Monday In The Making #4 – 2437% ROI With The Spanish SEO Course

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Hey guys!

I hope you've had a really good Christmas!

For this episode I wanted to show you how we generated a whooping 2437% ROI with the SEO Spanish Course (SEO de Resultados).

After investing $800 and making $19.500 back, we had a really nice ROI using the techniques I'm sharing on my podcast and my website.

If you haven't listened to the previous episode where I lay out the entire funnel strategy for this course, I'll leave a link below so that you can grab them, download them and bookmark them :).

Also, I can show you how to get the exact same results I'm getting with Facebook over here.

I wish you guys have a great beginning of 2016!

Key Points of the Podcast

  • Setting up a funnel where authority and rapport are the center is key.
  • We split tested a ton of different lead magnets and The SEO Minicourse is by far the best performing (both in conversions and sales).
  • We found our Duh Audience, thus giving us really cheap Facebook Ads clicks (watch this short tutorial to know more).

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