Hey, everybody! On this video, I want to show you my top 5 Productivity Habits that I do day in and day out. These will improve your work output, your creativity and you’ll feel way better.

My Top 5 productivity habits:

1 – Journaling: By doing this you will actually be more effective with the rest of your habits and will also help you to be on track for your goals.

2 – Exercise every day: Get up and move, it will make you feel so much better.

3 – Meditation/Breathing: Sit down and be in silence for a couple of minutes to relax your mind and stay away from the stress of work before doing anything.

4 –  Green smoothies: It will change your day. You’ll feel energized and ready to go through the day.

5 – Write down your goals every day: Plan your week. There’s a lot of competition out there so you need to be precise in your work and stay focus on your .goals. That’s why it’s useful to keep a record of those to have them in mind all the time.

By practising these TOP 5 productivity hacks and habits you’ll improve your daily routine and the way you are working. It’ll actually help you to feel better within yourself and everyone around you.

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You know, a lot of people come and ask me, “Hey, Hernan how can you have that amazing muscular body? How can you get that amazing amount of information cranked out in each video that you know, we should go out and put buckets below your, your mouth because you keep dropping gold and whatnot.”

And people will come up and say, “Hey Hernan how do you become so productive? You're such a productive machine and whatnot.” Well, today I'm going to tell you in this video my five top productivity habits so you can be the same baby.

What is going on everybody? Sorry about that intro. Everything besides the muscular body, was a lie. Okay? But still, I do manage to go ahead and get some really good habits dialed and that are really helping me out to put out more content for you guys to go ahead and manage three companies and then help out with clients, then I have a girlfriend, which is another, I would say another whole story.

And then I have a house which I have to maintain, blah, blah, blah. So if you want to go ahead and do all of that without going into a panic attack or without having any meds, there is some good news for you, my friend, because this is the video that you want to check out.

So these are my five top productivity habits that I do pretty much every day. I am not going to lie. Sometimes I skip just because you know, time goes by or  I go to bed later than I should and I wake up a little bit later, so that really gets into the fact that I cannot actually comply. But I try to make them. would say that I make them 80% of the time. Okay. Eight times out of 10, which is not that bad and if I happen to skip I'll just do it next day.

Now with that said, if you want to get a lot of more value you really consider subscribing to this YouTube channel. I put a lot of good stuff, if you're watching this on YouTube, if you're watching this on Facebook, you should like the page because this should be coming out of a page or something. But no matter what you're doing, consider following me because you're going to get a lot of the good stuff or free baby.

Also don't forget to actually come and join the free Facebook group, it's completely free. There's going to be a link around here somewhere so they can join. You can discuss a lot of the productivity stuff that's making you happy or how to get happier by actually implementing some of the productivity stuff that we're going to talk about.

So let's dive into the habits, the productivity habits that I apply pretty much every day that from the moment I started implementing them on a daily basis, they really, really helped me out. So here we go. Habit number one is journaling. Journaling is something that I do every day when I wake up and every night or every evening before I go to bed.

So this is the best self journal. This is a great journal, but you don't have to buy this. This is like 29, 30 bucks and some people will actually laugh at me because they would say, “Hey you like those expensive books as well,” but yeah, I do and have been using this for the last year. It's been amazing because it also has helped me setting up the other habits.

So every time you have an accountability partner like this, you will actually be more effective with the rest of your habits. So this is why I started with this and this will be actually helping you be on track for your goals because it has a goal section than you write off and you write down your goals every day. So this is pretty cool. Habit number one is to actually start journaling. Again you do not need this, but I would strongly recommend there's going to be a link somewhere around here so that you can get it.

I've learned this from the last [inaudible 00:03:39] that I've been there and people were saying, “Hey listen dude, you don't need a six pack. You don't need to look like those fitness models on Instagram.” That's a lifestyle you need to work for the past 20 years to actually get to look like that. Right.

But just get up and move. I happen to wake up, do some of the other habits that I'm going to tell you guys about and then I do some pushups, I do some sit ups and I do some other stuff. That's pretty much it. Okay.

