Are you struggling with your Facebook Ads right now? This is what you need to do to accelerate your results…


1 – Build a list: You need to create a list of potential buyers of whatever product/ service you’re offering.

2 – Create a lookalike audience : You’ll need to take a percentage of the list you have and upload into Facebook by targeting them by interests. You can export your contacts from your autoresponder such as Active campaign or shopping cart, Paypal, etc.

3 – Target that list: The more data you add from your customers The higher is the amount of your lookalike audience that you’ll get from Facebook. You can target them by region one country or maybe more is possible.

By following these three tips your list not only will grow faster and faster, but also you’ll accelerate immediately your results with Facebook ads!

Try it and take your business to the next level!

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Alright, what's up? What's up? What's up everybody?

How are you guys today? Let me check that we're going live in a couple places which I think we are, I think we're already live on on YouTube. YouTube usually picks, it picks it up server that

sooner than Facebook. So Facebook, I need to manually go live. So there we go. We're live on Facebook and they will live on YouTube. How are you guys Hurry, hurry. How are you?

I hope you guys are super well you guys are super super well let me see. So let me let me actually share this on the Facebook group. And by the way, if you're not part of the Facebook group, you can join by going to or just go to and type the digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs on you know the little search bar that's there and we should be good to go.

Alright, boom. We were there were live on the YouTube's 11 the Facebook's. So here we go. How are you guys? Hope you guys are super well. I hope you started your Monday with a bang. Today's Monday the 21st I've been going live for I don't know maybe 20 days or maybe a little bit less. Maybe like more like 15 days or something. It's pretty cool. So and what's funny is that I've been seeing an increase in engagement as it go live every day.

And I've been seeing an increase of subscribers from the YouTube channel also some going live pretty much every day. And what is cool is that this prevents me from going out there and you know recording additional like additional footage because I'm here like would you guys answer your questions so anyways Hope you guys are super well so I'm money learning.

You know what I'm kind of starting to monitor the comments on the Facebook and the YouTube which I usually don't because you know I'm to all over the place. But anyways, I just wanted to go over real quick how to accelerate your results with Facebook ads. If you're struggling right now with your Facebook ads. If you're having issues, you know converting, people are getting people to click on your ads, I want to share with you a couple things that you can do to accelerate your results. Okay, you know, I hope that sounds fun.

But before I do that, I suggest that you go to on that and get a copy of my book before I forget to mention that and go go there and get a copy of my book. Some of the campaigns that I'm going to share with you today are some of the stats and stuff that I'm going to share with you today.

It's you know laid out there so if you want to, you know sell more if you want to get more leads if you want to get more sales and if you want to learn how to increase the value of each of your customers go and get a copy of perpetual but your profits the book it's add perpetual profits dot net, or you can just type in, right. And it will take you that

Okay, so let's get going. Here's one thing that I always always always do when I'm when I'm taking a new client when it comes to Facebook ads. And when it comes to Facebook ads. And you know, there's a lot of opportunity and missed opportunity, I would say because people do not realize the potential of working with pre-existing assets. So for instance, I was advising this for, for one of my consulting clients.

I was advising him on how to get better results for one of the clients that he was working with. So he was working with this coach, and they were doing this book funnel and they were getting, you know, books, I think that they were they were selling books for 20 or $30 per book. So they were selling books for 20 or $30 per book. And, you know, that was kind of high that was on the high end and they wanted to decrease that. So I told them all right, so does your client have a list? Does she have a list? And he said, Well, I don't know. Let me ask Let me ask her and she didn't he did. And she replied back. Yeah, I have a list a couple thousand people, you know, it wasn't massive, and whatnot.

And I say all right, awesome. So if she does, let's get that list. Even if it's like a regular subscriber list, it doesn't have to be like a buyer's list that spent thousands of dollars would you can be just a regular subscribers list or people that have been interested in the stuff that you have to sell in the past and let's try to get that from the client let's upload that to Facebook and what we're going to do is to create a lookalike audience from that list 1% look alike audience which I'm going to show you guys how to do that a 1% look alike audience from your list.

And we're going to layer that with interests. And we're going to run that in parallel with interests. So they were having decent results with some interest on Facebook. So we're going to layer that look alike. Audience number one, that's the first layer. And we're going to layer that with an interest like whatever interests was working before, even if that, you know, like lowers the amount of people and you have to target them Facebook considerably, it doesn't really matter because we wanted to feed data into the pixel.

So we lay out a lookalike audience with interest. And we also run the look like audience alone to see what would happen. And the reality is that I checked today, I checked this morning, I'm not allowed to show you guys the ad account, unfortunately. But I checked today this morning. And they were paying anywhere between 20 and $30 per book by or now they're paying $6 per book by which is pretty awesome. Okay, $6 per book buyer, which is pretty damn cool. So my idea is to since that list, work my ID.

So we create a 1% look alike audience we're going to create a 234 or five anywhere between, you know, one to 10, and we're going to test them all I'm going to also test them all winning dress. And once we have a lot of book buyers, then we can create a lookalike audience based on buyers. Okay, now, that is like the number one thing that I always do when it comes to a new ad account, just because of the fact that you can accelerate the results.

