Learning this Facebook Ads Technique, you’ll be able to run long term and more effective Facebook ads.


1 – Understand Facebook as a database platform: The more data you feed into Facebook, the better results it will give you. You’ll need to put enough data so as the platform be able to get optimized. Otherwize, that AD will start falling apart.

2 – Keep your creativity flowing : Facebook wants to keep the platform really dynamic. Whenever you're launching your campaigns, you always need to keep your creativity flowing. You can try new videos, new copy and new images.

Give it a try, start feeding FB with more data and get creative to scale up your business!

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What's up y'all. Welcome Hello, there's a bunch of stuff going on on screen right now I apologize in advance about that I should have taken bed out. And let me do that now. What's up everybody? Welcome. Good morning. Welcome to this live stream for the 28th of February.

And it's going to be pretty awesome because I have some pretty cool stuff to share with you guys today. And thank you for watching the live WhatsApp chat with Todd Rob. What's up everybody joining live for the live stream. Let me see if we have somebody on YouTube. We have an anonymous watch on YouTube. I don't know who you are, man. But if you could comment, I'd love to know who you are.

Alright, what's up everybody? How are you guys today hope you are super well. I have some really cool stuff to share with you guys today, which is basically how to run your ads pretty much indefinitely on Facebook, going to be sharing you be sharing with you some really cool techniques that you can use to pretty much you know, keep on running those ads, keep on getting leads, keep on getting sales, okay, without experiencing what's called I don't know, let's just name it something funny right now.

The Facebook, the Facebook dance. I know that Rob will know what I'm talking about. Because we're talking about the Google dance. Well there's a Facebook dance too. How to avoid experiencing the Facebook dance with your ass. Okay, now with that being said, if you're not part of the group yet, I would strongly suggest that you join because I go live twice a week on that group exclusively for that group with a session that you can come and benefit and ask all of your questions.

And the way you do that is by going to If you go to and you all you need to do is to answer three quick questions real simple and whatnot. And then if you also want to get notified every time I go live, or you need to do is to go to Hernan Vazquez calm forward slash notified me, that will put you into my little chat box with many chat and whatnot, which is awesome.

And that will actually help you out when it comes to getting notifications and whatnot. Now, with that being said, I'm super excited because in two weeks, I'm holding a live training, it's going to be three days straight up. 100% free 100% Live, okay, and during these live stream, I'm going to talk about mainly three things. Number one, how to create Facebook ads that work every time I'm going to give you the rundown the step by step and my cheat sheet.

If you sign up for that you get the cheat sheet for free on how to create really good Facebook ads that work pretty much every time there's going to be in day one and they to going to be working you guys through the framework of how to target people correctly. Okay, how to find your audience what to do, what not to do when it comes to targeting. And number three, we're going to be talking on day three, rather, we're going to be talking about scaling, how to scale your campaigns without compromising ROI.

If you're interested in learning each or all of the stuff, all you need to do is to sign up for the waiting list. Go to if any of the guys that are watching this like could type that into the comments I would really appreciate that is, okay, and you will be sign up on the waiting list. And I'm already sending you, for all of the people that are on the waiting list, I'm already sending you some cool stuff, okay, some additional training, but you need to be part of that, that waiting list to be considered.

Now with that said, the life and the three day training is going to be free 100%. But once it's done, I'm going to package it, I'm going to sell it. Alright, so if you want to enjoy the training come and join live is going to be pretty awesome. Alright, more details to come. Alright, so let's talk about how to how to pretty much run your ads forever.

Many of you guys if you're running Facebook ads, and this is like an epidemic. Okay, that's happening over and over on Facebook ads, right? You launch an asset, and then you get a bunch of leads or get a bunch of sales and you get a bunch of traction? And then it dies. Okay, tell me if you have been experiencing this legally on Facebook, you launch a couple of assets, they get amazing results over the next over the first 24/48 hours, and then it dies out. Okay,or maybe you have been running campaigns for a while, everything has been coming up nicely, everything’s been going awesome.

And then at some point, the campaign just stops working for whatever reason, and you don't know why because you didn't change your budget, you didn't change this, this or that or anything like that. So I'm going to tell you right now, a couple of things that you can do to kind of troubleshoot your campaigns so you can keep them running. Now would you need to understand is that there are two main things that you need to understand in order for your campaigns to be more effective. Number one is that Facebook is a data based platform.

Okay, so the more data you feed into Facebook, the better results it will give you sometimes will launch an asset. When an objective a conversion after winning objective that the Facebook

ad or the that asset cannot gain enough conversions for it to keep optimizing. It is said that you need at least 25 conversions per week per ad set to your event for Facebook to start optimizing.

