Two Most Important Principles In Digital Marketing

Discover the Two Most Important Principles That Will Help You Sell More.


  1. Reciprocity: Give real content to your audience. Offer them your knowledge and share with them what you know. So as to help them grow. They’ll be thankful and you’re business will grow as well. Not only you can share videos but you can also do a free workshop for entrepreneurs in your area, that will create a lot of goodwill and a lot of reciprocity.
  2. Authority: This principle precedes the previous one. The more experience you have to share with your audience the better. Because remember that human beings need a referent, a leader who will be able to guide the rest to success.

So I strongly suggest you go ahead and put this in practice.

People around you would have the opportunity to grow as well as you and your authority around them which is extremely beneficial for your own business.

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But it takes a little bit. I don't know why. But it takes a little bit for me to go live on Facebook, I think. And on the YouTube's. So we're good here. Let me see if we're streaming everywhere because I actually go live on Facebook and YouTube's at the same time. So yeah, here we go. We're live there. We're live on Facebook..

And let's see if we're live on YouTube says, Well, that is something that I want to see if that's the case. Yeah, we are. So let me actually share this on the Facebook group, so that more people can sure. And join us and whatnot. So how are you guys doing today? I hope that you guys are having an amazing Sunday. And I'm going to just post  it there. Boom, there we go. Alright, cool. Awesome. I think we're live.

Ain't that great? Okay, so what's going on, guys? Welcome to another live stream, and hope you're having an amazing Sunday. This is Sunday, like, literally 24 hours before a little bit more than 24 hours before the years. And I hope that you guys are having an amazing day, and that you're doing these new year's resolution, whatever you want to do. And you will be a good idea for you to implement the two main principles that I want to share with you guys.

Now, I want to share with you guys the two what I think what I believe, are the two most important principles when it comes to digital marketing and sales in general, right. But these two principles have allowed me to actually, you know, spend a lot of money and actually make a lot of money back in advertising.

So actually, let me share with you guys a screenshot that I'm prepared for you with actual results of what these two principles can bring to you. So here we go, you should be able to see my screen. So let me see if I can show you guys there. So all right, so here's this is one of my clients. All right, this is one of the clients that I'm running ads for.

And as you can see during November, okay, this was November 2018. Actually, whoops, that's not what I wanted to do. Come on, Photoshop, make me look bad. Come on now. Alright, so this was last month. Okay, this was November 2018. All right. And as you can see here, we spent $79,000 on these ad account alone and running several ad accounts for these clients, but we spent $79,000 for these at account alone, right? So these were phone November, we spend a little bit more, I think, close to 80 during December as well.

So this is screenshot number one. And this is an e commerce store. Okay, so the principles that I want to show you guys today will work whatever you're selling, like, Am I applying these principles to econ store, like these guys are selling gardening stuff, I'm applying these principles to brick and mortar businesses, and I'm applying these principles to coaches consultants. So pretty much whatever you're selling these principles will work. So going back to the screen right here, these seas, their Shopify store.

Alright, so this is the Shopify store. And as you can see, for November, we made $143,691 with 64 cents, right, at least these kind of total sales, they got a little bit more. They got 162 by they  got a couple refunds. So now they're backed up when it comes to actually fulfilling the thing, which is, I think, in my opinion, a great problem to have. But I want you guys to pay attention to these real quick. Okay, so let me see if I can make this a little better for you. I want you to pay attention to this right here. Okay. So as you can see, we generated 1000 482 orders during these period right here. Now, the reality is that these are these are people, these are one time warriors, meaning we generated for these clients, for these clients, specifically 1482 new customers. Now, here's the funny story.

We spent 79, a little bit more because we're running ads on some other ad accounts. So we spend maybe 80 to $83,000. November in ads, right. And we made $143,000. back, right? But here's a funny story. The funny story is that these guys are a startup.

They don't like, they have no k website, the website is so case not even optimized for. It's not even optimized for you know, conversions, they haven't gone through a lot of iterations of the website, and the funding stories that they're not even sending emails, I think we have like two current abandoned emails, reminder emails that I wrote for them. And it's pretty much all they were doing. Which is funny because if you think about it, we generated 1482 new customers for them from cold traffic from cold acquisition.

This is what I call a really successful campaign. Granted, they didn't make that is gross revenue, I don't know. Like, I think that they are, they have like a two to one marching on each unit sold. And you know, each unit sold, I think we're we should be paying anywhere between 60 and 50 and $60. And they make 50 and $60. back. So I would say some pretty healthy profit. But the main point is, again, that they're focusing a lot on scale. And they don't even like we're not even there yet, in terms of, we need to develop a back end promotion for everyone that purchases that, you know, come purchase again, and everyone that abandons their card, we need to do some more follow up.

