How To Sell More Products To Hispanic Consumers

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I I'm Hernan Vazquez and I want to discuss with you what to do to make Spanish consumers want to buy from your company.

Creating a need

When you're talking to them in an online environment one of the key mistakes that a lot of companies make, not only in Spanish market or when targeting Hispanic companies, but also as marketing world in general, it’s that they're talking about themselves. 

And when you're trying to create good content for your audience, you’re trying to give them opportunities to trust you or to like you, your company and your products, you need to understand that it's never about your company or your products, it's always about your customer.

This applies both if you're trying to increase the reach of your Hispanic market share, or if you're targeting English speaking customers. 

So these would apply for any type of marketing strategy. 

What I mean with this is that a lot of companies are trying to get after new customers by listing everything that they can do for the customer and by mentioning their experience and their trajectory, showing testimonials and reviews and all that jazz. 

And well, that might work for unsophisticated markets.

However, when you start going into more and more sophisticated markets, you may want to change the conversation that you're having with your potential clients.

Boasting is not an option

For instance, instead of saying we have 20 years of experience in the marketplace, explain how those years of experience can give them a tangible and measurable results

To exemplify this, you can turn your speech to something like this:  ‘Our 20+ years of experience in the market will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our service’. 

Meaning that you're pre framing your content to be at the benefit’s side more that in the feature’s side.

Remember that it's never about your company or what your service does, but rather what benefits they can provide for the customer.

Be what the customers want

There's a saying in marketing, which is ‘people don't buy a drill, they want a hole’ .This basically means that you need to be thinking about the benefits that your company can provide to the client and focusing 100% on that. 

Another option is to say ‘We are the cheapest in town’ but that's a feature. 

Now what's the benefit of being cheaper? The benefit of being cheaper is that you can hire our company two times per year and save 50% on whatever it is that you're offering. 

So, I'm framing in a way that would make sense for the customer and change it from features to benefits, you will have much better success with your advertising and marketing as a whole.

Specifically, when targeting Hispanic consumers that are becoming more sophisticated in the US.

They're exposed to a lot of marketing material in English, they can understand and they can read it. 

This is the reason why you need to focus on the benefits because at the end of the day, we're all human beings and we have similar needs to be satisfied.

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