So if you have a pretty good funnel, if you're spending, I don't know 500, 1000 $2,000

per day on Facebook ads, and that's working well for you, then you will not notice the slump. But if you're launching an answer that let's say $50 per day, and you're paying $5 or you know,

yeah, like you're paying $10 per lead, that adds it will only have five leads per day, okay, at the end of the week, it might get the allotted amount.

But what you need to understand is that Facebook needs data. And the way you feed data the way the way you trickle This is by if you're seeing that if you're seeing that going up and then going down that slump. All right. What do you need to do is to try to optimize for an earlier stage of the funnel. What I mean is that instead of going for leads, try page visitors. Instead of going for purchase, try add two cars, instead of going for I don't know, webinars registration or webinar attendees. Right webinar registrations.

Okay, you know, there's some of you guys are watching this are doing that, that webinar dance if you would, or you have webinar funnels on Facebook, that's basically what you want to do, because you want to feed Facebook enough data before you move into the next step. Okay, so if you have purchasers going on, like if you're aiming to get purchasers, but you're not getting enough data, then you might need to switch to add to cart or even page visitors. Okay, it's not ideal. But that is until you get enough data on those assets.

And by getting an update, I mean, you can spend more money, and then you can actually get the conversion that you're looking for. All right. So that is number one, that is something that you may try to optimize for an earlier stage or stage or step, state state, stage or step of your funnel. Okay, so that's number one.

And the other thing that you need to understand also is that if you want to keep running ads, you want to always be putting out creatives and testing creatives and putting out new stuff. The reason why is because Facebook wants to keep the platform really dynamic. Even if your headset or your creatives rather, still have a long way to go. I've been noticing that the lifespan of a creative has been becoming shorter and shorter and shorter and shorter. What I mean is that whenever you're launching your campaigns, you always need to be a refreshing your creatives you want to try try new videos, trying new copy, try new images. And the good news is that you can actually leverage the stuff that you have right now running and it's working.

So for instance, let's say that you have I don't know, you have a good image that is doing really well, you want to use more kid images. Okay, let's say that your copy is doing really well. So you can use the same copy with four or five different images. The way I like testing stuff is by using dynamic ad sets and dynamic ad creatives. So I would just have like a campaign, maybe in a third party account at the same Facebook ad account, you know, running pretty much all the time with dynamic ad sets, and then it will grab ones that are winning, and plug them into my scaling campaigns.

Alright, so that is something that you want to have in mind. Number one, feed enough data and number two refresh your creatives, okay, and you need to be on top of your creative games even further when you're scaling up. Because the more you scale, the more your creatives burned out. And you know, the higher your costs end up being for Facebook as a whole. Alright, so that makes sense.

Um, let's see, we have a couple questions here from awesome people. chatty, saying how many hours is the training the training is going to be I think is going to be three days. And it's going to be one hour and a half each day. Okay, between one hour, 90 minutes each day.

So it's going to be an in depth training. So all in all, is going to be between three hours and 4.5 hours. Okay, of training, free training, live training is going to be awesome, but I'm aiming for it be one hour each day. Okay. Let's see. Putting it what's up my man? gonna answer you right now. What's up Ganga? Are you doing my man? On the YouTube's? Let's see, do you use any outboard strategies for your agency?

What's your agency name or website? For more? Does your client contact you? Alright, so I mean that I think that you mean, onboarding, and the onboarding that I do, here's the thing, what you need to understand is that at this point in my career, during the during these type of stuff during lives, and you know, the YouTube channel and whatnot, I am kind of, you know, known within some circles, which make getting clients so much easier.

And you want to get yourself to that position of getting clients. When it comes to onboarding, I should send them the proposal, I know exactly what I need to do. So I just send them the proposal with the next step. And then my website as well so if somebody wants to go out there and and hire me, they go to my website and just contact me, okay? But you need to set yourself up for success. When it comes to your digital marketing agency. You want to position yourself as the expert, and that takes time that takes money. That takes resources, but believe me, it’s so worth it.

All right. hope that makes sense. Chad, that's good. I didn't want to do eight hours a day. Oh, man, me neither. Trust me, we need that. Yeah, it's gonna be like a webinar, you know, like an hour, maybe 90 minutes long. It's not gonna be eight hours a day. You know, I don't have the stamina. And I know that some people do it. Like when they go live, they go live for six hours or eight hours. That sound my case. I'm testing this out.

