My Top 3 Facebook Ads Retargeting Campaigns To Get A HUGE ROI!

Three Facebook Retargeting Campaigns to Blow Your Mind


On this video, I´ll show you the top three retargeting campaigns that you should be running on your Facebook ads.

Top 3 Facebook Ads Retargeting Campaigns you should do to get a high ROI:

1 – Abandoned carts campaigns:  Usually, people get lost throughout the buying process, which is entirely reasonable. They surf through your products, they go through a webinar, but they haven't purchased, they only need a push to take action.

2- All website visitors campaign: When you get people in, some of them will bounce around, some of them will click on the ad, they will watch it, and they will leave. And that’s the normal process. You might exclude your buyers and shopping cart visitors as they’re being targeted with campaign number one.

3- Engagement audiences campaigns: These audiences, might be people who have engaged with you on a post, they have dropped a like or commented. Also, they might have liked a page, or they have watched a video throughout 25% of the video watches. Decide how do you want to run this campaign. Every combination is possible.

So, bear in mind these three Facebook Ads Retargeting Campaigns. You can run them in the same campaign or the three in different ad sets. Just try them out and check results, success is granted!

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Hey, everybody, what's up? On this video, you'll find out the top three retargeting campaigns that you should be running on your Facebook ads.

Hey, guys, what's up? Hernan here. Welcome to another video, and thank you once again for watching these videos, and I hope they're really, really helpful. And it's not that my camera broke or something like that, but I'm just trying some new things as you can see. So tell me if you guys dig it or not. Just leave me a comment below, the usual good stuff.

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So let's talk about retargeting campaigns and why they're so important to your Facebook advertising as a whole. A lot of people, they're just sending people, they're just sending traffic to a landing page, they're just sending traffic to a product page, they're just sending traffic to a service page, and that's it, and then they're asking themselves, “Why my ads are not converting?” So this applies also if you're doing SEO, if you're doing pretty much any type of intra marketing now, though, right? Retargeting is by far one of the best strategies that you can use that will bring a lot of additional ROI to whatever you're doing.

So on the screen right now you might be seeing a screenshot of a retargeting campaign that we have been running for the past, I would say, 60 days, or something like that, and the ROI is huge. Now, if you think about it, this is what we're doing when we're doing it, and this specific campaign is for a webinar campaign that I'm running.

So if you think about it, what we're doing is basically going out there with a cold advertising, right? With people that haven't heard about us, they do not know who we are, they haven't heard about my client on this case and whatnot. And what we're doing is to bring people through cold traffic, right? Bring people that, again, going out there, using the Facebook algorithm, going out there to bigger and bigger audiences and bringing people into our ecosystem.

“break even or better on that regard from cold traffic”

So if I can kind of break even or better on that regard from cold traffic, that's pretty cool. Now, the reality is that then after the fact like they have seen the landing page, they haven't registered for the webinar, or maybe they have registered for the webinar, but they haven't actually attended, or maybe they have attended, but they didn't see the pitch, or maybe they saw the pitch, but they didn't buy.

So at any of those stages, I have a retargeting campaign running so that I can get either, (a) people registering back to the webinar over the next 30, [inaudible 00:03:00], 60, 180 days, or I can get people actually going through the sales page. And then I have abandoned carts, which is one of the best campaigns that you can run. So out of all of these campaigns, which are the best performing three campaigns that I have ever run? You're got to find out on this video. So let's jump right into it.

So campaign number one, I told you guys, abandoned carts. That's like the best and highest ROI campaign that you can run right now, just because of the fact that if people went through all of the trouble of clicking on your ads, landing on a page, they're surfing through your products, they're even going through a webinar, blah, blah, blah, and they haven't actually purchased, they only need a nudge, if you think about it.

Abandoned Carts

You have done all of the heavy lifting already. So they only need a little push for them to take action. So abandoned carts, or abandoned order forms, they're like the best campaigns that you can run right now, granted.

They are usually low type of investment campaigns. Why? Because you only get a limited type of people, or a limited amount of people visiting your shopping cart, right? You will spend most of your money on prospecting, or actually going out there for cold audiences, and then you spend a little bit of money on the retargeting side of things, just because of how the nature of sales funnels work.

Like, you get people being lost throughout the process, which is completely normal. So number one, abandoned carts. If you're not doing that, do it right now, implement that today, and you will see an uptick on ROI, I promise.

Number two, website visitors. This is a great campaign overall. So it actually depends, and it could be broad, but it actually depends on what other retargeting campaigns you're running. But for example, all website visitors is a great overall overarching campaign, retargeting campaign to run because again, you're getting people to visit your website through prospecting, through your cold campaigns, right?

So you get people in, and then some of them will bounce around, some of them will click on ad, they will watch it, and they will leave. And most people will do that. That's completely normal. That's like 99% of the normal human beings on this planet. They will behave like that, all right? So there's nothing to be worried about. That's how it works.

Now, the reality is that if you have an all website visitors campaign retargeting running, what you would want to do is to exclude your buyers and exclude your shopping cart visitors because again, we're already targeting those folks with audience number one, or campaign number one, I should say.

So at that point, you want to exclude them, and you also want to exclude people that have bought, or people that have subscribed to your stuff, depending on the rest of your funnel and how it works. But that is something that you would definitely want to run. And so all website visitors is a great campaign to be running as well.

Number three, last but not least, and this is something that I love that Facebook allows us to do this, are engagement audiences. Engagement audiences, they could be something like they have engaged with you on a post, they have dropped a like, a comment, a share, whatever, number one.

Number two, they have liked a page, number three, they have watched a video throughout 25% of the video watches. So engagement audiences are engaged, right? Like as the name tells you, they are engaged. So you want to run a specific campaign for engagement people.

So what I do is on my cold audiences, I actually exclude everyone that engages with my ads because I always want Facebook to bring me fresh blood, new people, so I exclude my engagement audiences, I exclude the people that like my page, I exclude people that have watched a video, and I also exclude people that have visited my website.

Why? Because I always want my cold campaigns to be really completely 100% as cold as possible. Now, the rest of the staff when they actually land on my website, then they become on our website visitor, and they can even engage. So engagement audiences are really, really good. And if you're not running targeted ads to those engagement audiences, you're missing out.

Now, then you can be as ninja as you want, you can run, I don't know, ads for 25% video views, and then you can run another ad set to 50% of your viewers, or 75% of your viewers, and see which one works the best, 10 seconds for your viewers, and see which one works the best. Next one, you can run an ad set for people that comment on your post, for people that like your post, for people that … whatever. So those type of things, you want to always be testing and split testing and whatnot. So it depends on how ninja you want to be with your campaigns.

So there you have it, guys. Number one, please, please, please do an abandoned cart retargeting campaign. Even if you're not doing anything else, go ahead and do an abandoned retargeting campaign, abandoned cart retargeting campaign, or abandoned order form. This works really well for services, e-commerce, for pretty much everything. So go ahead and implement that.

Number two, all website visitors, and number three, engagement audiences. I think that with those three campaigns, retargeting campaigns that you can run them in the same campaign, the three different ad sets, I think that you should be doing really, really well, okay? And please do let me know how it goes, okay? Just implement it, and do let me know how it goes. And if you have any questions, you can drop them on the comments below, or you can come and join the Facebook group. It's pretty amazing to have you guys there, all right?

So thank you once again for watching. I'll see you guys on the next video. Buh-bye.

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