Secret Technique I Use To Keep Me Motivated And Focused

Is there a secret to keep yourself motivated and focused? Well, yes! This is my secret technique to do it…

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  1. Habit compounding:

    Being an entrepreneur is hard. But, it gets better and better if you establish a habit of 30 minutes per day for at least two years, to keep your business going.

  2. Know your winnings:

    It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, what type of funnel you built, you’ll need to track your sales, leads, new transactions, etc.. It’ll keep you motivated and focused on the main goal which is to get your business to a higher level. The tools that you can use are many, but I recommend you use Slack. However, you may send yourself an email, or text message to encourage you to keep working.

So, try these tips for a long term and be beneficiated with the results.

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Alrighty then What's up, everybody? We're live on the Instagrams here, then here I'm trying to you guys loving the Instagrams with my fancy tripod. And we're live on the Facebook's, well, not yet Actually, let me correct that. We've gone into live on the Facebook's in second.

So yeah, and they're going to go live, they're gonna now we're live on Facebook. Okay, now we're live on Facebook. And we're live on the Instagrams too. And thank you guys for the support. Thank you guys, for everything that you guys that you guys been saying about the live streams I really enjoy, and really enjoy making them and I really enjoy having a conversation with you guys.

So thank you for joining me. And now let me actually share this with my facebook group, which I usually do. Now, if you want to join the Facebook group. It's called Digital Marketing Strategies for entrepreneurs. And it's pretty cool. So as it just you join, you go to Facebook, and you type that in digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. And, you know, you might find it, who knows.

And if you find if you can see me on the head on the header of the group, that's the right group. Okay, that's a Carter group to be it. Or you can just go to Alright, so we're good. We're good to go. And today, I wanted to look at this because I don't see you know where my stuff is.

So today, here's the deal. I've been talking a lot about marketing and Facebook ads and whatnot. I show you guys yesterday, actually, pretty cool Facebook, guys, and I'm really excited to get to launch it today. But here's the thing, I wanted to kind of tell you a little bit about what I've been listening to lately about habits. And you know, I'm not that much of a big, I don't know, self development guy or whatever. And I'm not a guru. I'm not that type of stuff. My You know, my focus is mostly digital marketing and entrepreneurship. But still, we need to develop some sort of habits right to keep ourselves going.

And I've been reading lately and I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts about habit compounding, what it would basically means is that if you sit down and work on your habit for 30 minutes during two years, the compound effect of those 30 minutes even if they don't look like much right now, they will have a tremendous compound effect. What's up Christian, how you doing, buddy? So that is something that you want to have in mind, habit compounding, and you know, it's funny, because I was driving yesterday, and I don't listen to a radio, whatever, when I'm driving, I tried to listen to podcasts or an audiobook or whatever.

And I was listening to this podcast with which I strongly recommend, which is called human OS. Okay, so human iOS, and listening on my Android phone and Stitcher, whatever. And it's been really cool. And, you know, they were talking about habits and habits, compounding, and whatnot, and how your habits can make or break your stuff because habit, habits compounding work two ways, meaning number one, whenever you're doing a bad habit, maybe it feels cool. Or maybe it feels good on that point right there.

And then but then it compounds for the, for the worse, right on the long term. So that is something that you want to have in mind. Conversely, good habits might not feel that good during that period, while you're doing it, like going to the gym, for example, you're sweaty, your body hurts, you know, your muscles, whatever. But in the long run, they compound effectively.

So if you sit down and instead of watching Netflix, you go out there and work on your craft at least 30 minutes per day, I'm not saying stop watching Netflix all together, I'm just saying, start working on your craft or start getting better at what you do 30 minutes per day that happened welcome compound, year after year after year.

Alright, so that is something that I want to share with you. And here's the funny story I was driving yesterday. And they were telling the story of a of, you know, back in the day, I think it was like 1800 or something on 1850s the chewing gum was just like, you know, was just like a wrestling type stuff. It wasn't like, you know, the chewing gum as we know it right now, it's like these two thing where it was wrestling, you know, it was like these wrestling type stuff. And it had it didn't have any flavor to it.

