The Type of Facebook Ad Working Now

Would you like to know which type of Facebook Ad is working right now?

In this video, you’ll find out the type of Facebook Ad that is actually working across the board.


  1. Write your post  You don’t need to be an excellent copywriter as you’re sharing value, so it’s easy to write your ideas.
  2. Post proofreading: You Can have someone doing it for you or you can do it yourself. The point is that you turn the writing in a great piece of content to publish.
  3. Select an image: Use an image that is not related to the product or service that you are selling. It’s actually working pretty well for my Ads.

So, I suggest you to try these steps to create the best Facebook Ad and grow your business and get more and more customers.. Also learn how to create The Perfect Facebook Ad here

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Alright, I think we're live. What's up everybody? How are you guys I think we're live on everywhere. Let me go live on Facebook.

Yeah we're live now and Facebook and let me share this on the Facebook group as I usually do what I basically Gravis the feet from my Facebook page and then you know it's just go live and showed that live on the Facebook group which is pretty cool.

So let me do that right now. Sure group and the name of the group is digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs if you want to join if that's what you want to do.

All right,what's up everybody? We're good. We're alive. We're streaming everywhere at the same time which is pretty cool. Alright so welcome guys. Happy Saturday. Today is Saturday the 26th of January and it's almost 1pm here Argentina morning Syrah. So I'm about to have lunch. My beautiful girlfriend is making lunch, the two of us. So she's over there.

So All right, guys. All right. So I wanted to share with you guys something really, really cool for today's streaming, I guess you call it and it's like the one if I had to start over, this is the type of ad that I would create, okay, that type of Facebook get that these type of Facebook ad is working across the board.

Like I've tested it with the info product marketing. I've tested it with brick and mortar businesses have tested e commerce stores at yesterday, with consultants and coaches, it's working really, really well. I want to share with you guys what kind of added this and the theory behind it is that the more you can teach in your advertising, before you get anyone into your website, the hypothesis that the success rate is going to be for your x, okay?

Why, because at that point, you have earned the right to pitch them with something. Okay, so that's something that I want to share with you guys right now. And this is a huge you already know, this is only part of the equation, you know, this is only part of the the whole thing when it comes to Facebook ads, the rest of the stuff comes with the funnel, if you want to learn how to create a, you know, good potent, powerful sales funnel that turns complete unknown, complete strangers online and make them give you money and buy your products and services, you really need to get a copy of my new book, perpetual profits.

So you can do that by going to, and download a digital copy into PDF. You don't need to wait for the mamane mailman. Sorry, it's pretty cool. And you can read it like if you purchase it today, you can read it by the end of today. Or maybe by the end of tomorrow. You're slow reader like I am right. So anyways, let's hop into the computer real quick. And I want to show you guys one of the best ads that I've been running for quite a while right now.

And it's the type of long form copy educational ad with an image. Okay, but there's some nuances to the specific ad that I want to share with you guys today is the fact that this is opposed that I made on my page. And then I grabbed the post ID, right, I grabbed that asset. And then I'm pushing this as an add to my audiences. And basically the the post ID you can get it if you go to the if you go to the the publication, you click on the date, and this will pop up. And this is the number this is the string of numbers that you want that you want to grab. Okay, now with that being said, this is an image, okay, this is plain and simple. And image that I posted on my page is not a quote unquote, image ad, you know, those ads are square or square now, or horizontal.

And, you know, you can click on them, and you will click on them. And they will, they'll take you to the page. That's not the case here. The case here is like, boom, you click here. And it makes the image bigger. But for one reason or the other, this is really working. And it's getting cells to my book fun. But as you can see, it's a really long ad. And what I like to do is I like to, you know, to put my thinking cap on right here on Facebook.

And I want to say, Okay, what is everyone doing on Facebook, everyone is trying to pitch their products and services, what I want to do is I want to treat Facebook as a publishing platform. And what I mean with that is that if I would start writing blog posts on Facebook, where people are at, instead of writing them on my blog, which I still do, but instead of going there, and you know, trying to write a blog post on my blog, and then trying to get people from Facebook, to the blog. My idea was to write a blog post where people are, which is Facebook, people are on Facebook, they're spending time on Facebook, there are billions of people on Facebook.

