My Top Two Favorite Sales Funnels To Run With Facebook Ads

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HI everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez and today I wanted to share with you my two favorite funnels to run with Facebook Ads.

There are a lot of different funnels that you can run using Facebook. That’s why I’ll show you the two most powerful funnels which I used to acquire customers and maximize my profit.

#1 – Self Liquidating Funnel

This process will help you to self liquidate your advertising.


Well, all you need is to set up the process so that you have an ad that takes you to your  business sales page and then to an order form.

Then you’ll have an upsell and finally a thank you page.

As Facebook ads costs are going up, you need to have a mechanism for you to liquidate your ad costs. 

#2 – Monetization Funnel

This funnel is for a high ticket product such as webinars or courses.

The most common process for that is to have an Ad that leads to an opt in for a webinar.

Then people are led to a webinar room then you have to have an order form and a thank you page.

Now, for the high ticket offer, I suggest that people on the webinar room, for them to be sent to an application page that goes to a calendar page which ends up in a thank you page. And finally, you’ll have a phone call.

So, these are the two funnels that I choose to run with my Facebook ads, you can run them in parallel and send people to the webinar or to apply for the phone call.

Try them and take your business to the next level!


What's up everybody? How are you guys? Did you guys are doing well My name is Hernan Vazquez and thank you for spending some time with me today I hope that you guys are safe the topic and the video is going to be talking about this bad boy which is my top two funnels to run using Facebook ads.

There's a lot of different funnels that you can run using Facebook so I'm going to share with you my top two funnels, the funnels that I love running which Facebook ads to both acquire customers and maximize my prophet. And that is exactly what we're going to be talking about today. 

Now with that being said, if you want to a increase the amount of customers that you have, be increased the amount of transaction meaning the value of those customers with your company and see increase the frequency of transaction meaning how frequent those people give you money for your company go to perpetual profits dotnet perpetual profits dotnet and get a copy of my brand new book, perpetual profits pretty cool song $5 60 cents you can read in an afternoon, and it can give you a lot of good ideas for the marketing of your company. So I hope you do enjoy it. 

Now, the reason I decided to do this is because I was talking to the person today, and it's a coaching student of mine. I'm going to be coaching him one on one over the next several weeks. And we were talking about his stuff when he was trying to make he his main goal was to make 100 grand a month. And he was doing around 2025 right now. And he was there. He wasn't on point doing 100 grand but something happened. And he went out, right he went down from 100 grand to 2025. I was like okay, what happened then? And what's going to happen? What's happening right now. 

So we went through his business and we went through what happened back then. And back then he was getting a lot of organic traffic. He was getting a lot of traffic from YouTube. He was getting a lot of traffic organically, but Something that I told him is like, Listen, in order for you to go back to 100 grand, we need to figure out what you did back then. So that you can do more, we need to ask ourselves, what else can we sell to them what else we can do for these people how much value we can give them. Because right now we have a product, one product, which is kind of in the middle. It's a high ticket product, but it's not one of the highest tickets, but it's not an acquisition funnel, right. 

So that's exactly what I want to share with you guys today. What top two funnels you want to be running so that you can a acquire customers but b you want to maximize the profit. A lot of people are out there trying to you know, make $2 back for every dollar that they advertise and whatnot and right now, if you're home if you're watching this, I would suggest that you go ahead and increase the budget that you have on Facebook because you know the cpms are down actually. So that means that there are more there, they're less expensive so you can actually acquire more customers. 

But besides that, a lot of people are trying to get $1 in or putting $1 in right now and getting $2 back immediately, and that's fine. that's doable. But that's hard to do that takes time. Right? So what do you do? And how do you compensate with that. So the first funnel that I love that I really like running on Facebook ads is this we have a sales page, and then we have an order form. And then the order form can have a funnel can have a product that it's either anywhere between $5 all the way to $27. 

Okay, and I also recommend that you add an order bump here, which can be again anywhere between 27 to $37. So anywhere between $5 and $27. That's the sweet spot for the front end offer. Again, it doesn't have to be a book funnel, but let's call this self liquidating funnel. And the reason why we call it like that is because you will be liquidating your ad coms. Okay, so we have an order form right here we have a sales page and then we have an ad right here, that goes to the sales page. Now we have an order form with an order bump. 

These order bump right here is really important because if you can get like a 30% take on that old blue bump, that's going to be a game changer for this whole funnel. And then we have an upsell. We can have a down sell. Okay, and then we have another app. So here, and then we have a thank you page, right? So this is funnel a, the reason why we deploy this funnel is because with Facebook ads costs are going up. 

So that means that you need to have a mechanism for you to liquidate your ad costs the you know, assess as possible. So this will help you run your ads for free and build your list for free pretty much. So I talked to you guys a couple days ago on how to build your list for free. Well, this is how how you do it funnel number one, if you would now funnel two, what I really like to do is, this is where the high ticket comes to play. 

The high ticket, it's really simple as well. You have an ad that goes to a webinar, the so this will be the open webinar, opt in and we'll have the webinar room where people will watch the webinar and can also be anonymous. Man class. So people don't don't have to wait right, they just see the video, which is one of the best things to do. And then we have an oral form. And then we have a thank you page. 

Now the order form here, it depends on your price point. If you're going to go the high ticket route, here's what I would recommend the webinar room, sends them to an application page. Then you have a booking page calendar page. And then you have a thank you page. And then you have a phone call. Right? Now this is a great funnel if you're selling any, anything above $3,000. So I've seen I've seen funnels or I've seen webinars set up to up to 1500 dollars or something like that $2,000 as well. 

But up north of that you need to close them on the phone. So this is a great webinar or great funnel for high tech. Now, the good news is that you can run this in parallel, you can run it you can run ads to these liquidating offer it And at the same time, you can run out to these webinar funnel. Now Guess what, after somebody comes in, after somebody comes in, you can send them either here to register for the webinar, or either here to apply, I would suggest you send them to the webinar. 

Once they become buyers, you can send them to register for the webinar, so that they can go ahead and get into this high ticket offer. Some people will not take you up on the high ticket offer, they might be more comfortable doing something like a lower ticket item, which is fine. So on your sales call, you have the opportunity to actually tell your salespeople, hey, if this is too much for them, if they're not ready to go with the three grand or five grand or 15, grand, whatever, then offer them this 990 $7 package. And if you go like this, then you will have the manual which is hey, here's how to do it, do it yourself. 

This is the manual, then then this would be the book right This will be the bulk or the infoproduct, whatever the SLO, and then you would have here we do it with you and which is we do it with you. And then you have the highest value, which is we do it for you. So on this case, you're you're going here and you're going here as well, right, you're going for the manual and you're going for we do it with you. And then you can have a done for you solution for however much you want to charge. 

All right. So these are my top two funnels that I like to run on Facebook ads, I really do enjoy it mostly this one that goes into the second one because here you can liquidate your ad costs. And it's pretty, pretty, pretty cool. So I hope that this helps. If you want to, again, a get more customers B increase the value of these customers and C increase the frequency of transactions with this customers go to perpetual profits dotnet and get a copy of one brand new book, perpetual profits. I hope that you guys are safe. I hope that you're having an amazing day. Keep up the good work. Stay safe. I'm rooting for you. I'll see you guys really really soon. Bye bye

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