How To Launch Products That People Want


In this video you'll find out how to launch products that people actually want to pay for.

Two steps to launch successful products:

  1. Do some research: By using services such us Quora, BuzzSumo or getting into Forums or Facebook groups, you’ll actually know what are the people’s needs.  
  1. Try the Ask Method: You can get a lot of information by asking simple questions to potential customers. How? Sending out a survey, people will tell you what they want to buy from you.

So, I suggest to start implementing these two steps as they’ll help you to make a marketplace research. You’ll be able to start making decisions about what you may offer and you’ll definitely, improve your business..

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Hey guys, what's up? Hernan here, and welcome to this video! On it, I want to talk to you guys about how to launch products that people the people actually want to buy, that people actually want to spend money on, that people actually want to pay you for.

Because the reality is that I've struggle with that for a long time. And then I discovered this formula that I'm going to share with you, which has allowed me to launch products and trainings and whatnot that people really want to buy. With that said, Don't forget to join the free Facebook group is completely for free. It's growing fast, it's amazing, we're getting, you know, in excess of 2030 new people either per day, which is pretty awesome. And, you know, super excited of what's going on on on that group. So come and join us, it's completely free. And there's a lot of good stuff in there.

So let's talk about product creation product generation of product picking. So if you're, you know, if you're an expert, if you're a coach or consultant in something, there's a high chance that you can create a product, okay, that you can create a training product that you can create something that you can sell to people. But here's the problem.

The problem is that not because you know, or you're an expert in something people will actually be ready to pay you for. Okay. Now, on the other hand, you might have an ecommerce store, and how do you find winning products? How do you find those products that people people actually want to buy. And there was a problem that I had for most of my life as an entrepreneur, the reality is that I would have a great idea.

And then I will try to go out and develop a product, we spend months and a lot of money trying to develop a product. And then I would turn around and offer it to the marketplace, nobody buy and I would say why what's going on, you know, my priority is so great. Everyone should be throwing just throwing money at me. But that's not a word. So I want to share with you guys can kind of some of my findings about what products you want to be a salad to people with their cups of physical products, or even training products as well.

So the first thing that you always want to consider is that you want to have a polls your fingers on the pulse in the marketplace. Where do I mean with that is that I have my team, one of my team members, one of her jobs is to go out there and find questions on forums, questions on Facebook groups, hot topics, on, you know, Buzz, Sumo or Cora, those type of things that will allow us to see what people are needing? What are the trends? What are the ones, what are the problems that entrepreneurs are going through.

So that's number one, you want to have your polls on the marketplace. And that's so easy as to maybe yourself, or having a VA going through forums, and then maybe collecting five to 10 questions per week, and then put them on the spreadsheet. So then you can analyze with something like the word cloud, and then you will not know what are the main points, pain points, and what people are asking over and over again, because you would surprise you will be surprised that people generally ask the same questions a lot of time. And that happens to me in the Facebook group, and on these YouTube channels. Well, so that is something that you want to consider.

Those are indicators of really good products, or, or at least if you already have a product in mind, really good angles to actually approach the marketplace with your product. So for example, let's say that you have a product of on finances for entrepreneurs, maybe nobody wants to buy finances for entrepreneurs, because they think it's boring, they don't relate to it. But if you find that on entrepreneurs, Facebook groups, people are saying, How do I save more money for retirement and entrepreneur? Well, that's an anger right there for an ad, or maybe for, you know, for a module or maybe for a bullet point on your, on your sales letter, and whatnot.

So that is really important that you keep your fingers on the pulse on the marketplace, you know, exactly what people are asking. And number two, which is also really, really important is that you ask, you know, the Ask method or, you know, asked by Ryan Levesque is a really good burger and a really good mastermind and method because of the fact that all he does is ask questions in a really specific way, and then let data tell him what to do. So the Ask method is really important.

If you really want to go ahead, get that book, I think I have a review of the book here on the channel, which I'm going to link somewhere here. But the main point is that you ask now, how I'm asking people is by doing a survey. And that survey goes out to all of my group members from time to time. And then it goes out to my list. And then we implemented also with semantic mastery. My one of my companies with semantic mastery, we implemented the exact same, you know, modus operandi of having people answering that questions or those questions over and over again.

And the reality is that we collected a lot of information in a relatively short period of time. And that allow us to kind of set set the path or the pathway always 2019 when it comes to you know, product development, which is pretty cool because people are telling you what they want to buy from you and then just give it to them and it's just email new packages nicely and then you send them email and then you make a lot of money which is pretty cool.

So there you have it, guys two quick tips to always develop products that you want to do. I know that if you're like me, you're probably struggling with this because you think that you have a great idea but that doesn't mean that that marketplace thing that it's a great idea which sucks but it was. It's also a learning opportunity for you and your company to actually go out and develop products that people want to learn and want to buy from you.So there you have them, my two tips.

Don't forget to join my facebook group or leave a comment or subscribe or like it, share it whatever you have to do with you find this helpful and I'll see you guys on the next video. Bye bye.

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