Want to scale your business fast? Learn which numbers you need to know below…


1 – How much you're paying to acquire a new customer?: The person that can pay the most for a new customer is the one who wins is the one that can buy more traffic and can pay more to the affiliates. If you can’t afford paying customers, you can always apply organic methods which certainly will take more time to start working.

2 – How much is a customer worth to you? : By knowing that, I’ll be able to know how much you can spend on more traffic. And more traffic will be attracted by more and more of your offers. So keep offering so as to acquire a lot of customers at a decent rate.

Now you know the metrics that you need to pay attention to. So go ahead and start dealing with your numbers to take your business to the next level!

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Let's go baby what's up Facebook? How are you guys today Welcome to these live stream for the second day of March 2019 5:46pm and you're watching her name Vasquez live. I hope you guys are super super well. Hey listen, if you want to take your Facebook and Instagram with your Facebook and Instagram, to the next level, everything that has to do with Facebook and Instagram ads, do yourself a favor sign up for my livestream upcoming my life training by going to

We're going to have a three day live event March 13, 1415. 2019 is going to be one hour and a half between one and a half two hours of flight training, anything that everything and anything that has to do with launching your ads. You know, we're bang how to actually create Facebook ads that work all right how to create Facebook ads that conversion number three, how to scale your Facebook ads and take them to the next level.

So for now, Hey, what's up, guys, welcome to this live stream. I hope you guys are super well. What's up, Rick? was up Chad. What's up? Joseph from the west coast there 12:36 pm lunchtime. On the west coast. Thank you for stopping by man, hope you're having a great Saturday. It's everybody. So we're testing these new little thing that's called I've been using restaurants, okay. And we'd restaurant what you do is to you, you you send your signal, okay, through the magic of OBS.

You send your signal, and then it will split it between Facebook Instagram mixer and a bunch of well not Instagram and Facebook. YouTube periscope makes a bunch of other places. And right now we're leaving a bunch of places, which is pretty cool. Right? So if you're super well, what's everybody on the YouTube? So I hope you guys are super well, Happy Saturday, we're going to be talking about metrics.

Okay, we're going to be talking about metrics and how to actually, you know, scale your business, I was actually fortunate enough to be part of funnel hacking live 2019. And one of the things that I learned during that period, is that if you really want to scale your business fast, you want to know your numbers. And thanks, you know, I'd be I've been blessed enough also to work with some of the, I would say the most the smartest marketers on earth. And you know, people are, there are building massive empires that are moving massive volumes on their campaigns and whatnot.

And they're building massive legacies. And the reality is that they're all focused on two main numbers, two main things, okay. Forget about the rest. When you're playing at that level, when you have a big team below you even if you don't, it doesn't really matter. You want to play at that level you want to focus and the way you focus, it's by knowing what's important from what's not important.

Alright, so with that being said, I'm going to jump right into the things that I know that I learn things of you know, hanging out in front of hacking live, you know, moving six figures per month and that's been on several fronts and several campaigns and whatnot and hanging out again when they're smartest marketers on the planet. What are the numbers that matter Now with that being said, Don't forget that we have a Facebook group that you can join by going to right there on the screen.

It's you can join it's completely free I do to a live per week so if you have questions about Facebook ads, growing your agency, getting more clients looking better, more hands on camera, do not join but if you have all of the before you know that the prior questions then you can definitely join if you want to get notified when I go live. We're doing a live trainings going to be three days going to be live, it's gonna be awesome.

It's going to be 100% free, but you need to be there live there we so wise because once I'm done with the training, I've got a package it I'm going to sell it. For all of you folks that are right now watching this, go ahead and sign up for the waiting list. I'm going okay, I'm gonna send you additional training but you need to be part of the waiting list is for now Vasquez com forward slash live training. So if somebody would be so kind as to you know, type that in the comments, I would really appreciate that.

It's is going to be awesome. Alright, so let's talk about those two metrics. All right, let's talk about the two most important metrics that you want to have in mind whenever you're trying to scale your business. And if you want to acquire a lot of customers fax, number one, metric number one, how much you're paying to acquire a new customer.

Listen, you don't have the time or cannot afford the time to actually grow through organic methods. If you want to grow a business, and then 20 years down the road, talk about it. That's awesome. Go the organic route, go the Facebook organic route, go the usual organic route, go the SEO route. Those methods take a lot of time, okay to work. I mean, they work, they do work, but they usually come after you have build your business.