Because you're feeding data into Facebook, you're telling, hey, Facebook, here's a group of people doesn't have to be massive, I would say, you know, people that are saying, like, people are saying that you need to have like, 1000 people I have had that it's ideal. If you have a 1000, you know, list of subscribers to this or whatever, that would be ideal.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Like you can actually get away with much less. In fact, I being you know, uploading lists for of 200 people, 500 people and they were really well too. But what you're doing is you're shortening the learning curve that Facebook has to actually give your results just because of the fact that you know, you're telling Facebook a Facebook here, so nobody's here's the population that can help you understanding who my buyer is, because that's what we're what we're trying to do here is to give Facebook enough tools if you will, so that it can work with you know, stuff.

So I'm going to share with you guys how to upload your list and how to create a lookalike audience right now. Okay. Now before I do that, and before I forget, go ahead and get a copy of perpetual profits. net, some of the staff explained on perpetual profits. net, some of the stuff is explain on the tutorials that come with perpetual profits, which are free so you get the book, you get a lot of additional stuff, I create a pretty cool members area for you guys. And there's a lot of good stuff and I keep adding to that to that members area.

So you know, if you get it, you also get access to the members area, which is, I don't know, a couple thousand dollars worth of value, right. So let's go into the the screen right here. I'm going to show you guys how to actually make this happen, right. So what I did is, you can go into your autoresponder in this case, let's go into my Active Campaign one of my Active Campaign account, okay, so I'm going to go here have 5000 people in here.

So what I want to do is go to contacts, and I want to export all of the contacts. Okay, so I'm going to export all of these folks. As you can see, boom, we have the export the air, so I exported the entire list. And now what I'm going to do is to within the ads manager, I'm going to go here going to go to audiences and going to go into the Asset Library, which is this bad boy right here.

And as you can see, I keep on doing this, like all my buyers, I've uploaded all my buyers up a specific product, which is, you know, called battle plan and whatnot. So got to create an audience custom audience. And then I'm going to go with customer file, add customer from your own file. Now, I'm going to select the origin, which in this case, going to be directly from customers boom, when I upload the file, which is this one.

And now I'm going to name the something like, I don't know, it should be big list something along those lines. All right, I'm gonna click on Next. And now I'm going to map the fields. So this is the feel. So we have email first name. And that's pretty much it, the more data you can feed to Facebook, the better. So if you have email, phone number, first name, last name, zip codes, cities, etc. etc. Try to upload as much data as possible.

This is from Active Campaign. So I only have email and first name. But if you can get something else, that will be pretty cool. So if you export, for example, from your shopping cart, right, you should get all of that data, if you export from from PayPal, you should get all of that data. So list, upload and create, and it's gone out, you know, upload 6900 Rose. Okay, so this is the list. There we go. And now what I'm going to do is to click on the list.

And usually, you know, you will see, you will see that it says not available, that for privacy reasons, Facebook used to tell you how many people you had on your list, like 1500, or 15,000, whatever. But right now, it's not telling you because of privacy reasons.

So even if it says not available, if you upload it and nice less, just don't worry about that create lookalike audiences based on that. And here there's like, I like to wait 24 hours before I create the look alike audience so we will wait like a couple hours, I like to wait 24 hours. So I will upload my list now then tomorrow, come here and create a lookalike audience and then I can create go to actions create a look alike. And here I can select my region or my targeting.

So United States, for instance, 1%. So this will be the closest to your seed list. But as you can see, I uploaded almost 7000 people and I ended up with 2.1 million people, potential people that I can target and this in the US I can add more countries here. So what I like to do is, for instance, you add the act of the Big Four which are which are states Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

And this will increase the size of my list of 3 million, right. So and then you would create an audience now the way you do use this, what I would recommend is you use this as a standalone asset like you target only this list and see how it works. And then the other thing is that you can layer as I told you can layer this with interest and see how that works. But these alone can accelerate your results exponentially.

Just because you're telling Facebook here is Facebook here. So people here's a list of people, a pool of people that matches the demographics, the behaviors etc etc. of my audience that's exactly what I want to do. And that's exactly who I want to target your buyers go ahead and upload them like you know this is like awesome stuff that Facebook is allowing us to do this alright so i hope this helps these can really really accelerate the results that you get if you also want to accelerate the results that you're getting with your sales go to perpetual profits start that I'm going to share with you how you know I created several seven figure companies by providing good quality services and products to my clients and how you can do the same

Let me see if we have some comments What's up buddy? I cannot read your name because it's like an Arab or something. Sorry about that. Let's see if we have some comments. All right. How are you my man? Okay cool. So um, I looked up this makes sense and if you have additional questions I'll try to monitor comments a little bit more I swear to God that I will and I hope this helps so go to perpetual profits are now it's on the screen.

Get my book. You won't regret it. All right. Thank you so much for spending time with me today. Have a cake is Monday. Today is Monday. Have a geek is Monday. I'll see you guys

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