So way we achieve these type of numbers. And I think I share with you guys a couple of other clients that were running ads for the way we achieve these type of numbers, again, spending a going from spending $79,000 right here. So let me zooming, going from spending DS to you know, making 143 on complete cold is by using these two principles that I'm going to share with you guys okay, so that you are really, really excited. So back in the day, I read I'm a big I'm a big Tony Robbins fan.

And I'm also a big you know, I'm a big reader. I'd like to read a lot. But even if you don't like reading and you want to learn more, and you want to sell more stuff, I would suggest that you go ahead and get the book “Influence by Robert Cellini”. The funny story about that book is that Joe Dini initially wrote that book, to, you know, the academia type of environment, if you will, you know, it's not a marketing book is not a book that is intended for us marketers or digital marketers, or direct response, copywriters, you know, or, or consultants. It is a book that it's intended to be type of, you know, an academia type thing, right? It's full word, with notes and quotes, and you know, kind of quote unquote, heart language and whatnot.

But the reality is that that book was really successful in the marketing space, which was even for Giulini itself. He said, that was a big surprise for him, because he didn't, he didn't know that it would, you know, be so popular among us marketers, entrepreneurs. And the reason why is because I don't remember the exact number of principles on that book, but the way it works is that it will tell you based on, you know, research and, you know, anthropology and history and whatnot, why we behave as we do as human beings, right.

And there are two main principles that I have been repeatedly using for my own brand for brands that I own that I partner with a co founder with, and also for several types of businesses like brick and mortar businesses, or e commerce websites, or, you know, digital info, Product Marketing, some weird stuff, and whatnot. And these two principles have proven to be effective over and over again, and there are the principles of reciprocity and be authority. Okay, so let me go to the screen and actually write this down for you.

Okay, so let me do this. So it's going to be the principle of Let me see if I can do this. reciprocity, okay. If I can type, boom, and whoops. And the principle of authority. Alright. So these two principles have allowed me to sell a lot of stuff online. So the principle of reciprocity and the principle of authority. So I'm gonna, I'm going to dive right into this right now. So how do they work? Well, let me explain briefly, I'm not Giulini, I'm not that mentality. So I'm going to be butchering a lot of the stuff. So I strongly suggest that you go out there and buy the book and get the book.

But the principle of reciprocity basically means that you know, when we used to live in, when we used to live in tribes, back in today, like I don't know, several thousand years ago, or hundreds of thousand years ago. And we started like, organizing ourselves in tribes, the principle of reciprocity was kind of, I would say, was kind of an evolution type of thing. Where do I mean? Well, if I went down, I went out there, and I found some food, or maybe I gather some food, or I hunted for some food.

And I came back to my tribe, and I shared it with each of the different members of the tribe, then, you know, the principle of reciprocity would say that tomorrow, maybe I am not that lucky, I still need to eat, my family still needs to eat. And then if you go out or another member of the tribe would go out, then he or she might be a good gather a good hunter, whatever. And he would come back, and you know, share with the rest of the tribe that allowed tribes to thrive and actually share it, right, we would share with people, because we would just be, you know, expecting for people to share with us in the future.

And that is how we are wired, right. And the way it works is that, you know, another common example is that we don't like to own favors. So anyone who's somebody gives us a favor a favor or makes us favor, we don't like to own that favor to anyone, right. So the way it works with marketing, and the way I'm doing this, for all of these companies, is pretty straightforward, is actually going out there, and putting out good quality content, like the one you're seeing right now, good quality content, in, you know, because at some point, maybe you would feel compelled to do business with me.

And this is something that I've done, for example, with one of my company semantic masteries that I co owned, and co founded. We have been doing these free q&a every Wednesday at 3pm. Eastern called Hump Day hangouts for the past four years. So for the past four years, we have jumped completely for free during one hour every week and answer questions from the audience. And that has been the number one source of leads and sales that semantic mastery has had. And you might think about, okay, but it's, it's a free thing, right?

Well, what we're doing is to create an enormous amount of reciprocity in the marketplace. And then a lot of people will actually jump on our programs, or services done for you services, right, broken summit and whatnot. I'm doing this for my audience. And you know, I get a lot of reciprocity. I've done that with my YouTube channel, which you should subscribe if you haven't yet, which is slash YouTube, you will go there. And you will see that there's a lot of goodwill in this a lot of good stuff in there. And I'm not charging for that, right.

That's that's the principle of reciprocity working at its best. So how do you actually implement this for your business? Well, really simple. What you want to do is you want to start producing really good quality content, okay, really good quality content, to actually and presented in a specific way to your specific audience, right to meet my case would be entrepreneurs, business owners and whatnot, maybe you have a different type of an audience.

But I would strongly suggest that you start thinking about ways that you can generate that reciprocity doesn't have to be videos like this, you, you can actually go out there and you know, do a free workshop for entrepreneurs in your area, that will create a lot of goodwill and a lot of reciprocity within your area. So that's Principle number one.

