[TUTORIAL] Which Facebook Campaign Objective Should You Choose For Your Ads

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Facebook Campaign Objectives Explained

On this video, We’ll find out which campaign objective should you chose for your Facebook ads.

Really tough topic, because when you’re starting with your Facebook ads campaign there are a million and one campaign objectives that you can choose.

Personally, I choose three objectives most of the time.

Let me introduce you to these three steps:

  1. Conversions Objective: Reach your main goal by using conversions campaigns and leveraging the power of Facebook's advanced algorithm.
  2. Pay Per View Objective: With this objective, you can get video views for your content, and then retarget people that watched the certain percentage of the video (25% – 50% – 75%).
  3. Engagement Objective: Similar to the PPV Objective, this will allow you to create “engagement” audiences that you can then retarget with your products and services.

Now, these three objectives described will assist you to achieve your goals in your Facebook ads campaigns.

You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below.

Watch the full Facebook Campaign Objectives Tutorial video here.

Full Transcript of the Campaign Objectives Video

Hey everybody what's up? On this video, let's find out which campaign objective should you chose for your Facebook ads?

Hey guys what's up, Hernan Vazquez here and welcome to another video. And the reality is that after the intro, I don't know what to say. I do not what to say, should I do this? Should I do this? Whatever, I honestly do not know what to say, so I apologize for that. And welcome to another video, and I wanted to thank you guys once again for the support, the comments, the likes that you have been giving me over the past couple of weeks. It's been amazing, so thank you guys for that.

Now, this is question that I get a lot, I'm constantly probing, I know that doesn't sound too good, but I'm constantly probing you guys and trying to figure out what you guys want and what you're struggling with when it comes to growing your business online. And one of the questions that comes and comes and comes again is “Which campaign objective should I choose for my Facebook ads,” which is completely normal, you know? When you're starting with your Facebook ads campaign there are a million and one campaign objectives that you can actually go ahead and choose.

And Facebook, they are not into lowering the amount of campaign objectives that you can choose, in fact they're adding more and more and more as we move forward, which I think is a pretty cool thing, because it allows us to have more options when it comes to advertising, what not.             

But the reality is that when it comes to your marketing, pretty much everything in your life and in your business, I always use the 80:20 rule. That means that 20% your efforts will bring 80% of the results, but also 20% of the Facebook campaign objectives will bring you 80% of the results.

Now, why is this so important? Well, the reality is that if you pick campaign objectives that's wrong, or is not aligned to the goals and to the objectives of that campaign, you can waste a lot of money. And I see people saying “Hey, I'm driving a lot of clicks, but I have zero conversions,” or “I get a lot of likes, but I don't have any clicks.” So depending on your campaign objective, you really want to have this in mind, and you really want to experiment a little bit, alright?          

So first off, that's step number one. Step number one is what's the goal of your campaign? Is it to drive traffic? Is it to get conversions? Is it to get video views? The reality is that your goal, your number one goal, no matter what you do on Facebook ads, and any kind of paid advertising platform for that matter, should be to make money, to put $1 in, and to take $1 out or better. That should be your main goal.

So if you're advertising on Facebook just for the fact that you need likes, I would advise you stop doing that right now, because you're burning morning, okay? So your goal, no matter what it is, should be to make money. That's like an overarching goal.

But probably on your sales funnels you have little goals, like you have intermediate goals that you want to achieve as well, right? So most often, like nine times out of ten, literally nine times out of ten, I will pick the conversions goal. No matter what I do, I would almost only pick the conversions goal. Now why am I so adamant about picking the conversion goals?

Because the reality is that Facebook nowadays, the Facebook advertising platform, is one of the most advanced AEI's in the history of the world pretty much. Facebook is a data company, so Facebook works with a lot of data every day, and we're pretty much giving a lot of data into Facebook every day.

Now, not only within Facebook, now that Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and a bunch of other companies, and with the installation of the Facebook pixel, they can track you pretty much everything.                  

So I trust that Facebook will have much more data than I could possibly ever have. And the reality is that the conversions goal is one of the few goals within the Facebook advertising campaign that would actually trigger the Facebook algorithm.

Let me say that again, if you're going for clicks, if you're going for video views, it will not trigger the Facebook algorithm, alright? This is is super important, because the Facebook algorithm starts working when you're asking it to do the heavy lifting for you.

So basically, on the conversions goal, you're asking Facebook to go out and bring people that will convert, so that's where the Facebook platform shines. So that's why I almost 99% of the time, I would use the conversions campaign, even when a campaign or a pixel, whatever, it's completely 100% new.

There's a lot of guru's out there and marketers that will tell you “Well, you need to age your pixel, and what not,” and I probably said that I don't know, one year back, but now, right now, the way it is right now, you don't need to age your pixel, you don't need to age your pixel whatsoever.