What I'm saying is that if you really want to scale your business, if you really want to take it to the next level, if you really want to get more leads more customers and more volume, more stuff happening your business you want to pay to play. Now the good news is that every time you're paying, you need to know your numbers, right? The good news is that you can command that traffic, you can pretty much control that traffic and re directed.

And basically, you can buy as much volume as you could possibly get, you know, some campaigns and we were spending anywhere between 100 to $150,000 per month on ad spend 100 to $150,000 per month on that on advertising on Facebook alone. And you know, Facebook will take more money if we if we throw at it. Okay, it will take more money. Now I'll tell you why we're not scaling past that in a second. But imagine the amount of volume that you have on your spending 100 $250,000 per month on ads, that is you know, between three to $5,000 per day on advertising.

Alright. So whenever you're paying for traffic, you want to know your numbers as to how much it's costing you to acquire a new lead, how much it's costing you to acquire a new customer, how much it's costing you to acquire a new webinar purchase on how much it's costing you to acquire a new book buyer. And the reality is that the that that person that can pay the most for a new customer is the one who wins, let me reiterate that the person that can pay the most for a new customer is the one who wins is the one that can buy more traffic and can pay more to the affiliates.

You can you know bit hard on Facebook, so it will get better placements. So it's always an auction. Now the question is okay, her now that's awesome. I'm not a millionaire, I cannot pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, you know, with to acquire a new customer? How do I leverage the game? How do I play the game that the big boys are playing? Well, it's pretty simple, actually. And that's where the second metrics comes come to play.

The second metric that you always want to have in the forefront of your mind whenever you're trying to scale is the average order value. In other words, how much is a customer worth to you at the 30 day mark and six days mark of the 90 day Mark 180 days, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, etc, etc, etc. Ok. Now the reality is that that type of beta takes a long time to come by, okay, that it takes a lot a long time to actually make sense. most marketers, most business owners will only know the return on ad spend over the first 30 days, but they have no idea under 60, 90 180 days, right.

This is something that we have been struggling with semantic mastery as well one of my companies and I have been struggling with personally. But here's the thing, we have been getting better and better at it. So if we know that at the hundred 80 day mark, each customer is worth $100 to us meaning six months down the road, each customer is worth $100 to us an average, then we know that we can pay $50 right now.

And if you can pay $30 and I can pay $50 I assure you and everything else stays the same, then I will be able to acquire more traffic and I will be able to grow quicker. The reason why is because I can buy more traffic again, it can be hard on Facebook, and Facebook being or Google or whatever being auctions, he who you know, the person that bits, the highest will get the better type of traffic. And that's true for Facebook, for Instagram for Google, etc, etc, etc. So when you're in scaling mode, or when you're let's say that you're launching more, you want to find that offer that people resonate with, that will allow you to acquire a lot of customers at a decent rate pain decently for it.

And the way you do that is by putting offers out there in the market, it took me almost two years to combine to combine with an offer. That would make sense that is my book, okay, but not only the book, like there's a million books, but a book that will be enticing for people that they actually want to buy, right. And then it's taking the time to optimize the funnel so that I can get to let's say $50 average score, average cart value on the front end. So that's so then I can pay $50, I want to pay $50 per to acquire a new book buyer.

And the reason why is because I don't make money on the book, my intention is to sell them something else, it can be consulting, it can be done for you Facebook ads, and can be whatever. But if you really want to accelerate this game, those are the two main metrics that the big top dogs of the industry are always obsessing about, and how they can how they can widen the gap. What I mean is that the average order value, or the lifetime value of a customer versus how much money you're paying to acquire that customer is where your profit is that, Okay, so let's say that you are paying $100 to acquire a new customer, you put it on your list and whatnot, and then that customer is worth to you $500 over the course of a year.

That means that you're you have over the course of a year you have $400 worth of profit. And the more you can you can expand that gap, the more money you will make, okay, I'm not saying hey, go and try to spend less to acquire a new customer, you should be always thinking of spending more to acquire a new customer. The reason why is because the more you can spend the more customers you can acquire it faster. But you always want to be thinking okay, what else can I sell to them? What else can I sell to them? How? How can I increase the value that I give to them? Right? If your product and your service are really good, and there are changed changing people's lives for the better you have the obligation, you have the moral obligation to sell it to them.

All right. And we know some of us are saying, Well, I don't want to sell I don't feel good. But listen, if your product is good, you have the moral obligation to sell to them. So what else can you sell to them? Can you sell them additional stuff? Can you sell them more of your time? Can you sell them more access? Okay, can you sell them being part of a group? Can you sell them getting to the results faster, better, with less headache, you know, those are all stuffs that will increase the average value will increase the money that you're making your own? Yeah, but it will increase the value that you're giving to each of your customers.

