What to Do When Facebook Stops Working?

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Hi Everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez, and today I wanted to discuss with you what to do when your Facebook ad account gets shut down or when your Facebook ads get disapproved.

As you may know, there's no escape for you to get either a Facebook ad disapproved or a Facebook ad account getting shut down. 

Why? Because you are running ads on a third party platform, which is Facebook!

Now, what do you do when this happens?

The Right Approach When Facebook isn’t Working…

#1- Check out Facebook Policy Team

Facebook has a big team of specialists that you can consult with. 

Now bare in mind, that we’re experiencing an extraordinary time and most people are working from home. 

These means: Don’t get upset if you don’t get the answer or solution that you’re waiting for… 

Facebook doesn't give the specific reason why an ad account gets shut down or Facebook ads get disapproved. 

The team is just guessing, they have a policy they will apply to solve this kind of issues, but the policy doesn’t have an absolute set of rules. 

That's why a lot of solutions are left to interpretation of this team.

So keep trying until you get the most suitable response for your business.

Remember if you're cool to the policy team, they will reply in the same way. 

You're not talking to Facebook, you're talking to an employee.

#2- Never Depend On One Source of Traffic

I always suggest this, you need to have several sources of traffic so as not to depend on Facebook only.

#3-  Backups

Finally,  always have backups. That is to say, additional ad accounts and additional business managers so that you can get back up and running right away.  

So, I hope this was helpful and I hope that you bear this things in mind as they’ll help you to scale your business!


I want to tell you guys what to do. When your Facebook ad account got shut down on your Facebook ads get disapproved, like what to do, like, what's the mindset? What's the right approach?

For you have been running ads for a while, you will know that there's no escape for you to getting either a Facebook ad disapproved or a Facebook ad account getting shut down going bad. there's basically no escape to that. Right. So, and the reason why is because again, you are running ads on a third party platform, which is Facebook, right?

So what do you do on those cases? Like how do you actually fix that? And what's the mindset behind it? Facebook has big team of specialists, right? They have a big team have a policy team and they have a big team of specialists that you can talk to. But the problem is that a lot of people come to me and they say, Well, you know, I tried chatting with them and the guy on the other side of the line she didn't think he didn't understand my business model. You know, and they say it was a final decision, and there's nothing I can do.

And that's not the case like nine times out of 10. That's not the case, because a few chat or if you have the opportunity to call and to talk to somebody, that's hardly the case, right? The next day, if you talk like 10 different times with Facebook reps, you will get 10 different responses, then different replies, right? And the reason why is because Facebook doesn't give the reps like hard and fast rules, or they don't give them like the specific reason why an ad account gets shut down or Facebook ads gets disapproved.

There's just guessing, you know, they have this policy, but the policy is like rules to a vi but it's not like you know, an absolute set of rules. That's why a lot of that is left to interpretation. So what happens when you talk to somebody in Facebook, you chat with them, about your ad account going down your Facebook Business Manager going down your ads going down, and you chat with them, and you will realize that if you chat with them 10 different times you will get 10 different answers so you need to keep on chatting with them.

You want to consider that there's a lot of people on the other side, they are heavily outnumbered, because there are millions of advertisers, versus just a tiny team comparatively a tiny team of reps. So they're heavily outnumbered, that is something that you want to consider. But also, if you chat with them once, and you don't get the response that you're looking for, just keep on chatting with them.

Because based on my experience, based on the stuff that I've been doing for the past seven years on Facebook, based on, you know, serving 250 plus clients in different niches last year, based on you know, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, there's never a final decision, you know, when they tell you, hey, it's a final decision. That's hardly the case. So that is something you want to consider when you're chatting with Facebook, when you're talking to Facebook, when you're talking to anyone in any big company, and they're really, really heavily on number. That's one of the things that I want to drive home is that if you're cool with them, if you're like polite.

I know that you might be overwhelmed that you might be frustrated that you might be angry that you might be sad that your business might be in jeopardy because you know, they shut down your ad account. So that goes to show you a couple things. Number one is that you never need to depend on one source of traffic. I keep on banging, you know, the Facebook drum, but you never need to depend on one source of traffic never ever.

Number two is that you always want to have backups always have backups, like additional ad accounts and your business managers so that you can get back up and running right away. Number three, if you're cool to these people, they will reply the same way. You're not talking to Facebook, you're not talking to surberg you're talking to an employee and if you talk to them 10 different times you will get 10 different responses. Okay, so have that in mind. Yeah, so Kevin, you saying I heard it's just these people sitting alone in their home office all over the world? Yeah.

So that's basically what's happening right now. And for the longest time now they're now they're hiring more people, but for the longest time, they were like heavily outnumbered, like, even worse, because when Corona hit, everyone was like in their hood in their houses or in their home office and they're getting like they're getting requests like yours pretty much every single second at this point because Facebook goes into these. disapproval rampage rampage.

Are they shut down rampage or whatever? And they get requests like you pretty much every second. So anyways, I'm not saying hey, that's cool. That is something that will happen. Sometimes Facebook will shut you down for the dumbass of reasons or for no reason at all like, and it's completely wrong that that should happen that your business would suffer because of that completely 100% wrong. I'm not. I'm not like, you know, I'm not agreeing to that, but that's the situation that we need to have in mind. Alright guys, so I hope that this helps.

Again, this is like calling an airline looking at bad frustrated or you can think about what you can you learn number one, get backups number two, Devin never depend on one source of traffic. Number three, try to be nice to people. Because you know, they're just employees and you know, they're trying to do their best, like some people are actually trying to do their best. Alright, and once you get a good rep, just think about that you can actually get in touch with them through email.

There's a lot of good stuff that you can do. Alright guys, so again, thank you for joining me for a little bit. I hope that this was helpful if you have additional questions like Please join me every week that is marketing at less show.com to ask all of your questions, I go through all of your questions if you have any questions, digital marketing, advertising, whatever that is getting clients online making more money. Alright guys, thank you. I'll see you guys soon. Bye bye

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