So I do 20, 30 pushups and I do some squats, like 20, 30 squats and then I do some sit ups like 20, 30 sit ups, that's my workout for the day. I'm not lying. I might need to add some other stuff, but I'm not here to advise you to do whatever kind of exercise because I'm not an expert. So go get an expert, go get a nutritionist or whatever, but the main point is that you wake up and move. It can be a small jog or you it can be small walk, it can be whatever you want, light cardio, whatever it is, you wake up and move it will make you feel so much better.

Number three, breathing slash meditation. I do this every single day. I've been doing this for the past on and off, I would say five years. I've been meditating for quite a while, I would say over 10 years. But on and off for the past five years and lately over the past year or so I've been actually developing the habit of breathing and meditating every morning.

Now meditation is kind of a touchy feely war for many of you guys, which is completely fine. I'm not telling you that you should be sitting down and meditating and cross your legs like a Buddhist. No, that's not what I mean. What I mean is that you need some time in silence and even myself further that  I have entrepreneurial HDD or ADHD or BBC, whatever you want to call it.

I usually sit down and just breathe for a couple of minutes. It can be 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever. Whatever works your boat. You want to sit down and be in silence for a couple of minutes and that will actually help me out, cope with the stress for the rest of the day because if you're an entrepreneur like I am, you know that we are subject to a lot of pressure and stress. So again, I'm managing several companies, several other projects and we need to crank out a lot of stuff so that will really, really help you out.

Number four, green smoothies. This is a game changer guys, like if you're not having a green smoothie and I'm not going to go ahead and lay out a recipe because there's a million websites that you can go out there and then there will be way better recipes that I can give you, but I'm not a cook, but just a green smoothie.

I will go ahead and prepare a once every, like once every other day. So I will go ahead and prepare a big bottle for a green smoothie and I will drink it once day one and day two  I will be covered for my green smoothie. It's amazing guys, you can add a lot of stuff into it. Like I'm adding [inaudible 00:06:33] I'm adding the green stuff and I'm adding some fruit to it and it will make you instantly feel better. I'm not kidding. If you wake up and have a green smoothie, it will easily make you feel better, more energized. So that's a game changer for me.

And number five, last but not least, write down your goals every day. On Sundays I try and I plan out my week. This is why I have this thing right here, will allow me to plan out my week and then write down your goals every day. Whatever that is that you're working on that day and whatever that is that you're working on, on a regular basis.

Like if you have a goal and you write it down every day, it will actually help you stay in track because again, if you're a marketer or entrepreneur, you know that you are being pulled from many directions. You need to have that in mind. So write down your goals every day. It will help you a ton.

So there you have it guys, my five top productivity hacks or habits or however you want to call it. Number one journal. Get one of these or get on a notebook like a plain notebook. Doesn't have to be like this, but this will really help you out. Number two, wake up and move, whatever that is. Go for a walk. Go for a run.

Do sit ups, do pushups, pull ups, whatever rocks your boat. You don't need a six pack, you just need to wake up and move. Number three, some meditation, breathing, some silence. If it is that you need to pray, go ahead and do it. I tend to meditate. Whatever rocks your boat, but you need to lower your brainwaves to whatever. I don't want to get too techie, but it helps trust me.

Number four, green smoothies, game changer. Go ahead, search for recipes. There are some that are really, really yummy. So go ahead and and get those recipes because they will really help you out. Number five, write down those goals, buddy, I tell you it works and it will help you stay in truck in a world where it's a lot of noise and a lot of marketers on YouTube that want to sell you something.

This is not the case and if you want more videos that do not try to sell you anything but actually help you out, which is a rarity, but if you want to go ahead and do it, don't forget to hit the subscribe button, the share it, the like whatever kind of button you find around here, go ahead and press it, not delete button.

That one will not help you, but the other ones are really, really helpful. Again, if you have any questions, any comments, whatever, let me know what kind of habits you implement. I will love to know. I'm really curious, I'm not joking. Go ahead and put them on the comments below because maybe we can set up the ultimate habits compilation and maybe we get a lot of people helping each other out, which would be pretty cool. So thank you once again for watching guys and I'll see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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