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The 4 Stages Sales Funnel Strategy Explained

Hey, everybody. On this video, I’ll show you which are the main sales funnel stages that you need to have to make a lot of money online.

I recommend four main and super simple sales funnel stages to become successful. Let’s see them below.

Sales Funnel Stages:

  1. The Opt-in: This is the most important step as will be the entry to your funnel. It’s a must to be resourceful at this stage. It could be simple cheat sheet, a video tutorial, a free giveaway, all depends on your type of business. Here's how to find unlimited lead magnet ideas for your opt-in pages.
  2. The sales page: This is where you actually sell your stuff. You can justify that people are being sent to a sales page from an opt-in by offering a low entry product. This is also called a trip-wire.
  3. The order form: It is really important that this works every day as you want this to be producing income for your company every day. Otherwise, you’re losing money. It needs to convert well, but it also needs to work on mobile devices, tablets, etc.
  4. The “thank you” page: which delivers to that thing that you promised on the sales page.The first experience that somebody has with your company has to be amazing because if a buyer purchase from you once and had a great experience, the chances of purchasing again from you will increase.

So, these are the four stages of a super simple but super effective sales funnel.

Remember to focus on the simple stuff when it comes to funnels and have them working in order for your company to be profitable.

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Stages of a Sales Funnel

Hey, guys, what's up? I'm Hernan Vazquez here and welcome to another video and thank you once again for watching these videos and I get a lot of this question over and over again on the Facebook group and on the comments below.

What are the four main sales funnel stages, right? How I set a sales funnel? What are the best steps and whatnot? And the reality is that when you start digging in a little bit into the sales funnel universe, you can find these super complex, super deep sales funnels with Chatbot and Zapier and Scripts and whatnot and it can be kind of overwhelming, right?       

I know how you feel. I'd been there and the reality is that you want to get to the money as fast as possible. You want to get a return on the investment almost instantly, if not, a breakeven but you want to get there as fast as possible.

The simpler your sales funnel is, the quicker you will get there. You can get all fancy at another stage. You can get all fancy with Chatbots and this and that and SMS and a lot of different little things that will increase a little bit the conversions but the reality is that once you have this infrastructure in place of your sales funnel, then it's way easier to make money. And then you only need to make some tweaks.                  

That's exactly the topic and the objective of this video is to actually show you the four main stages of a sales funnel to actually make money. And the way I do it is I'd like to keep it super, super, super simple initially and then I build out of that. Step #1, if you guys have been following me for a while, you guys know that I'm a big fan of opt-ins. In fact, I have a video that's going to pop up somewhere around here about the How to Get Unlimited Lead Magnets Ideas. I'm going to link that video somewhere in the description. It's going to pop up over here.                    

The first step is the opt-in. You have the opt-in, which again could be a simple cheat sheet, a video tutorial or whatever. I can be a coupon if you're doing brick and mortar. It can be a free something if you're doing a local business, et cetera, et cetera. This is like … Let me change the color because we have colors, let's use them. This is like stage #1 or step #1 of your sales funnel.                    

Now, this is by far in my opinion the most important step of the whole funnel because this will be the entry, the gateway to your funnel. If people are not opting in, they will not see the remaining steps. This is why it's so important that you get an abundance of ideas pretty much every day. Again, go ahead and watch that video because that's really, really a cool video. It's completely free and it's somewhere around here and you'll get an abundance and unlimited lead magnets ideas.                    

This is the first stage, the opt-in. Now, the next stage is the sales page. What I do in order to justify that I'm sending people into a sales page from an opt-in is to say something like, at the top of the page say something like, “Thank you. Your free stuff is on its way. In the meantime, read this message below,” and then I have the sales page of the product that I'm selling. Usually, this is something that I am experimenting a lot. Usually, what I do have is a low entry product like a low entry offer, like a $7 product or a $5 product. It's called a tripwire.                   

