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In this video you'll find out how to make your Facebook Ads more successful  in just two steps.

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The 2 Step Strategy For Successful Facebook Ads:

  1. The principle of authority: We’re constantly looking for a leader, an authority to follow and people will actually listen what you have to say if you give them something valuable. So, first step of the strategy is to share valuable content, such as podcasts, videos, blog posts, and target the people that you want to engage with your content.
  1. The principle of reciprocity:  Closely related with the previous principle, you give them something and they give you something back. You can retarget your audience and present them an attractive offer based on these two principles

So, I recommend that you practice these two steps on 2019 to earn your audience’s trust and to generate a lot of good well on the marketplace. That way, your business will grow as you’ve always wanted to. Also learn a good Outreach Strategy.

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Let me tell you about the two step strategy that's killing it on Facebook right now. I want to share it with you.

Everybody what's up? Hernan here, and welcome to another video. And thank you once again for the amazing support that you have been giving me. It's been great. And it's being I think it's been three years since I launched my YouTube channel. And I think two years since I launched my facebook group. So they're pretty awesome. And I thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Because you guys are awesome, too.

Now, let's talk about this two step strategy that is working really, really well on Facebook. And it's gonna you know, I think that it's going to be more and more profound diving into because of the fact that, you know, people aren't getting shaded on Facebook, you're seeing ads, and then there's a lot of people like, for example, an e commerce Shopify type thing. There's been a lot of scams, people are getting nervous about their, you know, their, their delivery times and whatnot.

And then on the info product side of things that coaching consulting the webinars are not as working as well, people they already know that are going to join to our pitch fest and they don't have time to lose. So how do you kind of, you know, how do you mitigate that? How do you actually go out there to the marketplace and put a campaign a Facebook campaign that is really, really effective. And I only see it getting more effective as we go through. And yeah, I'm going to tell you guys about that. So all right. So these two sub strategy includes and involves something that, you know, I learned from Dr. Robert Cialdini on his book influence, if you don't have it, please get it please get it. It's it's like, it's not a marketing book is as they call it, your book.

But it's called like, no kidding, every step of that book is amazing. And then learn two things out of that book, the book, I'm not going to dive into it a lot. But the book goes after the drivers of what you know, why people do what they do, like why people behave what they do. And there are two things, two main components, two main principles that are ruling all of these Facebook ads strategy. And I'm going to tell you what those principles principles are.

So number one is the principle of authority. Authority means that, you know, we kind of grown in tribes we developed in tribes, and do your millions of years and whatnot. And we always look after a leader, we are packed like, we move in packs, right? We're social animals, we always need a leader to move the pack for, and usually that leader back in the day was stronger, one of the pack, but right now, it's not that like, you could have intellectual authority, or you could have like monetary authority, or if you have a bunch of other authorities, type of authorities, I would make people take and listen to you to what you're saying, right.

So that's number one. And number two, the other principle that is really, really powerful is the principle of reciprocity. reciprocity basically means that if I do something for you, you will feel subconsciously, you will feel in depth with me, all right, and nobody wants to feel in debt. And that goes back again, to where we were limiting tries, that if I went out and had a really good hand, then I will come back home and share it with you, just because of the fact that if tomorrow I don't have anything and you hunt a lot, then maybe you can share back with me, so my family, one star, so it makes a lot of sense in terms of anthropology, and I really recommend that you get that book, by the way.

So go, go get it, go get it. But what does has to do this had to do with with Facebook ads, right? Well, these terms of strategy are actually based on those two principles, that Robert Cialdini explains because the the first step of the strategy is sharing valuable content. Okay, I've been preaching about sharing valuable content, you know, for since I started this YouTube channel, pretty much with this channel, or since I record a video is pretty much the fact that you need to be sharing good, valuable content. Why? Because of those two principles. Number one, you're exploiting the principle of authority, right? Right.

Now, if I'm teaching something to you, you think that I know what I'm talking about, right, is what Frank Kern calls results in advance, you're helping people or you're letting people know that you can help them with your stuff by actually helping them right now, which is pretty cool. And that's the principle of authority.

But there's also the principle of reciprocity, right? I'm giving you something where the whole that at some point, you will be compelled to do business with me. And that will be even better for your business if you think about it. So number one, put out valuable content can be video, it can be blog posts, I've been actually writing down blog posts on Facebook and pushing those as ads. It's amazing, they work really, really well. So you can use Facebook as your publishing platform, right, which is awesome.

So no matter what it is, audio podcasts, and videos or blogging, or all of the above, go ahead and push quality content first. And then you can target those audiences that you really want to go after. Like, for example, let's say that you're going after chiropractors, you can actually target target, chiropractors, you know, whatever area by sharing that valuable content. Okay, so that's step number one.

Step number two is to re target those folks into buying or into an offer, right. And the reality is that you see this strategy really taken off during because of two main factors. Number one, Facebook loves and gated content. Facebook loves that you're putting things on their platform, and you're pushing engagement on their platform. People don't have to leave their platform, but also because you need to kind of earn the right to pitch your audience. It's not just like, Hey, I'm awesome. Come join my webinar, or Hey, I'm awesome.

Go buy my stuff. It's not like that anymore. You actually need to build their relationship on the platform first, and then turn those people into lead customers whatever that is. So my recommendation, move forward is that you focus on these two steps strategy. Number one, bible content videos, blog posts, whatever that is go ahead push it target the people that you want to engage with your content and then you can read target them you can read target engages, you can retarget video viewers you can return to a bunch of other people you know that have watched engaged with your content.

And then you can present an offer that way not only you're tapping into those principles of reciprocity and authority, but also your as you're earning your trust you're generating a lot of good well on the marketplace and at the end of the day is pretty damn cool if you asked me so there you have it guys this is some strategies working really, really well for me for my clients were managing, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in ad spend. And it's working really, really well.

So this is just that you give it a go it's going to take a little bit longer it's not like acid, that direct response type of campaign that you would expect but it's working really well and you only see it working on in 2019 so go ahead and give it a go and if you have questions please stop on the comments below. Come and join the free Facebook group is amazing is free and I'll see you guys on the next video.

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