5 Ways To Use Forums And Communities To Bring Targeted Traffic And Leads

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Hey guys!

Today I'm super excited because yesterday because yesterday I've been featured as “Super Friend of the Week“.

From a big Facebook community called “Internet Marketing Super Friends”.

This is one of the biggest IM Facebook groups out there.

And I got there sharing tons of value and insights.

Besides being super humbled to be part of the group, I want to tell you my secrets on how to get featured like that.

Or even better, how to get targeted traffic from forums and communities.

So click on the play button above and leave me your comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Key Points of the Podcast Episode

  • Forums and communities can be a great source of super engaged traffic.
  • You need to attack these platforms with value in mind.
  • Have a consistent profile, use your name (not your brand's), your colors and descriptions.
  • Leave a link on your signature or profile, pointing to a Lead Magnet.
  • Let your profile age and actually provide value on your answers.
  • Help other people to solve their problem.

Resources of the Episode

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