How to improve your working methods.

If you want to start doing more high-level stuff you should start planning your work by using this…


1- Plan a 90 days objective: By doing this you’ll have a panorama of what you want to achieve over that time. Set a few goals to accomplish on this first 90 days of work. This time will determine if your business is successful or if you need to take some action over it.

2- Plan your week: Sit down and think what you want to achieve by the end of the week. That way, you’ll have all organised and clear. And, it’ll be easier to follow a process to do all the things that you’ve planned.

3 – Plan your day: Set a few tasks and strategies on the previous day, to actually achieve the goals that you set for each day. Revise everything at the end of the day and make the necessary adjustments for the following day’s plan as well.

I hope you implement these three tips on your daily basis. I can assure you that no matter how much of the tips you start using, you’ll feel more productive.

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Alright, so let's talk about productivity. I'm not by any means a productivity expert, but I have developed some tricks that have allowed me to be a little bit more productive through the years, you know, managing at this point, I'm managing partner of three companies and in managing a bunch of different clients and consulting clients and whatnot, you need to do a couple of things so that you become more productive or you know, do more stuff.

If you want to or actually do more high level stuff because you don't want to be busy right? You want to be productive and that is make and that is one big difference. So with that being said, I'm going to tell you guys basically two or three things that I do on a daily and weekly basis that have allowed me to you know, increase my productivity not only because I do more things but but also because, you know, I do a lot of more high level stuff.

Alright, so that is something that I want to share with you guys today if that's okay Now with that being said, Don't forget to go out there and get a copy of my brand new book,, you can get that at perpetual profits that net, right so if you if you get that you will learn a little bit about me and a little bit about what's working right now when it comes to my clients and consulting I wanna all right so let's talk about productivity and how to be more productive here to like two or three quick things that I do on a daily basis that have allowed me not only to increase my output but also to do more high level stuff.

You know, over the past I would say over the past two years, you know, semantic mastery which is one of the companies that I'm a partner with important off we have like 30 or 40 people around the world working for semantic mastery and we'll have like mid level managing and whatnot. But then I decided to form my own consulting firm.

I decided to put together our team, right? And there's now six people working with me full time. And the reality is that they're awesome. It's an awesome team. I couldn't be doing anything that I do without their help, that's for sure.

But you know, it wasn't easy was it easy for me to go from this mentality of doing it all to having a team so some one of the things that really really helps me out as I think I showed you guys this little thing right here which I which is always in front of me, it's always in front of me, I always carried around it would mean and it's called the best self journal.

You don't need one of these to be completely honest, you do not you just need somewhere to plan some stuff. And this is both a planner and a journal. Some people want to have a planner on one end and a journal on the other. I'd like to have it all in one end. And I've been using this for over a year. I have a bunch of of those that are being used that have been used rather. And these are pretty cool. So the first thing that these little thing this little tool forces you to do is to set up three months sprints.

What I, what I've learned, you know, working with super high level people is that they do have long term goals. Right, they do have long term and they do have like daily goals and whatnot, but they mostly do things in sprints. So, you know, if you want to take up on a project, and you want to know for sure, exactly, instantly, if it's going to work, you need to get it to, you know, profitability, or at least making some money for the first 30 to 60 days.

And a lot of entrepreneurs that I know that they are able to grow several companies that you work in sprint. If at the end of the 90 day sprint, that project didn't work, they just scrap it and start another one or they should savage what they can and whatnot. And these little thing right here, the first thing that you need to do is to set up 123 objectives, two-three goals that you want to achieve over the next 13 weeks. Okay, so it's roughly three months so that is pretty cool because it gives you something to be working on pretty much every new journal. That is number one.

And number two what I also like to do a lot is what I also like to do a lot is to plan my week my week in advance. For instance, Sundays are the day that I sit down and I write down what I want to accomplish this week and not only that, but then I review last week but a sit down and I write down what I want to accomplish the sweet and what activities I'm going to be doing to accomplish those goals. For instance, I'm traveling to funnel hacking live on Sunday and you know I need to write some more copy for for my book funnel so that is something that is going into this list okay, and preparing for the trip. That's another thing that is going into this list. So planning your week in advance will allow you to have these panorama what's going on right throughout the week. And then something that have immediate like if you're only taking one thing out of this conversation that we're having is this plan your day.

Plan your day the night before that is like awesome for several reasons. Number one is because when you're finishing up your day, you come with certain inertia, right? You come with the day of or maybe your time, your juices are flowing, but you kinda know what needs to be done next day. You need to use that that momentum to actually plan out next day. The benefit of that is whenever you wake up the next day you don't need to sit down and plan anything right because it's already planned.

So you're not left wondering okay What should I do today okay to accomplish my dreams or to get to my goals etc, etc. So that is like a huge time saver. So you're not mentally switching gears. I'm just going through my plan for today. So it's 9am I need to do this boom and just do it so you know that you don't have these these buffer between activities because you have everything planned.

And that also frees you up the the hours in the morning to do something else. Like for instance, I'm meditating or you know, doing some quick workout, or getting a green smoothie. So those things like even if you're taking just one thing of the three things that I told you guys, which is number one working 90 days sprints number two plan your week in advance. And number three, plan your plan your day in advance. If you're only taking one thing, start getting into the habit of planning your day in advance.

Because like starting the next day, knowing that you're ready know what you need to do that you already know that you move forward that you're ready know what, what's left to be done. I mean, it's an amazing feeling, it's liberating. I would say that is how I would call it – liberating.

Alright guys, so Jackie, look at that haircut. Looking good, man. Thank you, man. Thank you. Hey brother. Great production on Instagram. Okay if you're not following Jackie Lombardi on Instagram go follow him right now that guys is that you should be doing some Hollywood acting or something man Come on now and making me look bad or something vital man.

Alright, so I wanted to I want to share with you that stuff thank you guys for status spending time with me I hope that you are gonna kill it tomorrow have an awesome awesome awesome rest of the Sunday wherever you are in the world and if you if you are wondering how to actually deploy funnels and sales funnels that work for you and your company that allow you to grow to an extent that you can build your business and work on your business.

Right you should be getting a copy of my brand new book perpetual profits that is what you should be doing. Okay, it's pretty cool. So there are 60 cents and you can get it at Thank you guys for the support. I really do appreciate you guys. What's up? Byron How are you my man? I really do appreciate you guys and I'll catch you tomorrow. Bye bye.


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