If you go, for example, to digitalmarketer.com and you opt in for any of those whatever lead magnet that they're offering to you, they have really cool offers right after the opt-in. The way we do this is that the main point of a tripwire or for low entry offer is to actually turn a free opt-in. People got opted in here into a buyer and even if they are giving you $5, that has a huge psychological impact on your prospect. The prospect, just by doing that, increases its value like 10 times.                    

This is the second stage of a sales funnel or sales funnel stage #2. Once you have that, you have the sales page, now, what you want to have is some sort of order form. So, an order form, boom! This is sales funnel stage #3, boom! Now, a lot of people do not pay attention to the order form and this is one of the most important steps of the funnel.

You can have great copy. You can have an amazing lead magnet but if your order form sucks, you will not get the orders that you're looking for. This needs to work every day, 365 days a year, 24/7 because you want this to be your own money generation funnel. You want this to be producing income for your company every day.                 

This needs to work. This needs to work no matter what. Not only that, people need to be able to order from their cell phone, from their computer, from their tablets, so make sure that that's the case. If you have an order form that can only be done on the desktop, you're leaving money on the table. If it doesn't work on mobile, you're leaving money on the table, et cetera, et cetera. This is super important.                    

Then, you have the “thank you” page, the thank you page, which actually delivers the thing that you promised on the sales page. This is sales funnel stage #4, and this is really, really important too because people are excited at this point. They are excited.

They have been through your opt-in. They're probably consuming a lot or not, whatever but they've been through the sales page. They order your product. They spend money with your company. The first experience that they have needs to be mind-blowing.

The more value you connect here, the better. The first experience that somebody has with your company has to be amazing even if they are first customer because remember guys that a buyer is a buyer is a buyer, the words of the great Dan Kenney, “A buyer is a buyer.” That means that if they purchase from you once and they have a great experience, the chances of purchasing again from you which is what you want increases exponentially.                    

These are like the four stages of a super simple but super effective sales funnel. This works with warm traffic that is on your list, for example, or is on your Facebook group or your LinkedIn group, whatever. It works for cold traffic if you're sending Facebook ads, et cetera, et cetera.

If you want to have a really cool way of understanding the numbers, meaning how much money you need to pay per opt-in, how much money you need to pay per click, how much money you will be making on this sales funnel and most importantly, how to achieve your dream income by applying these kind of funnel, I really suggest that you download the free funnel calculator that I put together that I use on a daily basis for my own business and for my clients so that you know exactly how much money you need to pay per click, how much money per lead, how much money per sale in order to make the money that you want to make.                    

Let's say that you want to make $10,000 a month or $50,000 a month or $200,000 a month, it doesn't really matter. It all comes down to the numbers and I put together a really cool sales funnel calculator. It's completely free and you can download by clicking somewhere around this video. There's going to be links so that you can go in and click on that link and then after an opt-in, you can download the free sales funnel calculator. You can make a copy. You can download it, et cetera, et cetera. It's pretty, pretty cool. All right, guys?                    

With that said, I just want to leave you guys with these super simple four-step or four-stages sales funnel. It's really effective. It can bring a lot of money. You don't need anything else than this. This is the bare minimum that you want to have in order to make money online and the reality is that then you can start getting fancy. You can invite people into a webinar. You can do Chatbots.

You can do this and that, but you need to have this working in order for your company to be profitable. Then, you can experiment but don't be that guy that goes chasing that shiny object because now, Chatbots are all the rage and whatnot. Just focus on the simple stuff, the proven stuff that converts and this funnel structure has brought me a lot of the good stuff.                    

Again, if you want to have a better understanding of how this works, you can get a copy of my book, Perpetual Profits. It's completely … It's super cheap. It's going to be around here as well and get a hold of the sales funnel calculator. It's a super powerful tool to actually grow your business this year. All right, guys?                    

Thank you once again for watching this video. If you have any questions, leave them on the comment below. You can also join the free Facebook group and I hope to see you guys on the next video.


Get My Sales Funnel Calculator Here!
Learn My 3 Step Formula For Quickly Growing Profits

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