How can YOU build a long-term sustainable ONLINE business? Check the steps below:


1 – Invest on ads and be patience: A small amount at the beginning will give you the expected results. But, the key is patience here. You’ll need to keep offering your products / services and wait for the profits.  

2 – Build an audience around a topic : Give your audience content, images, videos, etc. Offer your product/services constantly if you want a big audience/

3 – Retargeting and keep offering: Use that audience and retarget them every time to get more sells. Do not stop offering to them. Not only one product / service but also, new ones for them to be interested in you and your business

4- Build your personal brand: It’s a very important part of every online business. You need to be known by your audience. Start sharing content to engage them and take your brand to the next level.

Remember these steps if you want a solid online business. Be patient, give them time enough and  you’ll grow your sales, your audience and your conversions as well.

Give them a shot and take your business to the next level!

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Alright guys, this week this week has bumped just fly by just like that could be because I had a lot of meetings and a lot of coaching to do and a lot of good stuff happening. So anyways, let me

let me actually share this with the Facebook group real quick we're live on the Facebook's would live on the YouTube's I think so boom, we're going to be talking about some good stuff so all right let's go.

So are you guys Welcome it's 1025 in the morning in Buenos Aires and said a rainy day so there's big thunderstorm I don't know if this is gonna hold. Let's hope so. Let's hope so finger

across. So already guys, you guys are super well thank you for joining me live if you're watching the live stream, just drop a comment let me know the UK then you can hear me right? If you're watching the replay, let me know too.

So that I know how many people actually happened, the replay and watch the replay and whatnot. Okay. So with that being said, let's jump into the real thing today, which is going to be how to build a long term sustainable business using online methods, okay, or digital marketing methods or however you want to call them methods, we're going to be talking a little bit about that.

Now before I dive into that, I just wanted to give you guys a friendly reminder that you can get my brand new book perpetual profits, if you go to perpetual Or if you click the link somewhere around these video, there should be a call to action on a link that should take you to the the books outside or you will be able to see everything that is in there, it's only $5 60 cents. So it's pretty inexpensive and people are loving.

So when it comes to when it comes to digital marketing. And when it comes to building a sustainable business, the reality is that everyone has this mentality that they need to put $1 in on advertising, and they need to take $2 out immediately. If that doesn't happen, ads don't work, we need to get a nine to five job because the stuff is all type doesn't work.

And the reality is that while that is possible, it takes a long time to achieve that. And when you think that it takes a long time to achieve that, then you're prepared psychologically, and financially prepared to go after this endeavor of growing a digital business, which is not an easy feature. So for instance, I was talking to a friend the other day, I think it was like two days ago.

And he was telling me Well, you know, it takes a long time. And you know, he's he's struggling to make his e commerce, he sells shoes online. And he's struggling to make his e commerce and grow.

So we were talking about that and we will kind of troubleshooting and he's having some issues with his shopping cart. So I was helping him out and whatnot. And I told him Alright, so now wait a minute, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, which is he's putting out amazing pictures, amazing content mixing, you know, he has a really nice, I would say, look and feel to the photos into the website and whatnot. But it takes a long time to optimize that if you think about it, it takes traffic, it takes actual visitors going through the process and not buying for you to realize what's wrong.

So he was he was thinking that, you know, dropping like $20,000 or something in advertising will fix his website. And I told him Well, that's not the case. Because the reality is that you will drop that amount of money when the website is already providing for us already at least breaking breaking even and making you a little bit of money then you can scale but not before. Okay, traffic, more traffic will not fix your funnel, that's for sure more traffic will only amplify what's already there.

That's a that's a term that I coined which is called funnel amplification. Meaning if you have great a great funnel, more traffic will make it better. If you have a poor funnel or allows the funnel or bad offer more traffic will only you know make it worse. And now you're buying traffic you're getting all of these traffic and traffic is never a problem. So traffic and Facebook ads specifically will only amplify what's already there.

So going back to my friends issue we went through we went through his his e commerce and we're done. And I told him listen, you're doing everything, right. You just need to wait for a little bit you just need to keep on making these offers, you need to keep them presenting offers your audience. But the main point here is that while building an audience online around a topic, like shoes, or fashion and whatnot, you can offer additional stuff to these folks, right this lady some this case.

So what we decided to do is to make a quick experiment during 30 days, which is let's just offer let's offer and another project because the problem with e commerce stores and the specific problem on this case for sites this, you know, he was having a lot of issues with sizes. And that is something that could happen when you have like an apparel store right sizes, what kind of sizes you need. And that's kind of cumbersome, right? It, it like adds more complexity to the checkout process.

