share.

You get paid upfront or affiliate. It depends on what kind of depends on what kind of deal you're negotiating with. That's what I am always saying that it's always the best thing for our relationship. For instance, if you go to Clickbank or if you go to I don't know JV Zoo or if you go to offer bald, or if you go to max bounty, which are the CPA offers. In each case, you will have a CPA manager or an affiliate manager that you want to get in touch with. If you go to Clickbank, there's a high chance that you can get in touch with people running the show. So you can negotiate better rates, you know what I'm saying? So you can negotiate better rates for your for traffic that you have.

Because for the most part, this is this is a relationship thing. So all right, let's see Roberto. Roberto here. He had a pretty cool website. He's still running the website, buddy. We had we were having a really good SEO results with him. What's up seven? Are you doing my man? Let's see if we got bias now is live on YouTube.

Let's see by snap. Okay, how can someone start online earning where start online, earn it with 100 bucks. offer your services, spend those hundred bucks on a course. It could be a logo design course or it can be a writing course for web blogs, and then offer your services on Fiverr. Done deal, that's how you do it, man.

That's how I started. Like I really literally started on Fiverr. But yeah, spend those hundred bucks on a course and then go to Fiverr and do a really good job asked for ask for reviews and whatnot on Fiverr. That's how what I would do. All right, everybody. I don't know if Facebook is not letting me see new comments, but I think we're done for today.

You guys are awesome. Thank you for spending time with me. If you have additional questions you can always join the Facebook group by going into http://HernanVazquez.com/Facebook, thank you for hanging out with me today. I hope that this is helpful for you. And if you really want to take your business to the next level, go get a copy of perpetual profits, my brand new book, perpetual profits.net, there will be heads up, there will be a couple of additional offers on that page.

You can take them all, you can take none, that's completely 100% fine, you will get a lot of value out of the book. I've put together a member's area that you get access to. It's worth 1500 bucks, just the members area with all of the bonuses that I'm running there. Alright guys, so thank you again once more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and I'll see you tomorrow.

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