So I you know, I put words get rich on the screen. And then he would turn them into awesome piece of content. So thank you. And just one of the things that he does, he's really smart, really, really sharp dude. 

But the point is that I write a blog post on Facebook. And I use that as an app. And I've used this again over and over and over again. So this is an example right I'm telling the story and then I'm teaching on my ad. And don't worry again you don't need to be a good writer you can either record yourself if you're if you're better if you feel your your bedroom you can record yourself on video talking about something like this and then you can go to read com r EV calm and get this transcribed.

And now we're sorry, that will be your add right there or your blog post. Or you can record the audio and do the exact same thing go to read calm, get the transcription and they get somebody may be yourself on five somebody you're not work or fiber to edit that script because that's going to be a post that's going to be a transcription, right.

 But the main point is you sit down you write this which is a blog post, it doesn't have to be like you don't need to be a you know, a super special copywriter. Because the reality is that when you're teaching something valuable, you can be a good copywriter. But I'm not I don't consider myself a good copywriter.

I'm just okay as a copywriter. So I don't need to be a great copywriter because I'm actually delivering value here, which makes things so much easier. So if I'm actually delivering value here, I don't need to be a great job writer on the ad or the sales page or my video sales letter. Because Eric already delivered Bobby. Okay, so I'm going to leave a link for you guys here. Let me actually copy this and paste it on the little chat box that we have.

I think we have a what's a boy, what's up my brother are you doing man, thank you for the support. He's always here. He's always liking my stuff. So thank you, man. And do appreciate you thank you for being here. So that's the post right there. I'm going to put it on YouTube as well. So that's that's the post right there.

So if you want to go and check it out, swipe and deploy it whenever you have to do but app, you know, that's the post right there that I'm using right now. And these are long form posts, okay. So you will be able to check that out, you will be able to swipe it. But as you can see, I'm actually delivering good content here. And then I go to segue to my book offer which is basically saying, Hey, this is the formula I agree to you to create.

This formula is a great, great ads. If you love this, click here to get my book. Something along those lines. You know what I'm saying? I'm saying Wayne. And then I'm going into all of the stuff that's within the book. And yeah, it's all of this and more so and then another call to action. So get your copy here. Have an amazing day. That's it. And then I have a you know, a never day picture that has nothing to do with the ad.

It's nothing to do with the book just me watching means you know, some somebody says that I'm reading jokes on the cell phone right here. So it's me watching funny video cat videos on cell phone right there. But it's working. It's one of my best ads today. And then I replicated this model for you know, a couple clients are having amazing results with this. So go ahead and swipe and deploy. And this is a blog post that I wrote on the Facebook's.

So these are framework that I already explained in I think it's on my YouTube channel if you go to her number slash YouTube or go to my Facebook page and you search for framework or Facebook ads framework summer something along those lines, you will get a tutorial that is like a long tutorial showing you step by step this stuff but this is still working really, really well.

Okay, so I just want to show you guys this in this Saturday. And I hope that you swipe it and deploy it for your own stuff, whatever it is that you're doing. Because if you have good ads It is amazing what a good I can do for your business. Like it's an asset that you can run it for months you can spend a lot of money behind it and it can get you a lot of you know customers.

So with that being said, I hope that you guys enjoy your Saturday if you have any questions come join the free Facebook group. It's completely free. You can go at and join and if you want to know how to do this and how to put up a funnel behind it for the funnel behind it.

That will actually make your money because the ads and the content is only you know, tiny, Itsy Bitsy piece of the entire machine. If you want to learn how to create the rest of the machine, go to perpetual and download a copy of my book is $5 60 cents. It's really inexpensive. There will be more offers on that page but it's there to increase the value that I give to you. Okay as a customer so hope that you enjoy your Saturday you have any questions come join the Facebook group and I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye bye.

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