Hey, everybody! On this video I’ll show you the four main issues you might have when you're running your Facebook Ads and they do not work as you wish.

Main reasons that make your Facebook Ads suck:

1 – Selling your product in a social platform:  Instead of selling the products on your FB ads, you need to be selling the click.

2- Picking the wrong objective: When you're picking up a campaign objective, you're telling Facebook what kind of people you want it to show the ad to. If you’re choosing clicks… well, that’s what you’re getting!

3- Trying to outsmart the algorithm: Facebook algorithm is super intelligent and you're trying to put too much constraint on an algorithm that's supposed to run free.

4- Trying to use lookalike audiences with crappy data:  The data that you put in in Facebook, it's really important for the desired results. Check the quality of the audience that your giving to Facebook if you want to get better results.

So, those are the main issues to avoid if you want to rock it with your Facebook Ads.

I Hope you have them in mind to reach your business goals!

Read why your Facebook Ads aren't delivering.

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No problem, thank you for coming. Damn, if you're feeling a little bit like this guy, throwing money down the sink or something else, like your Facebook ads, let's find out what it could be.

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to another episode of Live [Weirdo Man 00:00:48], as you can see … I'm just kidding, we're just going to be talking about Facebook Ads, which is a topic that you guys love and hate, and love again and hate at the same time. Let me see if I'm recording. Yeah, I'm recording.

Because this thing of Facebook Ads, the problem is that sometimes they work, like some days they work great and you make a lot of money, and all that you need to think about is how you're going to name your elephant that you're going to import from India, you know, your pet elephant. And the next day you're thinking about which kid you need to sell because the Facebook Ads are not working that well.

No, I totally get it, I totally 100% get you, and that's the way Facebook Ads work. However, here are four tips that you can use today, that you can implement today to make your Facebook Ads less sucky, or maybe why your Facebook Ads campaign are not working as they should.

Now, with that said, I really hope that you enjoy this type of video. Sorry about earlier, that guy had to go, what can I do? But if you do enjoy these videos, just hit the subscribe, or the like, or the share, or the comment, whatever kind of button that you see, not that big red bright button that's appearing on your screen right now, because that will potentially self-destruct your PC. But the other type of buttons, like if it's a red that says subscribe or it's a blue that says comment or share, go ahead and do it, because that will make me super, super happy.

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4 Main Reasons Your Facebook Ad Not Delivering

Now, with that said, there are four main issues when you're running your Facebook Ads, and maybe why your Facebook Ads are not working. Now, the first thing that I would suggest that you do is to go here and watch this super hated video, which is, why selling on Facebook doesn't work, and why selling on Facebook sucks.

You know, after all the hate and all the comments, there are some people that are getting a lot of value out of this video because you can actually hear what I'm saying. You're not just mindlessly saying, “Oh, go fuck yourself from now on, you don't know what you're talking about,” et cetera, et cetera. So if you're ready, go ahead and watch it, but just hear the video first and then you can hate it, okay?

Now, that's the first thing that you need to have in mind, Facebook is a social platform, so trying to sell your product from a Facebook Ad can give you more headaches than not. The reality is that Facebook is a social platform, what you need to sell when you're doing Facebook Ads, no matter if you're doing clicks campaign or video views, or if you're doing conversion ad campaigns, it doesn't really matter, what matters is that you go ahead and sell the click.

Why should people stop watching Kardashian videos on their Facebook timeline and actually click on your stuff? So you want to sell the click. That's mistake number one, trying to sell the product where you need to be selling the click.

For example, that also happens a lot with email, if you're doing any kind of email marketing, if you're trying to push a product through email, you will know that it doesn't work. The subject needs to get the email open, the email needs to get the click, and then the sales page needs to do the selling, you know. So have that in mind, do not try to sell the product within the ad. Just try to be social, number one, and number two, try to sell the click.

The other mistake that I see a lot is having or picking the wrong objective. I talk extensively about how to pick the great or the best Facebook objective. In fact, there's going to be a link somewhere around here or around the video, whatever, that you can find, that you can click, and it's going to show you, what are the best campaign objectives that you can use?

