4 Tools to Implement Popups and Optin Boxes, Hassle Free

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Hey guys!

In today's episode I wanted to address a problem that many people come to me with.

And it's easily solved, if you have the correct tools!

It's all about installing Popups and Optin Forms or Optin Boxes on your website.

Without the Hassle or the technical skills that are required.


So here are 4 tools you can use today to make it happen. Let's get started!

How to Implement an Optin Box in WordPress

If you are into WordPress, these 3 plugins will help you out:

Exit Popups for WordPress (and other CMS)

Some tools that I've seen working like crazy are Unbounce and Bounce Exchange.

These two bad boys are being used by many big marketers (like Neil Patel, for example).

And they work like crazy.

Subscription Optin Form

They are pay solutions though. You get a plan based on the amount of visitors the optin form will get.

So check them out if you want a more advanced solution.

3 Extra Ninja Tricks to Implement Popups and Optin Boxes

Do not overuse them! This is important!

You don't want to scare your visitor away. That's definitely not the main goal.

You want to present the opportunity of them checking you out, just because you are offering a ton of value.

If you have a ton of optins, popups, etc., most likely you'll saturate your visitor and he or she won't visit you again anytime soon (I know I wouldn't).

Also, remember to split test.

Most of the time you don't know which version of your popup will work the best.

So start split testing your headers, your benefits and then the colors.


As you move forward and you get more analytics and data, you'll know which version is getting the most conversions.

Last but not least, listen to this Episode of The Hernan Vazquez Podcast.

Where we talk about how to get a Heatmap going and working on your site.

This will allow you to discover the hottest areas of your website.

And tell you exactly where you need to place your optin form for maximum conversions.

I really hope you enjoy the episode!

Don't forget to share, comment and rate it if you liked it!

See you soon!


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