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Hi Everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez, and today I’d like to discuss how to sell b2b business to business services and products using social media ads.

Why is that we want to put out content to actually help people?

To answer this, there are two main principles to have in mind:

#1 – Reciprocity

We are social animals that live in communities and among others. 

We need to help each other to survive. 

So, If you make a favor to somebody, then there's a high chance that this person will be enticed to give that favor back to you. 

That's called reciprocity. 

From a business perspective, when your company goes out there, creating content, putting it into social media, the company is giving something away for free in exchange for a relationship business-client like.

This principle can help your business achieve more customers and even more revenue.

#2 – Authority

HIstorically, there’s been a leader among every society. 

That leader has his own authority built around several qualities that make him a good leader.

So, this principle is something that you want to have in mind when you're putting out content.

Why? Because people tend to look for authority to do business with a person  or to buy from a company.

And you can carve your own authority by actually putting out good content. 

This does not require much effort. You can just talk to a camera, or you can put written content to get really good results. 

All you need to do is to decide to put out content. 

So, have these principles in mind and take your business to the next level!


The reason why your company wants to put out content really helps people out is because there's basically two principles that you really want to pay attention to.

The first principle, which is the principle that I love the most, and that's one of the reasons why I've been putting out content on my YouTube channel for the past five plus years is because of the principle of reciprocity. So the principle of reciprocity works the following goes back where we were, you know, living in tribes and all of that. And what happened is that we are social animals we need to help each other to survive. So if you would go out there and we will be in the same tribe and you will have a great day of hunting and then I will go out there and you have a really poor day of hunting. 

The reality is that you will share part of your hunts with me, part of your gathering with me, with the purpose of me tomorrow, going out there and having a great day of hunting and then maybe tomorrow you have a really poor day of hunting, and I would reciprocate that favor. You know, so it's like being helpful. And we're not doing this from the perspective of Oh, yeah, I'm going to be cunning, I'm going to be super helpful with people. And I'm going to show them what to do how to do stuff for free. 

So that you know, they can then at some point be super super, they want to reciprocate to me and then my evil plan will take shape. It's not like that. It's like human behavior, human nature, right? If you make a favor to somebody, then there's a high chance that person will be enticed to give that favor back to you. That's called reciprocity. So from a business perspective, when your company's effectively out there, going out there, creating content, putting out content, social media, maybe a lead magnet, you know, that's the whole purpose behind the lead magnet, you give something away for free in exchange of an email, and then that forms a relationship.

So that thing alone can help you. achieving more success with your company can help you get more customers and can help you getting more revenue. And specifically when it comes to the info product space, right, like some people are saying, Well, if I go out there and start sharing myself Secret, nobody will buy from you. And that's the s, that's head trash. Okay? Again, I'm doing this because it works basically works. And I'm telling you, hey, listen, if you're not putting out content, that's one of the best ways to actually advertise your best content.

That's the best advice that I can give you. The second principle, which is also really interesting is the principle of authority. You know, back in the day, we were living in caves, there was a leader, right, a leader of the pack or leader of the tribe or whatever. And that leader usually came out out of physical prowess, physical strength, right, who would jump higher who would run the faster who would hit the harder those people were considered leaders, and now they're different types of leadership's you have moral leadership, you know, a pastor of a church, they might not have physical leadership or fiscal authority, rather, but they have the moral authority, or maybe a teacher like in school, like why would you respect your teacher where you were like 17 years old and you were stronger, maybe leaner because they had no moral authority. There's a lot of these other authorities that right now are happening. Or space. And that is something that you tap into when you're putting out content. 

So basically, it's like saying, Well, I'm going to do business with this person I'm going to buy from this company, because they seem to know what they're doing, you can carve your own authority by actually putting out good content. And it doesn't take much, you know, and I'm just talking to a camera, you can do this and as well as they can, and you can actually get really, really good results. That's all there is to it. There's nothing more to it, all you need to do is to decide to put out content. And also I do recommend that you pick the book influenced by Robert Cialdini, because it's really good. 

I think that it will help your business big time. And you know, he has a really, really interesting facts about how we human behaves, and how we can and marketers and kind of trying to make your life harder to actually you know, learning quote, unquote, these things that human do. Human Race does. Thank you for joining me for a little bit. I hope that this was helpful to you. If you have additional questions over the next couple of days, feel free to drop them in marketing Atlas show dot com. Hope to see you guys really really soon.

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