Okay, so those the two metrics that people are obsessing about, number one, how much they're paying to acquire new customer number one, and number two, how much is that that customer worth? through time? Okay. And if you think about it, this is what we're doing when we are when we are investing in our business, okay, we're investing we have these funnel accuracy, we, we have these acquisition funnels, on you know, on the on the internet and whatnot, we try to run traffic and whatnot. But if you think about it, here's the thing.

Some people invest in real estate, some people investing cryptocurrency, some people invest in stocks, what we do is we invest in customers, because if you think about it, let's say that a customer right now pace you, and this is this is a concept that I've learned her from Todd Brown, by the way, if you're buying a customer for $50, and then through time, that customer increases the value of you know, and it goes to $100.

That means that that acid, you're effectively buying assets that will increase their value through time. It's like buying, you know, a piece of art, or buying a luxury watch or buying, you know, a real estate property, they will increase value through time, as long as you keep selling to them. So for instance, I I listened to I one of the one of the talks that I was, you know, that I was looking at that it was watching and funnel hacking live was Russell Brunson. And he was saying, the only person that I keep on buying from is Dan Kennedy. Dan Kennedy is the only person that I keep on buying from.

And the reason why is because he keeps on telling me stuff. All of the rest of all of the rest of people stopped, like everyone else stopped. But Dan Kennedy keeps on evolving his Lee selling them stuff. So he keeps on making money, right? So the acquisition, the value of each customer for Dan Kennedy's way, way, way higher than any of your competitors. So guess what now Can Can he can go to the marketplace and acquire a customer and pay double the guy double than the guy next to him just because of the fact that he keeps on selling them stuff. And nobody can say the Dan Kennedy, you know, it's not one of the top marketers scenario, right? Everyone, every time somebody talks about Dan Kennedy, they're saying that guy's a genius. That guy's a genius. That guy's a genius.

And he keeps on selling. Right? So the that's why a lot of people are no buying from you, because you're not making enough enough offers, you know, selling to them enough. You know what I'm saying? So those are the two things that you always want to have the forefront of your mind. Now, the reality is that the acquisition is pretty much easy to know. Right? Because you put on Facebook, you set up your dashboard on Facebook, which is one of the things that we're going to talk about on the live training. You set up your dashboard on Facebook, and then you know, okay, you pay $20 per book by you paid 50 $500 per webinar conversion. That is awesome, right? That That makes sense. But, but here's the thing. But here's the thing, when you are the hard thing is the lifetime value.

You can know the lifetime value based on Click Funnels, you know, Click Funnels will tell you, but it will tell you a 30 day lifetime value, or the average order value in that funnel. You want to know it all. And maybe you need to hire somebody, maybe you need to come up with dashboards, that is exactly what we're doing in semantic mastery as well. Alright, so that is something that you want to have in mind always when you're trying to scale.

Let's see what we got. Let's see. Oh, we get your clock is 11 minutes. Rick is saying thank you, Greg. I appreciate it, man. Appreciate it. Hey, if you want to know more about that light training and putting up it's her numbers, guess com forward slash live training. Okay, I'm going to send you some bonuses if you sign up here.

Alright. So let's see we've got any questions Wow, I got a view on mixer mixers, a platform that I'm testing I'm also streaming to twitch nobody's watching on Twitch because they're too busy watching Overwatch or Apex legend or four night or League of Legends whatever. So nobody's watching me but that's fine. That's fine. We'll we'll get over it will get over it. Alright guys, I just wanted to jump in. Thank you for being around thank you for staying with me for a little bit I hope that you guys have an awesome Saturday sign up for the waiting list is going to be awesome it's gonna be great.

I'm going to give you guys a massive amount of value for free you need to be free on that and you need to be there live on that training because once it's done it's done and close the door so I'm going to package it it's going to be pretty awesome all right and again if you want to come and join the free Facebook group is you can get head to it and get to it by going to her now mascara comm slash Facebook ok and then if you want to get notified when I go live go to her numbers get stuck com for flash notify me I should have another thing that goes like this for the live training but I don't when you Alright guys, thank you. You guys are awesome.

Thank you so much, Rick, Joseph. Chad, who else is watching this live and I don't think Facebook is telling me everyone that is watching here. These live. Well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I do appreciate you guys. Thank you for engaging thing over everything and have an awesome Saturday. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Bye bye.

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