My Exact Step by Step Process to Turn Cold Traffic Into Hot Buying Leads

Hey guys!

Hernan again with you!

And today I wanted to share with you my process to turn cold traffic into hot buying leads.

By cold traffic I mean people that have never heard from you before.

And hot traffic is, well… people ready to take out their credit cards and purchase your products.
So how to you go about the process of doing so? Here is my step by step sequence. Hope you enjoy it!

Getting More Sales and Revenue from Scratch

So you've been doing some PPC with little to no results. And you are getting traffic with SEO, but your website is still not converting.

Let me tell you that you need to combine as many sources of traffic as possible to make this machine work.

It includes email marketing and retargeting to gradually turn up the temperature of your visitor from a cold lead to a hot ready-to-buy customer

Let's see how this step by step system can turn your website into a revenue generating machine without putting forth more effort or investing more time. How to do Retargeting

Step 1: From Nobody to Somebody (Cold Traffic)

This campaigns are designed for people that has never even heard of you.

They don't know you even exist! So it's really hard to get right of the bat with a lead magnet, not to mention an offer.

What I've found it works really well is to send people to ungated content.

By ungated I mean content they can consume without leaving you anything in return. Why would you do such nonsense? Basically you want to achieve three things:

  • To increase your visitors awareness of you, your name, your brand and your offers.
  • To present them with an opportunity to leave you their email for more.
  • To pixelate them to generate a retargeting campaign.

That's why it's really important that you send people to an environment you can control.

That could be your blog, your website, etc. Anywhere where you can drop a pixel or leave a Call to Action to signup.

Step 2: This Guy is Actually Cool! (Warm Traffic)

Ok so people go through your website and you have their email and their are pixelated. Now what?

Now it's time to invite them to get even more value from you!

It could be through the form of a lead magnet (in case they haven't opted in).

Or a webinar (which is super recommended and I'll tell you why in a minute).

So you are actually helping them all along and you become someone that's on your visitors' mind.

Remember the “everywhere” factor we talked about?

This is how marketers give that impression.

On this stage you want people to take ACTION (signup, download, leave an email, interact, follow, etc).

This is where the famous “indoctrination series” come into play when doing email marketing.

You want people to know you and help them right off the bat.

At this point they don't even know even IF you are selling something (which is pretty cool if you ask me!).

Combining Retargeting PPC and Email Marketing

Step 3: Shut Up and Take My Money (Hot Traffic)

This is why I love webinars.

Webinars are a great way to keep delivering value and good will.

And also presenting them with an opportunity to actually purchase something from you.

So on Step 2 you'd ask them to signup to a webinar and on the webinar itself you'd present them with an offer.

Now think about this for a minute.

You have been sharing value and actually helping people throughout the entire process.

You have been in your prospect's mind all across the internet.

And you haven't asked anything in return (well maybe an email or a signup).

How much easier your sale will be?

How much more your conversions will be on the webinar?

You don't need to be pushy at this stage.

You have created rapport and good will, and they will purchase for the sake of creating more value into their lives.

For me, that's priceless!
And if you lose some people along the way, and some people don't buy, that's completely fine!

You only want people at this stage that are willing to change their lives and committed to follow your advice.

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Have a great day!


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