So we decided to go ahead and offer something else like another product that didn't require Cyrus sizes on back. So we will be testing now for 30 days and see if that the that's the thing, like if the product is the product, the thing or something else, so we're kind of isolating variables as we move forward. But in the meantime, what he's doing is putting out content within a really good quality pictures, putting a really good engaging content, he's building an audience.

And you know, there's a lot of stuff that he's not currently doing to kind of leverage that audience number one is retargeting you know retargeting page engagements retargeting people that have engaged with, you know, or shopping card abandons, etc, etc, which he has a lot of. And that's completely normal.

So the main point here, what I'm trying to say is, if you want to build a sustainable business in the future, it doesn't really matter what you're selling. As long as you're building an audience

around the topic, it can be on this case, it will be fashion and shoes, and apparel and whatnot. Maybe in your case, if you're a mom and pop shop, it might be something like House Repair, you know, people that want to refer their house, or people that want a better house or a premier premier house and whatnot, homeowners that want to live better, there'll be your audience.

So the more you build that audience, the more you will be able to sell your products and services, I'm not saying just drop 50 k 100 k on ads, and you know, just hope for the best. That's not how it works. And influencers usually do in the other way around, they build an audience, and then they start promoting content or products to them. What I'm saying is do both do remote content, your products and services to them, but also go ahead, and, you know, build an audience, because that only is going to feed you, you and your family and your business for years to come.

So for instance, you know, like, we were talking about Gary van der Chuck, right, the guy has built a massive audience, and he started selling wine. And then he started selling social media services. And now he's selling sneakers, like actual sneakers, shoes, they have nothing to do with one another. But he's he's building an audience big enough that he can sell pretty much anything to them. Okay, Tony Robbins is another attempt at Tony Robbins has, has built a huge brand, huge equity, but then he's pushing different stuff like he's pushing his book, and then he will push an investment group. And they will push this and that.

So there are a lot of parallel businesses that will branch out from that personal brand that he has failed. And that is the main point that I was, that's why I'm so adamant that you guys start building your own personal brand, start putting yourself out there, start putting content out there, you know, even if it takes you like couple haters, I'm getting a lot of hate for doing these live streams, but don't care because they were really helpful. And the good thing, the good well that these generate far outweighs the bad thing.

You know, the haters and the comments and everything, you know you're going to was banned them, you're going to put up with them. And then it's normal. It means that you're rattling the cage, it's mean that you're making enough noise to the people are listening to you know, that's an awesome thing. The problem GC rancor down says the problem is not money.The problem is obscurity. Right? The problem is not money. The problem is that you're not well known enough. So how do you build a brand that will follow you that will, you know, by your stuff that will love your stuff.

And every time you present something to them, they'll buy. And the reality is that I listened. I think it was Brendan Bouchard the other day, he was saying, if you're not making the money, right, if you're not monetizing that audience will be really hard to maintain your message. Because money the money that you make from the audience that you're building will allow you to maintain your message actually will allow you to you know, hire more people will allow you to get better gear will allow you to go you know, create more content, but you need to make that money.

Alright, so that is that is something that I wanted to tell you guys about in these rainy Friday. Hope you guys are super super well. I didn't see any questions or any comments. That's fine. Let me actually check on on the YouTube's because sometimes there are some people they're commenting and whatnot. And for whatever reason, I'm not like monitoring, I guess.

Bad, bad, bad or man. But anyways, let me see this real quick. And yeah, again, like if you're seeing these live,yeah, we're live there. Okay, cool. That's awesome. Alright, guys, so I hope that you have an a, an awesome Friday, go ahead. And if you haven't yet, get a copy of my perpetual profits book that will allow you to do that we allow you to, you know, know how to build an audience and how to build a business that will pay dividends from years to come with the investment that you're doing right now, you will pay dividends and also it compounds itself.

Right? Every time you're helping somebody every time you're pitching your product. It's compounding. Most people don't buy your stuff now, but maybe some people will be ready to buy in three to six months and that's fine, right? So all of those people will come down and come through and buy at some point. Alright guys, I hope this helps if it does. Like it Sherry, whatever you have to do it, it's really important, you know, so that we get a little bit more engagement.

We need to work as a team and whatnot, and go get a copy of perpetual profits, if you so choose. Thank you guys. Have an awesome Friday. I'll see you guys.

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