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What Are The Best Webinar Platforms?

Hey everybody! On this video I'm going to show you my preferred webinar platforms so that you can sell more. Let’s take a look:

There Are Two Types Of Webinars



Any of those is pretty cool in it’s own way.

Here’s the thing though. You don’t want to say it’s live, when it’s not. I see a lot of marketers making this mistake, because they think people won’t realize.

Everyone is used to go to the movies, right? And you know it’s a recorded performance. When you go to Broadway, however, you know it’s a live play happening right there and then.

And guess what… people love and go to both!

So make sure you leave really clear that it’s a recording or live event, depending on the case.

Now, in my opinion, from the best tool that I have tested, is Webinar Jam hands off. It will allow you to set up webinars using the Google Hangout platform, and recently they launched their own hosting service.

Another tool is Ever Webinar, which is a tool from the same creators than Webinar Jam.

So, I hope you try out both and that they’ll help you to increase your sells!

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Hey everybody, what's up? Hernan Vazquez here. Welcome to another video and thank you once again for the amazing amount of support, the comments, the tweets, the private messages, the menacing letters, the pigeons, and everything that you have been sending me my away. I'm walking down the street and you guys throw rocks at me, which is a great thing, so thank you guys for that.I really appreciate that.

Now, on this video I'm going to show you my preferred webinar platforms, which is … It's kind of a sticking point for many marketers out there, because technology can be overwhelming and if you do not have a guide, a kind of a mentor, or something like that, that actually weeds out what's working and what not. That's exactly what I'm trying to do here on this channel, sharing with you my tools, my day-to-day processes etc.

And one of the main sales tools that you have that you can potentially have in your arsenal, and one of the best tools in my opinion to sell whatever you're trying to sell, and also one of the most complex tools to set up are webinars. And you have basically two kinds of webinars, live webinars and recorded webinars, which are cool either was or the other. 

Now, you need to understand that you want a solution that will not limit the amount of attendees that you have, will not limit the amount of time that you can be live, will not limit you with any of that nonsense. And in my opinion, the best tool that I have tested, and I have tested a bunch, the best tool that I have tested is Webinarjam.

Webinar Jam hands off is one of the best webinar tools out there, because it will allow you to set up webinars using the Google Hangout platform, but it will set up hangouts in a way that you're really on an active webinar. Okay, it's not like the regular Google Hangout, it's not like a hangout on air, it will create their own room, it will create your own landing page, so I think it's pretty, pretty cool for live webinars and if you want something like repeated webinars, or evergreen webinars you have the Ever Webinar source which is from the same guys.

So, give it a look. I think they have a free trial, if not they are worth every penny, and believe me guys I've been with several companies, I use them for three of my companies already. Every time I'm consulting with clients I offer them Webinar Jam because it's hands off the best solution out there.
If you have any comments, if you have used Webinar Jam before, just drop me a comment below because I would love to know what's your experience with it, and if you have any other solutions. Again, I've tried a ton and this is hands down the best solution out there.

It will integrate will pretty much any autoresponder, and it use Google Hangouts, okay, and I think that's pretty badass. So, if you ask me use and get Webinar Jam or Everwebinar whatever. You can buy them separately whatever.

So, thank you guys for watching, test this out, leave me a comment below and you can also join the Facebook group right here where we share a ton of value and a ton of tools. So I hope to see you guys inside the Facebook group, subscribe, click on the subscribe button below,  and leave me a comment I will love to know what you have to say. Thank you guys for watching and I'll see you on the next video.

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