Now, you need to have in mind something, when you're picking up a campaign objective, the campaign objective can actually determine the success of your campaign. Why? Because you're telling Facebook what kind of people you want to see the ad. It's not going to be the same people that will have an engagement with the advert, people that will potentially purchase, it's not how it works.

Facebook actually has much more data than you can possibly think of, more than any of us, for within the platform, and it's way smarter. So depending on what campaign objective you're choosing, if you're choosing clicks it will give you clicks, it will not give you leads.

If you're getting leads out of the clicks campaign, it's a by-product, it's not what the campaign is aimed to do. So go ahead, watch that video, because it's going to tell you what kind of objective to pick, to choose, whenever you're trying to launch a Facebook campaign, and my top three campaign objectives that you can really use.

Number three, which I kind of mentioned before, is trying to outsmart the algorithm. This is something that I used to do a lot. But it's like, you know, having this super smart computer and trying to play Tetris with that instead of trying to solve the world's biggest issues like how to cure cancer or, I don't know, why the soup gets cold almost immediately, and those kind of things. Instead of going that route, you're using it to play Tetris, and you think that you will outsmart it and you will say, “Yeah, I will solve the problem and I will save the world by playing Tetris on this super computer.”

Now, what you need to understand is that Facebook algorithm is super intelligent, like super, super smart, way smarter than you, way smarter than I, when it comes to the Facebook behavior and the behavior of its user. So what you need to have in mind is that whenever you're constraining the Facebook algorithm in your ad set, there's a chance that you ads will suck.

So I these people doing this over and over again, like for example, they will launch a campaign, they will constrain it to a little bit of the population, meaning, they will go to the US, but they will go to this specific demographic, like, women from 40-45 that like [lun-com 00:06:46] and then like this, and they need also to like this, and they're only going to show it on the timelines.

So at the end of the day, you're constraining the algorithm, you are trying to outsmart the algorithm, and the reality is, that's why your ads are not working, because you're trying to put too much constraint on an algorithm that's supposed to run free and run wild like the wind and free as a bird, and in all reality, the more freedom you give to the algorithm and the more data you fit in, the better type of results that you will get.

Number four, talking about data, is the fact that people are trying to use lookalike audiences here left and right, you know, you hear that lookalike audiences are all the rage. But you need to have this in mind, Facebook algorithm will work with your data, it's super, super smart, the minute you feed him good data.

So if you buy a list, like a shit list out of, I don't know, a solo ad provider that is full with people that wouldn't purchase anything even if their lives depended on it, and you feed that into the Facebook algorithm or the Facebook Ads platform to create a lookalike, you will get a really bad quality, crap quality custom audience or lookalike audience.

Like, for example, I'm seeing this Facebook Ads guys on YouTube going out there and saying, “Yeah, you should be running a likes campaign to third world countries for a couple of bucks a day, so that you can get to 100 or 200 likes for an ad, and that will be a lot of social proof.” That's great if you know what you're doing, but a lot of people are just doing that and expecting conversions, it's not how it works, even less if you want to actually create a custom audience based on a Facebook page.

So you know, if you don't know now you're knowing, now you're figuring it out, but you know that you can create a custom audience based on people that interact with your Facebook page, right? That's actually a really valuable custom audience. Even further, if you have been following my advice or pushing engagement, right? Again, there's going to be a link somewhere around here that's telling you exactly how to do that.

But the main point is that if you're doing this, that you're pushing crappy audiences into your pages, you're pushing crappy audiences to engage with your page, then that's going to skew the results, that's going to skew the data, and at the end of the day, it's not going to work, you'll get shitty results. So have in mind that the data that you put in in Facebook, it's really, really important.

Another thing that I see left and right is having these super big spam sites, or trying to your pixel whenever, like trying to put your pixel on third party websites, or trying to get custom audiences from audiences that are not relevant to what you're trying to offer, and that's not going to work. Just remember that the data you're feeding the Facebook algorithm, with that in mind, will tell you how of an effective Facebook Ads campaign or Facebook Ads ad set are you going to be running.

So that's probably why your Facebook Ads campaign are not working. If you have more questions about Facebook Ads, the free group will be the place that you want to be in because you can ask your questions and you can actually get answers, which is kind of mind-blowing if you think about it, it's completely free, you can join, and then you can ask questions and you will get answers.

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