The Truth About “The Facebook Ads Learning Phase”

How To Exit The Facebook Learning Phase?

Are you wondering what the Facebook learning phase is? Basically, is a new feature from Facebook that appears when the algorithm is learning about your campaigns.

Does that mean that your ads are not working anymore? Definitely not. Facebook works with a lot of data coming through it.  

Meaning that If you have your pixel installed on your pages, Facebook will start learning and becoming smarter.

Facebook needs to learn what type of people are going through your funnel and what type of people are converting but also what type of people are not converting.

Now, Is there a way to get out of this phase faster?

Definitely yes.



If at some point your funnel is working, then you can go ahead and increase the budget to get a better result.


In case you can’t increase your budget, a good option is to optimize your ad set for an earlier step in the funnel. Optimize for a first event (for example “Add to Cart”), instead of the last event (for instance “Purchase”).

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Alright Facebook learning face What is it? How does it work? Will it hurt my ads if I don't fix it? All of those questions are the ones that I'm going to answer for you in this video.

Hey, what's up everybody? Hernan Vazquez here and welcome to this video if you're new to this video series, if you're new to this channel to this page wherever you're watching this video, welcome. Thank you for taking the time to watch this. And if you have been around for a while thank you for your support. I really do appreciate it now. 

The main idea with these videos is to help you take in your ads to the next level your paid media to the next level or the next level means it's up to you. But for me, it means more leads, more conversions and basically more money 100% robots or whatever that means. 

Now with that being said, you're welcome to join our free Facebook group. All you need to do is to go to Hernan Vazquez calm which is spelled h ER and NBA ZQU forward slash Facebook and you will be able to join our free Facebook group is 100% free. You're welcome to join, ask questions and whatnot is pretty cool. I have mine maps in there. I have new tutorials pretty much every week. So it's cool. You're welcome to join. Now with that being said, let's talk about the Facebook learning phase. 

What is it? Okay, Facebook learning phase has been there for a while since pretty much soon as they rolled out the conversion objective. But something that happened recently is that Facebook implemented a change and there was like literally last week, as you know, Facebook implements changes pretty much on a daily basis at this point. And they have implemented that which makes the learning phase much more prominent in the ads manager. 

So now you can see a big yellow sign that means or that says learning limited and a lot of people are freaking out. Like they're saying, what does this mean? My ads are not working, they're not performing whatnot. So in this video when I put those fears to rest so that you can actually understand what that means and how you can solve it. 

So as you might or might not know, Facebook, a UI works better when it has a lot of data coming through it. What that basically means is that whenever you're choosing the conversion objective on your Facebook advertising, you're telling Facebook a Facebook helped me optimize helped me show my ads to these people that are more prone to convert. 

That basically means that if you have your pixel installed on your pages, Facebook will start learning and becoming smarter. And at some point, if you have been running enough volume and enough people are going through your funnel, then you can actually loosen you're targeting that means that you can target broader and broader and broader audiences and Facebook will still do a great job bringing the type of people that you want to bring. 

I have a couple clients you know we're spending a couple hundred thousand dollars every month and we don't do a lot of targeting right we should target pretty much everyone in the world and these points and Facebook can actually go out and find this buyers find this leads finance people that will actually go out there and buy my clients product and that is that is the purpose of the entire Facebook algorithm right to go out there and find people that will buy download your stuff sign up for a webinar, apply for a phone call or whatever your funnel might be. 

Now with that being said Facebook needs to learn Okay, Facebook needs to learn what type of people are going through your funnel and what type of people are converting but also what type of people are not converting So Facebook is never not learning.

 So that's basically why I mean that if you have an ad that hasn't been Perform, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not performing it might not be performing for you. But Facebook is knowing that those type of people are not performing. So I'm going to go out there and find other demographic, other interests to go through your funnel. 

So the learning phase what Facebook is basically saying the reps are saying or telling us is that Facebook any given asset, they need anywhere between 30 to 50 conversions per week to actually understand what's going on on your funnel. So 30 to 50 conversions per week per asset. And if you're having less than that, that means that the learning will be limited. That's why you're seeing that yellow you know sign in your screen. 

