New Tools To Sell Your Products And Services Online In 2020

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Hello Everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez and today I wanted to discuss the new tools that Facebook and Instagram are providing for online selling.

As you may know, WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook.

And nowadays, Facebook is allowing people to buy directly not only from Facebook itself, but also from WhatsApp.

We can also see that Messenger is starting to receive payments.

Having the above said, these are the 3 main reasons why this is important for your business…

#1 – Getting lots of Interaction

Because all these apps are creating an ecosystem in which you’re able to purchase products and services without even leaving the app.

The great news for advertisers is that through Facebook you can interact directly on WhatsApp with a potential client.

#2 – New payment modality

These tools also allow you to advertise general messenger conversations. And right now, you’re allowed to send money through messenger as well.

#3 – Keep growing your business

It's a good idea to actually leverage this opportunity, so as to have additional sources of traffic and revenue and income.

You don’t have to dismiss your e-commerce stores, because you can complement these tools with other resources you may have. 

So, I suggest you give these a try and take your online business to the next level!


You guys are doing amazingly well. Welcome to the show. And I want to share with you guys some really, really cool news that are coming out brother on the Facebook realm and Instagram realm. And actually what's up Browns? Well let me give you guys a little bit of a background in Latin America WhatsApp has been pressing for, I don't know, six, seven years maybe or something like that, or maybe a little bit longer. 

And then Facebook bought it and it didn't have a lot of adaptation, I would say, or a lot of take rate in places like the US right Europe, you know, went to kind of the second so it began in Latin America. And then it kind of expanded to Europe. But now a lot of people in the US are also using WhatsApp, which is kind of cool. 

And WhatsApp got bought by Facebook a couple years ago. And now what's going on is that Facebook is allowing people to buy directly from WhatsApp and I'm going to share with you guys some of the great news that this entails. And also what's good is that phases But it's also allowing people to buy from Facebook as well from Facebook directly. And also messenger is starting to receive payments. 

So we're we're kind of starting to see is that Facebook and Instagram and you know WhatsApp and all of these apps to kind of create an ecosystem where you do not need to leave the app to actually purchase products and services. Okay, but actually, let me share with you guys the screen real quick, so that I can show you exactly what I mean. So this is a new, this is something that came up actually yesterday is that payments through WhatsApp is starting to happen in Brazil. Okay. 

And Brazil is a great is a huge market. You know, the take rate in what's up in Brazil and Argentina as well. They're huge, right? And Brazil is a big expanding economy and there's millions of people doing digital business pretty much every day. I have friends that are crushing it in Brazil. And what happens is that this is kind of the test platform, the tests realm. Facebook when it comes to payments, and usually they do roll it out on a country that has a enough data but also be enough adoption of technology for instance WhatsApp and this is allowing entrepreneurs in Brazil to actually receive payments through WhatsApp. 

Now. There's a feature on Facebook ads that allows you to start WhatsApp conversations. So I have a friend here in Argentina, he's running ads for his shoe store. And I sent him the news because he's closing a lot of sales through WhatsApp conversations. Right. And then he sent it to his online store, through WhatsApp conversations through ID dm, you know, direct messages conversations and also through Facebook Messenger conversations while he's advertising campaigns are able to get a conversion on an e commerce store. 

What happens is that most people are buying after having somebody interacted with them. So this is a great news. This is great news for advertisers not necessarily e commerce but Pretty much in all weeks of online business in general, like e commerce is like a no brainer because you can say, Hey, I like that shirt, how much is it? Here it is just send me the payment, we will send you the tracking number or whatever, right? So that is pretty straightforward. 

The same with Instagram shops and Facebook shops where people are starting to buy within Facebook within the ecosystem as well. But the good news about this is that you know, Facebook allows you to advertise to generate WhatsApp conversations. It also allows you to advertise general messenger conversations which is coming up you're allowed right now to send money through messenger but you know, there's a lot of stuff that's happening right now that's in the works when it comes to allowing you to buy stuff through messenger allowing you to buy stuff from Facebook and Instagram and whatnot. 

And the good thing about that is that people already know Facebook, they already know Instagram, they already know what's up. So you don't need to explain them how your store works. You don't need to explain them how you know to send your money because they already know it. writes natively to the platform. Now, one of the downsides of this, of course, is that you cannot you do not control the environment.

And that's a major disadvantage. Like it happens to a lot of e commerce peeps when it comes to Amazon, you know, they relying too heavily on Amazon and they do not own their business. This might happen. The same with Facebook if you relied too much on your Facebook shop, if you rely too much on your ID profile, but it's good for you to get started. It's good, it's good for you to open a new profit center. That could be Facebook shop or Instagram, shopping all of that. I'm really looking forward for this to expand to the rest of the world and also expand in other avenues. 

Like for instance if you're a coach or consultant or if you have an info product. I know that a lot of people are killing it right now with IEDs you know, Instagram dm so it's like DM me XYZ and you start a conversation with the person and then they can apply to have a conversation with you and other there's a lot of people doing really, really well with that. 

But you know the fact that this is growing and Facebook stunning to create an ecosystem where you can basically buy without leaving the platform, it's really good for advertisers. And also, you know, it's always a good idea to actually leverage this opportunity, but also have additional sources of traffic and revenue and income, I wouldn't say Hey, get rid of your Shopify store, get rid of your WooCommerce store, get rid of your funnel, get rid of your website, and go all in on Facebook or go all in on Instagram or go all in on WhatsApp. That's not what I'm saying. 

Because a brand gets resilient through time. And through several, you know, sources of revenue with several profit centers and also several sources of traffic, right? This is something that I've been telling you guys for a while, do not ever depend on one source of traffic. It doesn't matter what it is, if it's your ad, your profile is your Facebook group. It's like trying to get people from those places to your email list from those places to other different places and all of that, okay. 

But I think this is really, really cool. And, you know, I just want to share this with you guys. And again, This is opening two ecommerce stores because it's you know, it just makes sense for them, but I'm really looking forward to them opening to coaches, consultants, info products and all that which right now it's kind of working and it makes sense.

But again, these are additional ways of generating revenue that you can add to your strategy and you know, grow your business like that, which I really hope that you do with the help of these videos with a couple of the stuff that I'm putting out. And if you find this helpful, go ahead and share it like it, comment whatever but also if you want my personal help run your ads if you want my personal help. 

You know when it comes to writing copy for your advertising, go to Hernan Vazquez calm slash perfect, and you will find a quick rundown of what the perfect ads formula the perfect ads workshop is all about. I hope that you enjoy it. In any case, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for watching. I'll see you guys really really soon. Have a great day. Bye bye

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