And by the way, we're talking about a live training that I'm going to be doing if you want to go to, you can sign up for the waiting list. Okay? Um, let's see what we got. Um, let's see, is dynamic creative an option? Or do we need to test money by changing every time period, it's, it's an option, when you're sending out the asset, you have a little button that says dynamic creative, you turn that on. And then the the options on the ad level changes, you can add, you can add several pictures, you can add a lot of copy. And then Facebook, well, they will basically do is to combine them all right, you will combine them all and it will show them the different variations to the people.

And they will tell you, hey, this combination of this copy with this image worked. And then you grab that and you put that into your scaling campaigns. See to do to how do you add banners on your How do you have banners on your live? Can you do that? No, no. Yes, yes, man. That's what I'm using right now. I'm actually using something called stream labs. RBS, which is, I don't know a better version of OBS, I would say. And it's like the same of OBS. But you know, this is mostly used for gaming.

And guess so but yeah, OBS will allow you to do that. Let's see what we got. Gang, I said is asking on the YouTube's what is the best way to drive sales or lead for any business up Facebook ads? No. But in all seriousness, I've been testing this strategy where you would put out really good valuable content like this. And then you would use engagement ads, and then you will target your specific audience. And then you can really target video viewers into a lead form or into an application form.

Usually, that works really well because your pre indoctrinating or your pre warming up people, and then you're grabbing people that watch 25% of any ad. And then you're putting them into a bucket and your retargeting them were a lead form, or whatever that is, or an application form that works really well. And that actually increases the quality of the leads are you getting?

All right? So that's something that we're going to be talking about on the live training. Let's see sounds good. Go lamb. What's up Golem Golem you're pronouncing it right, buddy. Sounds good. What is the starting date of the live training session? Alright, so I have it laid out. So that is going to be the details are at But it's going to be 12, 13th and 14th of March.

So not next week, the other week, right? And then it's going to be at? Let me actually check. I think it's going to be at 5pm PST. Okay, five 5pm. Eastern during the three days. Okay. So 5pm PST, let me actually check that the case because I know that at that point, the clock is switching on the US. So it's going to be them when you see me actually check that out.

It's going to be doing is going to be at 6pm Eastern, okay, March 12, 1314 6pm Eastern, I'm gonna keep the recording for 24 hours. Okay, so I know that some of you guys are sleeping, when I'm going to go live, that's fine. I'm going to keep the recording for 24 hours. If you're in the waiting list, you will also get access to the recordings so that you can actually watch it and but then after I'm done, then after 24 hours later, I'm going to be taking that out that's going to become a product line product. Okay, so there's effectively a little bit of buffer but ideally you're live so that you can ask your questions.

All right. So that's basically Um, let's see, have you partner with anyone in the past or any other things to test lead sources and quality? Yeah, man, I have partner with people in the past most of the partnerships that I went through didn't work but if you know have somebody that could give you leads in terms of Hey, you know, you have somebody that it's out there selling and they want to kind of white label or outsource their SEO their Legion with you, you can do that it's always a good idea to test the waters first before going all in so you start doing that with maybe one or two clients and then if that works to the next level.

Let's see. Joseph what's up Joseph? He's asking how do I fix the page welcome message is invalid for messenger destination ads when they're writing and natural messenger page welcome message. How do I fix the page welcome message is invalid for messenger destination ads on the internet to messenger so Oh, page welcome message is invalid. Alright, so yeah, so basically, what you want to do is to go into your your Facebook page options.

And on that page you have, you have an option that's called messenger platform. And and that messenger platform, you can set up a welcome message, okay? Because people will be what they do when they will click on your ad and they will get sent a messenger. When that happens, then they need to get a welcome message. I usually do this with many chat that will allow you to change Hey, instead of having the like the usual welcome message from the page, you can use something like Hey, thank you for joining blah, blah, blah, comment, white elephant if you want to get a free cheat sheet and that is something that you can do with many chat, okay.

But you want to go into your page settings within Facebook, your page settings, and then you go into the messenger platform and that will allow you to set up your page. Welcome. Okay, hope that makes sense. Alright, Alright guys, I think we're done. This was awesome. Thank you guys for being here with me today. Thank you guys on Facebook and on the YouTube's, I really do appreciate that. If you are interested in being part of the slide training, go to Hernan, sign up for the early access list or the waiting list, you're going to get a couple bonuses and you're also going to get some additional training from me, that's going to be only for those those folks right there.

And thank you for all of you guys that have been signing up and you guys are awesome. And I really do appreciate that. And if you want to be part of the Facebook group, all you need to do is to go to sub there, boom, that's with OBS. But anyway, and then if you will now get notified whenever I go live, just go to Hernan Vazquez comm slash notify me right there. Boom. And yeah, thank you guys for being here. And really do appreciate you have an awesome Thursday. See you next week or next week. Maybe tomorrow.

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