Selling Your Products Online


In this video you'll find out what to take into account when it comes to selling your products online.

Three main tips that will help you to develop your sales strategy:

  1. Don’t expect a high rate on conversion: Give your product time to be known.
  1. Take action with the numbers that you have: work and develop a sales strategy with the rates that you have at the moment, in order to get more later.
  1. Spread value on your ads: So that, people will know you and the product that you’re offering, better.

So, put these three tips into practice and you’ll definitely improve your sales strategy. These will help you to focus on your strengths easily, making the right decisions to put your business into the next level.  Also read how to launch products that people want.

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Here's what really needs to happen for somebody to purchase your products or services online.

Everybody What's up, this is Hernan.
And for the past seven years, I've been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners getting more sales and leads using paid online advertising, like Facebook ads, for example, and marketing funnels. And a lot of people come to me, a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners come to me because they are putting some money on ads, right? They're investing some money on advertising, let's say Facebook ads or Google advertising.

And they're just not getting the results that they want. For example, I was talking to one of my clients the other day, one of my coaching clients and see, he has these amazing webinar
funnels is working really, really well. And we started talking and he was saying, Well, my conversions are low, my conversions suck. And I told him alright. So why do you think your conversion so well, because out of 100 people that attend my webinar, only three people buy. Okay, so if you have 100% visit in your webinar, and you only have three people buy, that's a 3% conversion rate, right? Yeah, that will be right. Okay, so that's on the webinar alone.
Yeah, that's on the webinar alone.

Do you have any follow up sequence to follow up with them? Well, I do now, how many people buy from there? Well, another three. Alright, so out of 100 people, you got six people combining, you know, the webinar and the follow up sequence to buy, that's a 6% conversion rate. That is awesome. That also means that 94% of people that go through your webinar do not buy and that's 100% Normal.

That's how we work as human beings, right? most human beings, and he's selling like a $97 product, he's trying to get that to 1500, because I advised him that we should, you know, increases sales and see how that goes, right increases price and see how that goes. So, we're testing that. But he's selling a $97 product. And most human beings do not act right there. And then we need to think about it right, we need to consult it, we need to ask the wife or the husband, if we are going to go ahead and investing whatever, right. It's not like you're selling a $20 product on an e-commerce or you're selling a 997-training program.

So that's a hard thing to do. So, we talked about it, and I told him, okay, so we need to make this make this work with these numbers as they are, if we make this work, we can always make the webinar a little bit better, and, you know, tweak the follow up sequence. But here's what you're trying to do. If you think about it, you're grabbing somebody and it's completely unknown to you are you in completely unknown to them, you don't even know that person and you're grabbing them from Facebook, which is the number one time sucking for a lot of people online, right?

You're grabbing them from Facebook and you're convincing them to number one, click on your ad number to register for your webinar number three, watch the damn webinar number for purchase your product that is a lot of heavy lifting. So, the main point that I'm trying to make here is that just think that where you're trying to do it's not an easy feature. There's a lot of stuff that you can do prior to ask for the sale so that you can position yourself like for example, delivering value, you know, giving out the good stuff and then maybe asking for the sale.

But that's something that you're trying to do that it's really, hard. So, if you're struggling right now, when it comes to Facebook ads are paid advertising, whatever that is, right. If you're doing Google ads, it doesn't really matter. Know this, most people will not buy your product and that's completely fine. That's the game we're all playing, and you need to make it work with those numbers.

Do not expect a 50% conversion rate on a webinar. Do not expect crazy things because you will get overwhelming you will get discouraged so this helps you have any comments any questions, put them on the comments below. And please feel free to share this video with somebody that needs to see this. I'll see you soon.

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