How to Convert your Visitors Into Leads with Powerful Lead Magnets?

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Since I've been into SEO and PPC for the past 5 years, I wanted to share some insights that have helped me grow my list and create a highly targeted and highly effective lead magnet.

It doesn't matter if you are into affiliate marketing, if you are a contractor or an SEO consultant, these techniques work and they will help you building your list from the ground up!

So let's get started:

Step 1: Solve a specific problem

Sometimes I see people going too broad and too big when it comes to a lead magnet or building their list. My recommendation would be to be as specific as possible.

Solve ONE problem, something tiny and immediate. And your list will grow thanks to that.

For example, if you are into Affiliate and you are doing online ads, then “How to Purchase the Best XXX without YYY” could be a good lead magnet.

If you want to close more leads in a Local SEO contractor industry, offering a free audit of their website could do.

5 Figure Funnels Mockup

This is an example of a lead magnet that's converting really well for me!

Step 2: Add value

Your lead magnet should be something you would be charging for.

That's right.

If you think you should be selling your lead magnet instead of giving it away, then you are on the right track!

Whatever you give away should feel like it delivers 100% of the value (always under-promise and over-deliver).

Something that converts REALLY well are physical products.

I've seen authorities like Mike Dillard give away real books and you only pay shipping and handling.

If you don't have a book, invest your time in researching something physical you can give away and let your potential customer pay for S&H.

Lead Magnet Example from Digital Marketer

Step 3: Make it easy

Nobody wants or have time to listen to 14 MP3s or watch 15 videos.

Sometimes a 20 slides lead magnet works best than a 150 pages PDF.

And please, don't use PLR or generic material!

This is your chance to show yourself to your potential partner or client!

Make it easy also when it comes to deliverability.

And make 100% sure that you deliver fast and in time!

Step 4: Have a funnel ready

If you register to get a PDF in my funnel you'll see what I mean (

Have a funnel in place to capitalize your potential lead.

That includes a main offer (could be joining your team, selling your product, booking a consulting call, etc), and a follow up sequence.


If you start to bring traffic to your lead magnet offer you need to make sure your funnel works and it's converting well.

You can use a tool like Improvely or Maxly to track and tweak everything inside your funnel.

Clickfunnels and Aweber are a must if you want to dive into funnel tracking.

Step 5: Keep offering value

Today internet's marketing game is all about who offers the most value for free.

If you are into Affiliate Marketing, for example, you want to brand yourself as an expert so make 100% sure you keep offering value once people have downloaded your guide.

If you fall short of offering value, you will just be forgotten.

No hard no foul, but you just won't make any sales!

This is an example of giving value (posting this for free, for example), but there are TONS of better examples than this.

Check Alex Becker's SEO Blog or Shaqir Hussyin follow up sequences and you'll know what I'm talking about.

So what's Next?

So basically that's how I create highly effective landing pages and lead magnets.

And you don't need to be a tech guru to start making your first leads and slowly growing your list.

Just make a lead magnet in Power Point or Word or go to Fiverr with the idea. You can have a lead magnet ready in 2-3 days.

Now go ahead and TAKE ACTION!

And please answer to this post with your ideas, insights and comments, I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks guys!


PS: And don't forget to share this with your friends if you find it useful!.

About the Author Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that built several 7 figure businesses from scratch. He specializes in helping business and students grow their online businesses through the use of Sales Funnels, Paid Advertising and Email Marketing.

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