So he was just doing it. And he didn't he wasn't that popular. Honestly, right. Now, one company, what one company did was to add flavor to the chewing gum. So the minute they they added flavor to the chewing gum, they trigger that immediate response in terms of immediate you know, you now you you you chew on you get a chewing gum, you chew on it, the reality is that you feel that pleasure of that flavor. But that wasn't until you know, these company went ahead and did that, which trigger a habit of people starting to get chewing gum just because of the flavor. And they will keep on doing it.

So that is an interesting story. Because if you think about it, the way it works is that if we want to develop habits that will help us with whatever we're doing on this case, let's say writing copy or launching a new Facebook ads campaign, which for the most part, it sucks writing copy, it's hard, it sucks, I would rather be doing something else. But every time I write some copy, then I ended up making some money, I'm going to share with you guys a little trick that I use to actually trigger that flavor, a chewing gum, you know, type reaction, when it comes to my online business.

So that you always keep on point on you always keep on moving forward, and you're always focused. Alright, so I'm going to start sharing my screen. And this is something that I use day in and day out. I'm going to share with you guys this boom, let me share with you boom.

So this is Slack, right, so this is Slack, right here. And as you can see, we started tracking sales, we're sending tracking, we used to track sales a lot on slack. But the reality is that we started tracking sales back, because we relaunched the book funnel, and I'm going to tell you about about that in a minute. But we relaunched this book funnel.

And I really like this, because if you think about it, if you write an ad, and if you don't see the results, you kind of get like, you know, you think that this will help you in any way, shape or form. But if you think about it, these are the sales that we're getting. And I'm piping from stripe using Xavier, and piping all of the sales that were gaining for the past couple of weeks into this channel, why? Because I want to have that chewing type of reaction, right? That it's getting, you know, I'm getting sales. And this is awesome, because now, you know, we're getting south of the book and whatnot. And these are becoming customers.

So, point is that whatever you can do to keep you on track, this is what I do. whatever you can do to keep you on track will help you tremendously. So let me show you another example. This is one of my companies, semantic mastery. Alright, so as you can see, we have all of these sales coming in trickling in. And we have that piped in into our Slack channel, just because of the fact that I want to trigger that effect of actually getting people to, you know, to say, well, your stuff is cool, what you're doing is working, because the reality is that writing copy is hard.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but you want to keep yourself at the point where you're actually you know, always triggering that good effect. So whatever it is, it doesn't matter, like new transactions, send yourself an email, new leads, send yourself an email or text message right? Wherever it takes for have like this trigger this beneficial or positive trigger that will allow you to do more of that stuff that you are not doing because you're procrastinated, it will help you get in yourself focus, right? Because you want to have that even if you're doing something that will not immediately have a result for you.

You want to get these little wins, this little daily wins as much as possible. That's why I'm piping leads and piping, you know, sales and whatnot. And it's pretty damn cool. Alright, so here's a little hack for you guys. I just wanted to go live and tell you a little bit about that if you want to get these type of results that I just showed you, you know, let me show it to you again, if you want to get the sample results, you know, people paying you I don't know $1 trial for maximum But anyways, you know, paying people paying you $37 37, you know, to 97 a month for a you know, 97 to 97 a month for a mastermind, Rebel and we're done.

You know, we have a bunch of sales and now we're starting starting to ramp up. The book funnel was well, on my side of things, I suggest that you go and get a copy of my new book. It's called perpetual profits, you can access to that book by going to perpetual or going to And you will be able to know how we're pulling this up how we're building funnels, that get people that turn complete strangers into raving fans, buyers, people that actually raise their hand and say, Yeah, I want to give you money, it doesn't really matter what kind of you know, funnel you're or what kind of business you're building.

We have tested this with e commerce stores. We have tested this with brick and mortar businesses, we're tested this with high ticket touch stuff. So if you want to get a copy of perpetual profits go to perpetual profits done and I'm going to type it in here. So it's perpetual.

Let me see if I can profits. It's really hard to type and you will be able to get a copy of my book. It's really inexpensive, and it's really valuable. Okay, you can read it in one afternoon if you wanted to. Or just really cool. Alright guys. So in any case, I hope that you enjoyed these livestream. If you do, just leave a comment below wherever you're watching this on Facebook, YouTube, we're going live to several places. I'll see you guys on the next lesson things and watch how not something.

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