How to Use Press Releases to Get More Traffic and SEO Rankings?

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Hey guys!

Hernan here again…

And we all know that Press Releases are being used by all of the big dogs of any industry.

It makes a lot of sense to do it.

They are an effective and inexpensive (for the most part) way of promoting your website.

In fact, I use them once a month for my clients and my own sites to increase awareness.

So let's see why you should be using press releases as a way of driving more traffic and get better rankings.

Press Releases for SEO

Press Releases are a great way to get a ton of high authority backlinks in a breeze.

So they work absolutely great if you want to increase your Google rankings.

However, you need to know something.

When using press releases and leaving a link, please do so with a Brand Match Anchor Text or an URL Anchor Text.

Instead of using something like “Buy Red Shoes” to link back to your site, user your brand name and URL.

Press Release for SEO and Rankings

Good examples would be “” or “My Shoe Stop”.

These are brand anchor texts and url anchor texts. Why do I suggest that? Because otherwise you will be over-optimizing your link profile.

And that's no-bueno for current SEO algorithms.

You can also power up a social profile like your Facebook page, your Google Plus Page, your Twitter profile and so on.

And this works wonders. So leave a link to a social profile and to an internal page for better results.

Press Releases for Traffic and Awareness

However, SEO is not the only thing you can do with a Press Release. When submitting your press release you will notice a spike of traffic on your website. And that's completely normal.
Many of those visitors will be potential customers and buyers.

So you need to make sure you follow this guide to convert them from visitors to customers.

And that you have a funnel in place so as to capture all of that traffic and value you are providing.

You can do tons of stuff to achieve that but I suggest two of them:

  • Have an Email Optin Box in Place
  • Have a Retargeting Pixel for Later Use

On this guide I show you how to setup both of them.


You can also Click Here to Get my Preferred Press Release Service (Both Cheap and Effective).


Hope you start using press releases as part of your marketing strategy really soon!

Let me know how they work for you.


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