Hey, everybody! On this video, you’ll learn how to make money online without a website. Is it possible? Let’s find out!

Steps to make money online without a website

1 – Forget about a website at an initial phase of a business: If you’re starting a business it would be better not to spend the money on building a website but in advertising. People should know what you’re offering, your product or service. Use clickfunnels or a landing page instead.

2 – Use a platform for customers to purchase from you: You’ll need to set up either a sales funnel or a Facebook page or Instagram profile so customers can purchase your products. All you need is a shopping cart at this point.

3 – Once step 1 and 2 are done, think about a website: After you start making money you can go ahead and think about building a website where you can control your business. Give your product some time to grow first. Get customers initially and then a website can come afterward.

So, I hope this video helps you a lot to think about growing your business, whatever it is, and also helps you to make more money!

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Hey everybody what's up? In this video you'll find out how to make money without a website.

But that guy who threw the stone and run away I'm not happy about you buddy so if you're watching this just call me so we can arrange I can give you my insurance details and whatnot. But, if you're not that guy, if you're watching this thank you. And in this video I'm going to ask the question if you actually need a website to make money online.

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$10,000 a month.

So the question that I get a lot from students and from friends that they want to start with their online business is do I need a website to make money online. And specifically I just wanted to put a nice number in there which was 10k a month.

Do I need a website to make 10 thousand dollars a month. And no matter what money you are making, if you're starting out, if you want to start doing your first dollar online or if you're already making two, three grand and you actually think that you need a website the short answer is no. You do not need a website to make money online and here's why.

Now I was talking to a friend the other day, he wanted to launch this specific project online and he was telling me, “Well you know I got quoted at a website it was around 5k and I don't have the money to do that.” And I told him, “Okay, wait a second. Why would you want to go ahead and develop a website when you don't have a proven concept first? When you're making zero dollars right now with your project, whatever that is.”

So I think there's this belief that you need a website to make money online. Now don't get me wrong, at some point you might need a website. In fact that's one of the things that we do at my agency, we design websites for people from time to time among other things.

But right off the bat we don't start with that. What we do is either A, set up a sales funnel or B, set up a Facebook page or an Instagram profile. And all you need is a place for people to go to, find out more about your product and basically a shopping cart.

And that's it. You don't need a website initially. And initially if you try to come up with money to actually go out there and build a website or a hire a designer or whatever it's not the most productive way of starting your online business if you ask me.

Now the reality is that a website you control, you can add pixels, you can do a bunch of things, you can capture emails and whatnot. But it's not your top priority. Your top priority should be to solve a need, to find a concept, to prove a concept and then go from there. It's not like you need to build a website just for the sake of building a website because you think that you will need a website to make money.

So again you only need mainly a landing page which is not a website and there's gonna be a link somewhere around here telling you why a landing page or a sales funnel is not your website, so pay close attention to that. So maybe you need a landing page and on same cases not even that. I'm coaching some people that they have … all they have is an Instagram profile and a shopping cart and they are doing really, really well.

So that's another option. Now here's a warning though. What you need to have in mind is that your Facebook page, your Facebook group, your Instagram profile, your Kickstarter campaign, they do not belong to you. They belong to the platform where you're borrowing that real estate, or virtual real estate.

What I mean with this is that if you have an Instagram profile and all that you're doing is to sell the Instagram and the Instagram decides to go ahead and ban your profile for whatever reason then you're screwed, you're making zero dollars from tonight to tomorrow morning. So you need to have that in mind.

Whatever you are advertising, whenever you are advertising a business if you don't have a website you will have a landing page and it will have a Facebook page or an Instagram profile you do not need a website initially. But all of those websites that are free you are borrowing a piece of real estate from them. So at some point when you're making some money you want to migrate to an environment that you can control.

Again it's not a website for the most part, it can be a sales funnel which is just a compilation of four different webpages, it's not even like a regular website. But that should be your aim. Try to build a business without using a website.

Use that money that a designer can charge you or that time that you will be investing into growing your own website if you're into hosting a lot of that, go ahead and you can do that but the money that you are spending right now into building a website right now will be well better spent to advertising, will be way better spent to tools like clickfunnels or leadpages, that's all you need to get started.

Now clickfunnels also access a shopping cart. If not you have several solutions. You can start with PayPal, if you have zero dollars right now you can start with PayPal. Or you can start with something like SamCard which is $99 a month or something like that and it will allow you to have your shopping cart, charge to a credit card and pretty much brag to your friends saying, “Yeah you know I have this shopping cart, it's pretty cool, and yeah I charge credit cards and whatnot and it's pretty damn cool.”

So again the number one priority should be to find a product and to solve a need. The way that you can do that there's a lot of free stuff out there that will allow you to build a website or a webpage or even gather leads and whatnot.

But initially do not spend your time or your money building a website. Just launch from your Instagram profile, launch from your Facebook page. And then as you make some money then you can hire a designer to do your website and to do whatever you want.

Now if you're not starting out there's also this saying that many companies think that changing their website or they already have a website and their website is kind of dated and it doesn't look good on mobile and whatnot and they make these assumption that just because they're changing their design everything will come out nice and easy and everything will change for the better.

Now I know that it's sexy to go after a website because again you can turn on the monitor if I can find the mouse over here, oh damn. Now I know it's sexy to go ahead and think that a website will solve all of your problems but that's not the case. Usually you wanna focus on the boring stuff.

I know that a website is sexy, you can add your brand, you can add your logo, you can go through, you can go nuts, going for example Theme Forest, you know trying to picture what your website will look like and whatnot. But that's not what's giving you money at the end of the day. And it doesn't matter if you're a big company, if you're a small company, if you're a coach, a consultant or an agency, having a website I would say's like the second or third phase, even if you are starting out.

And if you wanna sell more it's not about the website. It's about how people are finding you and what kind of funnels they are using to purchase your products. So don't think that just changing a website which is super sexy and super fun it will go ahead and change your business for the better because it can potentially drain your pockets and your time more often than not.

So with that said guys I just wanted to lay the foundation and tell you why I don't think that you need a website, focus on what matters which is selling. Getting customers initially and then a website can come afterward. So thank you once again for watching and I hope that you subscribe to the channel, if you're watching this on YouTube that you subscribe to the page.

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Anyway thank you for watching this video, I'll see you next time, bye bye.

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