You just pick conversions, you just tell them what kind of conversions you want, and you go. Of course, the more data you feed into the pixel, the better it will perform, but nonetheless you want to start with conversions off the bat, because you want to trigger the algorithm right off the bat, okay?

So conversions is my go to goal when it comes to campaigns. Now the other goal that I use, and this is mostly when it comes to strategy of your funnel, is the video views. Now you will be saying “Hey dude, wait. You said like 15 seconds ago that you shouldn't be aiming for video views, because video views don't bring money,” and you would be right, but here's the thing.

When I'm trying to build, Facebook it's still one of the best platforms out there that I know of to build an audience. And one of the best and fastest ways to build an audience is by doing video views, I talked about this in a past live stream.

So video views is like my second weapon of choice. Why? Because let's draw a really simple funnel right here. Let's say I have a video on Facebook that I recorded, I have a live stream on Facebook that I recorded, and from this live stream I'm sending people into an opt in, so that they can download some free stuff.

This is completely fine. Now the reality is that you can then re target people that watch your video on Facebook. What that means is that the more video views you have, with the correct targeting, you can actually go ahead and build a re-targeting audience.                  

So when I'm working on building an audience, the number one goal is to build video views so that I can then re-target these people. So this is like a two step approach. on this conversion approach I'm usually going out cold saying hey, join my webinar, download this, get that, whatever that is, or book a consultation, whatever that is.

So I'm going out cold saying hey, I'm trying to get cold audiences to come to me. Now, on the video views campaigns, what I'm doing is a two step approach. I'm presenting them with a really cool, and really valuable piece of content number one, which is generally a video, and then usually they're live videos, that's why you see me streaming a lot lately, so I'm presenting them with a piece of content that's live, so I go ahead and boost this so that then I create a re-targeting audience based on the video views.

So this is the only case where I use video views. I don't use video views to inflate the view count, I don't give two shits about the view count, I have like 1 million views, I don't give a damn. I only give a damn if I can create a bit enough audience that I can then market my products to. So you need to have that in mind.

Then the third objective that I use a lot comes hand in hand with the video views, which is the engagement. The engagement objective. Now the same happens with video views, engagement, you cannot cash in on likes. It matter if you've got like 1 or 2 million likes on your Facebook page, you cannot go and buy milk and say “Hey, milk lady, can I give you some likes, you can give me some milk.”

No, it doesn't work like that, you need money, and likes do not usually equal money. And that's from the Facebook reps themselves, I'm not saying that, Facebook is saying that when you have a conversation with your rep, ask him if likes will equal buyers and he will you no. So you need to have that in mind.

So you cannot cash in on engagement, you cannot cash in on likes, but here's the thing. These two objectives go hand in hand, because I can then have a really valuable blog post, or long form copy, on Facebook, I can push engagement through that, and then guess what? I can also make an audience based on engagement. As well as I can make an audience based on views, I can also make an audience based on engagement.

So, again, what I'm doing is to bring a lot of people to my orbit if you would, to my funnel, I show them a valuable piece of content, and then I can re target them with a book, with my book offer, with a webinar, whatever I'm trying to do.

So these three right here, let me change the color real quick, so these three objectives right here is the objectives that I use 99.9% of the time. These objectives right here at the ones that I use 99.9% of the time, the conversions being 90% of the time, and then the rest is video views and engagement.

I'm also testing a little bit with messenger ads, I'm also testing a little bit with brand awareness, because, again, you want to go ahead and have some testing. But I do not waste any time whatsoever at this point in time on these funnels that I'm working with, for me and for my clients, on driving clicks, because if that's what your asking Facebook to bring you, clicks, that's all you're going to get, clicks.

You're going to get a lot of people trying to visit your page, but that's it. And if you want really, really cheap clicks, you need to target South America, you need to target really third world countries, and you will get like one cent per click. But you don't want that, right, you want people that's targeted that's really wanting to purchase your products and buy your stuff. So that's what you want to do.                  

So conversions number one, then video views and engagement on a lesser level, that's why I put them on a lesser font. On a lesser level so that you can build an audience within Facebook, and then you can retarget them into some other thing.

So have this in mind, when you're asking yourself which kind of conversions you should be choosing, I would say 95% of the time you would need to go with conversions. And if you're having some issues when it comes to conversions, I think it was last week, I recorded a really cool video that would show you how to increase your conversions, which is pretty cool.

Alright guys, so thank you once again for watching this video. If you have any questions whatsoever you can drop them, or you can come and join the free Facebook group, which is 100% free, and I'm pretty active over there, and if you have any questions I'm happy to help you guys out. So thank you once again for watching, and I'll see you guys on the next video.  Be sure to check out my free Facebook ad template for creating the perfect Facebook Ad.

Bye bye.

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