Tips To Get More Clients

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How can I acquire more clients?

  1. Set a liquidating offer:

    Something that you can run on Facebook ads, or AdWords, etc, where your cost per acquisition is lower or similar to the amount of money that each each customer is worth to you.

  2. Know your acquisition funnel:

    It has one purpose, which is acquire customers at a break even or better position. So that you can scale that funnel as much as possible to acquire as many customers as possible and sell them something else that you offer.

These tips are something to have in mind if you want to increase your sales. So, think about what your acquisition system is and start scaling.

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Let me see if we are alive actually, because I think we should be live but you know, there was some funny funky stuff going on with the OBS the Google OBS and we're live so I'm going to do this and then we'll know that we are live on the, on the thing on the Facebook's, and in the YouTube's Alright, so because there's a little bit of a delay, so I want to be Alright, so here we go. Boom, I'm going to go live on the Facebook's Whatsapp, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube's How are you guys today? There's a little bit of lag and delay. I'm still getting used to it.

So I apologize in advance for that. And yeah, this is going to be pretty cool because I have some some stuff to share with you guys today. So first off, let me share it on the Facebook group as I usually do. The way you access that Facebook group, whoops. Shut up. So the way I the way you access the Facebook group is by going to and, and typing digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. That's number one.

Number two is by actually going to Okay, so you're welcome to come and join and have fun and whatnot. Alright, so here we go. I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about what has been going been has been going on behind the scenes of one of my funnels, and why you need to have in mind, always go to the source of the sales and the leads and everything, if you want to know exactly what's going on with your Facebook ads.

All right. So but first, but before I actually show you guys that I wanted to kind of go after what I think it's kind of a controversial, controversial topic, if you think about it, because a lot of business owners, or a lot of people that come and consult with me, you know, on a daily basis, they want to put $1 in and they want to take $10 out of from their Facebook ads campaign immediately, like over 24 hours. And while that's awesome, I would like to be doing that day in and day out to that is one of the hardest things to do online.

Because if you think about it, what you're doing is to turn somebody that do not know who you are, and you might very well be you know, a Nigerian prince. I want to learn the lottery seven several times already, by the way. So I'm might be a billionaire, I just don't know. But that's the reaction that a lot of people would might have with your stuff online.

So a lot of business owners, they put an ad on Facebook and they say, Okay, I put $1 an ad, I want to take $10 how immediately. And the reality is that that is really, really hard to do. And it doesn't work nine times out of 10. So what do you do? Well, there's a little bit of mentality, a mindset shift that I go with my consulting clients every time they come to me, I go through this process of thought, right, and I'm going to share with you guys exactly what I mean in a minute. But here's how the big companies and I mean, big companies like a Gora.

Agora publishing is like the biggest company, the biggest info information publishing company in the world pretty much. And they make something like something crazy, like I think that they're making like 300 million or 500 million a year or something nuts like that. And their sole purpose, when they come to everything that they're doing their ideas of copywriting, you know, getting into these different verticals and whatnot, their sole purpose is to acquire a new customer at a given CPA cost per acquisition.

So when you're advertising, this is more like black and white, right? Because you can say, okay, so I spent $10,000. In ads, I got 10,000 customers. So my cost per acquisition is $1 per customer, right? So paid $1 to get a new customer, or, or $10, or hundred dollars, it doesn't really matter. But if you're not advertising, right, now, it can be a little bit harder. One way to do this is to actually divide your costs, your operational costs, by the amount of, you know, divide that, let's say that you spent, I don't know, $50,000 last month in operations, and then you divide that by the amount of customers that you got last month. So that will be, I don't know, 500 customers, 5000 customers will be $10 per customer, right.

But when you're advertising is like pretty black and white. The reality is that if you spend 10, $10,000 on ads, and you got 1000 new customers that that's $10 per customer, right? So that's called CPA or cost per acquisition. And how the big dogs in the industry are able to keep on building these machine and keep on growing and keep on growing is by doing a couple of things. And I'm going to share with you guys what I'm doing right now.

So the first thing that they do have is something called a liquidating offer or a liquidating funnel or you know, something that is called a self liquidating offer, something that you can run on Facebook ads, or AdWords, whatever that is, where your cost per acquisition is a little bit lower or similar to the amount of money that each each customer is worth to you.

So let me actually share my screen real quick. And this is a campaign that I've been running for just a couple days, you know, we didn't spend much we spent 300 bucks, we're still testing a bunch of stuff. And as you can see this for my book, by the way, and I'm targeting all of the people that have been, you know, following me for for a while, and I just launched like, I think it went live today actually this call campaign for people that they do not know who I am.