And again, this is one of the principles that have allowed me to grow seven figure businesses and have allowed, you know, several of my clients to get the results that I'm getting, right. So and for the people that I'm consulting with, for the growth League, which is a small consulting group that I that I kind of manager, I'm teaching these how to implement this for the different marketplace. And they're different than their specific point in right now in time, right. So that is Principle number one.

Principle number two is the principle of authority, right? And the principle of authority, the way works is, it goes hand in hand. The good news is that is that these two principles right here, go hand in hand with one another. So let's think about this for a minute. The principle of authority also goes back to where, you know, we use live in tribes. At that point in time, the word work was pretty straightforward. He who was the smartest, or the strongest would lead the tribe, right? You see it with monkeys, right now you see it with wolves, usually the alpha male is the strongest of the pack and whatnot, and he would lead through his physical prowess or his strength and whatnot, he will lead the pack.

So it will basically be the best hunter or best, you know, the most intelligent one of the more

now at this point in time things he things have changed. So the way it works right now is that you could have several types of authority like you could be thought leader, right, you could have authority based on your experience, and all of that stuff that you have learned through experience, right. So you can be a thought leader.

Another type of authority is physical, like wealth authority do right like somebody, we tend to as a kind of society, we tend to keep score as to who is making more money, right. So if you have a lot of money, that means that you're doing some stuff, right, so that gives you some authority in one way, shape, or form. So there's a bunch of different types of authority right now that they're not strictly related to physical prowess. So that is something that I strongly suggest that I'm pretty, pretty sure that I'm butchering 95%, of what God has to say about that. So sorry, sorry about that doctor.

But go ahead and read that book is pretty, pretty cool. So the way it works with authority is pretty similar to reciprocity. Now, if you think about it, the way it works with reciprocity is that we're going out there, we're putting our best foot forward. And we're trying to, you know, trying to get people to maybe give us money at some point in the future. And the way it works with authorities pretty straightforward as well, because we're recording or we're putting out good quality content.

And we're putting that out in the marketplace, people will see it, and then people will think well, this guy is pretty good, right? This guy, this girl, these Man, these women, they really know what they're talking about. And the reality is that once you achieve this authority, right?

Once you achieve this authority through putting out good quality content, then people will actually seek out for you. That's what that one of the reasons why when I'm putting together my agency, for example, for Facebook ads, or traffic in general, I've never had to cold call or cold email anyone, because I'm putting out there, good quality content, and then I'm becoming the hunted, not the hunter.

And when somebody pick up, picks up the phone and say, Hey, man, I want to work with you, I want you to manage my ads and what you should do my stuff, then guess what, I can charge much more because the value that I can provide to that person is not only on the stuff that I'm putting out, but also on all of the previous stuff that I've been putting out for them as well.

Alright, so these two principles, reciprocity, let me share my screen, reciprocity and authority, work in any type of marketing doesn't really matter what you're selling. I've been I've been testing this type of stuff with, again, e-commerce, coaches, consultants in digital marketing, info, products, agencies, we've done that with several of my companies. And it works, it works, because it's basically how we are wired.

And it's not only pretty cool, because you're actually helping people, which is awesome. But also, the sales process, when you're fostering this amount of reciprocity and authority to sell product is also so much easier. Imagine that somebody watches three or five of your videos or go through three or three or five content pieces that you put out. And, you know, they just call you and say, Hey, can I give you money, that that's pretty much it.

And that's a real thing that happens to me, pretty much every day, it happens to my clients pretty much every day, even if here's the thing, here's a funny story. Even if you're not doing any conversion ads, for my clients, the minute we start implementing such you know, such to technique or strategy, they started getting calls anyways, because a lot of your, your, your competition and your competitors are not doing the same, which is pretty cool.

Alright, so I hope this helps, I hope it really does, it does help go ahead and implement this, try to brainstorm about pieces of content that you can put out. And then you can put some money behind it and bite some money behind it. I mean, just promoting on Facebook promoting on YouTube promoting on Instagram, and you will see, and I hope that the results that you will see will be really good as the results that I'm seeing.

Alright. So with that being said, if you want me to personally help you and walk you through these processes of reciprocity and authority, how to create an amazing, you know, goodwill in the marketplace and whatnot, go ahead and go to growth go to growth, it's going to be a long form letter that I wrote, go ahead and read it, there's a lot of information in that, take your time to read it. And then if you think that what I'm offering on that page would be a good fit for you in 2019.

Go ahead and apply, there's going to be an apply form on the end of the letter, right. So go ahead, read it, apply it, if you think it's going to be a good fit on the next page. Once you apply, you're going to get an opportunity to hop on a call with one of my team members, you can talk with my office, and then we'll see if we're a good fit and I can help you moving your business forward in 2019 and beyond. Alright, so I hope this helps. If it does, go ahead and share it with somebody that's neat needs to see this and leave me a comment if you find this helpful and go to the growth leave you think that I could help you.

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