There's that saying learning is limited now, is that a bad thing? Well, not necessarily. The reason why is because if you are getting the results that you're looking for, let's say that you want to pay I don't know $3 per lead, and if you are getting those $3 per lead, as long as you keep your budget because system and the results are consistent. The limited learning might not affect your ads. 

So just because it says learning limited there, you shouldn't be freaking out, you shouldn't be changing anything if your ads are performing. Now with that being said, there is a little bit of math that you need to do to go out of the learning phase. All right, so that basically means this, let's say that you're paying $3 per lead, right? That you're running ads to a free PDF, or a webinar or whatever that is, and you're paying $3 per lead. 

Now here's what happens if you're paying $3 per lead. And if you have an ad set budget, and that's that level budget, that means that the budget on your asset is like $10. At most any given day, you can get three maybe four leads if Facebook will overspend on that. any given day. Now three leads per day times seven days. That means that Atmos you can get 21 to maybe 25 leads. 

That is not Enough for Facebook to go out of that learning phase. So as you will get that learning limited sign. Now again, if your ads are doing okay, don't freak out, just keep them running, you don't need to touch them, but have in mind that there's a couple of things that you can do to go out of the learning phase faster. 

Number one is to actually spend more money. If you're getting the results that you're looking for, there's no reason why you wouldn't spend more money to make more money. So if you're taking from 10 to $20 a day, and the cost per lead stays the same, which might go up slightly, but it on some cases will say the same. 

If that happens, that means that from 21 to 25, you went to from that to maybe win 50 leads a day. That means that that will make that asset get out of the learning phase, and you're basically spending double and you're getting the double amount of leads. That means that you're getting twice as much data into that asset which will Make it go out of the learning phase faster. So it's basically a numbers game, right? 

If you're spending 10 bucks a day and you're spending five bucks a lead, then on, you're paying five bucks a lead, you cannot expect Facebook to get a lot of data. So if at some point your funnel is working, then you can go ahead and increase the budget so that you can actually get more data going through the pixel.

Now, option number two, I know that increasing the budget isn't always an option. So option number two, is to actually optimize your ad set for an earlier step in the funnel. What do I mean? Let's say that you have two steps in your funnel, you have a landing page, and you have a thank you page, right the landing page where they see the PDF, they see the benefits, they see everything. 

That's where they put their email, and contact information. And the next page is the thank you page. Now the thank you page is the one that you want to trigger a lead event on, right. That's how you're signaling Facebook that you got a lead but then on the first page, and this is something that a lot of media bars don't do is to actually trigger what's called a V Content event.

That means that people that are going through that funnel that are seeing that page, maybe they're not opting in, but they're seeing that page. That means that is a relevant view content for you is a relevant page for you. So you want to trigger a view content event on that page. 

And maybe if you're not getting the results that you want, maybe instead of optimizing for leads, you want to launch a couple of new assets and optimize for view content of that specific page. You can do that through custom conversions. You can do that through a bunch of different ways. 

But what I'm saying is that if you optimize for that first event, instead of the last event, or maybe four leads instead of purchasers, which might happen much later in the funnel, then at that point, you will be filling Facebook a lot of data much faster so that it can learn faster. Now, again, if your ads are working, please don't do this. Okay, don't touch anything on the ads basically don't do this. 

But if you want to experiment a little bit, go ahead, duplicate the ad sets and optimize for an earlier stuff in the funnel again I don't recommend this this is only if you want your ads to get out of the learning phase faster but if you're seeing that bright yellow sign that same learning limited and you still want to you know keep on you're getting results just keep everything the same.

You could spend a little bit more money though if you want it. So there you have a guy that's still learning face and that's how Facebook understands who's going through your funnel who's buying from you who's downloading your stuff again, I don't think there's such thing as a bad ad or a bad ads that are bad campaign because worst case scenario, you're buying data you're making your facebook pixel smarter. 

You're making your ecosystem as an advertising smarter just by spending money on ads. I hope this helps you if you have any additional questions, feel free to post them in the comments below or above wherever you're seeing this video. Go ahead, drop me a message. Let me know what you're thinking. Let me know what your problems are. 

And again, come and join. The free Facebook group is 100% free. You need to go to Hernan Vazquez com forward slash Facebook that is h er na n var Qu slash Facebook and just answer a couple questions that I'll ask you just to cater the experience better for you. hope that you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching it and I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye

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