How to improve your Facebook ads.

If you want to stop struggling with your Facebook ads, you should follow these steps below…


1- BUDGET: How much money are you spending on your sales funnel? Identify if it’s too much or not enough.

2- TARGETING: To whom are you showing your ads? You need to link relevant audience. Random people won’t become new customers If they don’t need what you are offering.

3 – CREATIVITY: What are you showing to them? You need to give them something valuable. Something that helps them to solve a need.

I suggest you to analyze these three steps deeply to take an action on your Facebook Ads. This will definitely improve your business .

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What's up y'all let me get this little bit better I wasn't cold days and this tends to you know go from one from one place to the next What's up everybody what is everybody doing How's everybody doing?

Today on these amazing beautiful today's freaking Tuesday afternoon them and you know I just I just landed in Buenos Aires yesterday I am and I had a couple of a couple of hours of sleep actually. So it's been it's been kind of brutal but we're here with you live from Buenos Aires Argentina. How’s everybody, Hope you guys are super well.

I'm gonna share with you guys how to fix your Facebook ads if they're not working. Okay how to fix them and how to pretty much simplify them if they're not working for you. Now with that being said, I strongly suggest that you come and join the free Facebook group by going to her numbers cast com forward slash Facebook boom right there and you can get notified every time I go live. If you go to a novice forward slash notify me I'm going to get moving on the thing. Yeah, right.

All right. Boom. Here we go. Hope you guys have great hope you guys are feeling great. I'm going to be talking about how to make your Facebook gets better if that is something that you want to do. Alright, so and if you have any additional comments and questions, you want to throw rocks at me, don't do it. Because you're only going to break your monitor because I'm not ready. I'm not really there.

Okay, this is like through the internet. So you guys are great. And we're going to talk about Facebook ads. Okay. Now with that being said, I told you guys yesterday that I was approach I don't know maybe between 20 and 30 people approach me on funding I can live during the last week during front of it.

I'm asking me if I would have any Facebook ads training. And the reality is that I say no, not because I don't want to train people, not because I don't want to help people, right? And trying to help you and adding value as much as possible. But because of the fact that every time I don't like doing Facebook training.

Okay, so just for the record, and I'm like doing Facebook training because every time Facebook changes, something like Facebook changes stuff every week at this point, so every time I do something alive, it becomes obsolete just like that. Now, with that being said, there are some stuff that aren't as obsolete that you can replicate over and over and over again.

It doesn't really matter what you're doing what Facebook is doing pretty much okay in terms of their platform and their how to scale how to write for your ads, okay, how to be good image, how to set up your Facebook account for success and how to spend more money on Facebook profitably, those are things that it really doesn't matter what as long as Facebook becomes still as a auction platform.

Those things will change. As long as humans are humans. copywriting will not change. As long as you know, we keep on using mobile for a thing is not going to change how we do business on Facebook. So Facebook and change a bunch of stuff can change the UX, but some stuff will not change. And that's exactly what I want to do on a three day live training.

And I'm going to be holding it's going to be 1213 four thing, sorry, 13, 14, 15 of March, it's going to be at 6pm PST. It's going to be 100% live. So save your calendars. And if you want to be notified, go to her name. Vasquez. com slash live training or Nam Vasquez. com slash live training and that will take you to the waiting list.

Okay, I'm going to prepare some more content for you guys that are signing up early. We have a lot of people already in the waiting list. I Really appreciate you guys for going there if you don't want to miss it, because once it's done, it's done, you'll need to pay money to get access to it. All right, while it's live, it's going to be free.

But once it's done, you're going to pay money for it. Okay, you're going to need to pay money for it. And then I have some pretty cool announcements that I'm going to be doing doing the live stream as well. So March 13, 1415, 5pm sorry, 6pm PST save it on your calendar make a note dump a blog that that out if you really want to take your Facebook advertising to the next level.

Now with that being said, I want to simplify you guys I want to simplify for you the Facebook ads game. Okay, I want to simplify it like a lot. There are three things that you need to consider when it comes to your Facebook ads game. There's only three I know that when you're setting up your Facebook ads, there might be a million different things to you know, totally with, or maybe you know, buttons that you want to press and whatnot, but there's only three things that compose the entire Facebook ads. universe okay are you ready? Are you ready to get it?

All right here we go. Number one is budget number two is targeting and number three is creative budget targeting and creative if you want to simplify it if you want to simplify everything else when it comes to Facebook ads there's only three things that matter how much money you're spending who you're showing your ads to and what are you showing them okay.

Budget targeting creative that's basically it so if you're asking if your ads are not working right now if you're not getting the results that you want for that you want if you're you know your cost per lead is way too high is your cost per acquisition way too high you're not making any money there's one of those three things budget targeting created maybe you're spending a lot of money for your funnel.

Maybe you need to be spending less or maybe you need to be spending more so you need you to your budget number two targeting maybe you're targeting grand mass grandmother grandmothers when your when your product is for male dentist in Texas, okay, so now you're targeting yourself, or maybe you're not leveraging the power of lookalike audiences. So now you're talking to yourself, okay.

Do not target grandmother's in New York. If your product is a name to the dentist in Texas, don't do it. Okay, so I'm going to work. And number three is creatives. Okay? What kind of creative torture you have shown to them? How is your copy? Are you going after, what their, what their fears are, what the benefits of your stuff is, okay, are using powerful imagery or using videos or images, square images and square videos, you know, so there's only three things so you either fix your budget, you fix your targeting, or you fix your creatives.

Okay, and all of that stuff I'm going to be talking about on the live stream so as well, but I just want to simplify guys Facebook is not complicated once you understand the basics. Once you understand that once you have your targeting in place, the Facebook algorithm is smart and strong enough so that we will make things easier for you will not make things harder.

You they do not manipulate price we do as advertisers okay they are not like being a pain in the neck we're just you know we need to become better media buyers that's basically what we need to be doing alright so that is basically what I want to share with you guys today let's see we have any questions any participation or WhatsApp chat my main chat to find already open is man I hope you making money excited to talk to you tomorrow on tomorrow No Thursday on our 3d a call excited to do that.

So I hope you guys are super well again I don't see any questions so thank you guys for stopping by I really appreciate you guys if you do have any questions I strongly suggest that you come and join the free Facebook group okay which is going to pop up in a minute right there and if you want to know how when I go live rather you can come and join and go to that will take you to the little button thing and you will be able to get notified when I go live.

And again if you want to be part of that free training that I'm putting together it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be pretty pretty epic okay I promise you need to go to and they'll have any thinking okay here but I mind tomorrow Who knows? Right? Go ahead and sign up for the waiting list. There's some amazing stuff coming your way. Have have an amazing rest of Tuesday. I'm going to go to some of the meetings of

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