Monday in the Making #8 – Convert & Prosper Exclusive Deal And My Website Redesigned

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Hey guys!

Welcome to The Episode 48 Of The Hernan Vazquez Podcast!

After powering through a ton of stuff last week, I can safely say that Convert and Prosper has finally launched!

You can get an exclusive Listeners and Readers deal by clicking here.

And using the coupon CPlimited to join with a lifetime discount.

This is a super limited 7 days only promotion and I'm taking it down next Monday.

So if you want to learn about sales funnels, conversions, email marketing and PPC, this is your chance to work with me and my team to bring you tons of results in 2016! has also receive a big time redesign and I'd love to know what you have to say.

Please drop me a line on Twitter with your feedback, I'd really appreciate it 🙂


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Hernan Vazquez is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that built several 7 figure businesses from scratch. He specializes in helping business and students grow their online businesses through the use of Sales Funnels, Paid Advertising and Email Marketing.

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