But the reality is that, you know, Facebook says that we got three cells, and we spend 300 bucks, and for a book is $101. Right? Now, here's the thing, the book, it's $5 and 60 cents. So if you think about it, I paid $100 to get $5 and 60 cents buyer, which doesn't make any sense, right? But let me explain.

So first off Facebook saying that we got three sales, but if I go to the ClickFunnels, Click Funnels showing eight sales, and I'm still working on the upsides and downsides or whatnot. And I'm going to explain this part in a minute. But the reality is that we got eight sales. So if I divide 304 divided by eight sales, we ended up paying $38.

Like effectively, per per buyer, right that this is our cost per acquisition. The rest of the funnel steps are here, for two main reasons. Number one is to add more value to the people that go through the funnel, right. So for example, I'm selling my book for $5 and 60 cents, but then on that page, you cannot I think it's for $27 or something, you can get my facebook at guidebook and all of the tutorials that come from from the guidebook and that that that was being sold at some point for 500 bucks. And now you can get at $27 on that page, right? That's called an order bump, right? And that the sole purpose of the Audubon is to increase the value of each sale. Right.

And then I have for example, if you want to know exactly how to build a funnel, A to Z top to bottom or not, I have a funnel course that's called profit, the conversion prosper funding course. And that's also been added there.So if you think about it, just a handful of people will buy the book. And a handful of people from the people that buy the book will buy the order bump, and then some people you know will find interesting the to buy the upsides and downsides and whatnot. That's why it's called a book funnel.

So the main purpose of a book funnel is that if I'm paying $38, let me go back here, if I'm paying $38, right, per per buyer, that means that the average carve out needs to be above 30, or dollars, or better, right? I run book funnels, like for example, I have a couple of book funnels for the average cart value is $70. So I can spend effectively up to $70 to acquire a new buyer and I will be breaking even, right.

So of course this has just been launched, this is looking good. This is promising, this is what I'd like to see when it comes to the conversion rate. I'm still testing all the bumps, still testing the order and whatnot of this stuff. But $38 per book buyer is okay, like I can live with that as long as I can increase the average Corolla. Right now I'm losing money, but that's fine, because I'm buying data from Facebook, right? So this is kind of the mentality that you want to go in whenever you're selling something online.

So for instance, let's say that you have an ecommerce store, right? All of the guys are running any type of e commerce store or Shopify store, they see these seven, eight figures, six figures, advertisers and whatnot. And that's all fine and dandy, but they want put $1 in and take $20 out immediately. And if you want to really grow your online business, what you need to think about is okay, what is my acquisition funnel.

And the acquisition funnel has one sole purpose, it doesn't, you know, a lot of a lot of companies leave up this like Lyft of these type of funnels, right, that these are the bread and butter. But if you think about it, the acquisition funnel has one purpose, which is acquire customer at a break even or better position, meaning, even if you're making some money, that's awesome. And a break even or better position, so that you can actually scale that funnel as much as possible to acquire as many customers as possible.And then you can sell them something else.

So my case is growth Lee, and you know, some of the programs that I have going on and whatnot, you can be consulting and be whatever it is on the back end. But the main point is that I want to share with you guys how you need to think about this in terms of 2019 moving into Facebook, moving into acquiring customers, and kind of the mentality that you want to have, and that you need to have in order for you to win, right, I want you guys to win when it comes to advertising.

Because if you win, when it comes to advertising, you will want to spend more money, and then you might contact me to do that job for you. Right? So I want you guys to win when it comes to advertising. That's why I'm sharing all of these value with you, right? So think about this, think about what is your acquisition system, right.

And the reality is that the minute that you get a new customer doesn't really matter if they spend $5, one dollars $550,000 with you, the minute you get a new customer, you're getting an asset, this is like real estate, right? Instead of getting a house you're getting an asset because each customer as long as you get, you know, fostering that relationship, you keep selling them stuff and whatnot, they will keep on increasing environment. Right.

So this is how the mentality of like people that a Agora or the big names in industry, that is how they operate because their money is in the backend, it's not on the front end, it's on the backend. Alright, so I hope it makes sense, I'm explaining all of this from A to Z top to bottom of my new book, perpetual profits. So if you didn't get it yet, go ahead you will be able to check this one we will be able to hack this funnel if you will.

Alright, so then you enjoy this if you did go ahead and share with somebody that needs to see us and I hope that you get a copy of my book is really good. Again, I'm not saying that you will see a lot of testimonials on the court, Paige a lot of testimonials and they keep on coming. So thank you guys for that. I'll see you guys really really soon. Bye bye

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