I’m going to show you how to launch a completely brand new website and take it to the next level.

5 Quick tips to launch a brand new website from scratch:

  1. Get a branded domain: You can use Namecheap website and install WordPress, which is a website builder,and it's also a blog builder.
  2. Do bi weekly articles:  Write two articles a week when you're starting out. You can hire a writer for that or do it yourself.
  3. Create a Facebook page and Instagram profile: By using, you can share the articles that you're posting on your website. They are shared automatically on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Run Facebook Ads for your articles: Start getting people liking your Facebook page to get traffic. At this point you’ll have to install o install Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. Data points will happen on your website and the Pixel will start gathering those data points.
  5. Create lead funnels: Use ClickFunnels and Active Campaign. ClickFunnels will allow you to set up the landing pages, and Active Campaign will capture emails and it works as autoresponder.

So, If you really want to launch a Website, this is basically the structure that you want to have in mind.

Also, learn how to make better converting landing pages.

Try these tips and take your business to the next level!

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Would you like to know how to launch a completely brand new website and take it to the next level? Well, I have good news for you because I got you, buddy.

Hey, everybody. What's up? Welcome to another video and thank you for watching this video. My name is Hernan and welcome to this YouTube channel. Now in this video, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about my strategy when it comes to launching a completely brand new website. Okay?

Whether it is affiliate, whether it is that you're launching your own products, maybe you're trying to do some AdSense income, whatever you're trying to do, this video will help you out to have a clear and concise structure that you can use to launch your website and pretty much get it grow decently fast. Now with that said, I would strongly suggest that you do two things. If you enjoy getting more money, which is something that some people do, some people don't. Okay. Who can blame them?

But if you enjoy getting more money, if you enjoy getting more leads and clients to your online business, I would suggest that, a, subscribe to this YouTube channel because I have a lot of the good stuff right there. Okay? I have a lot of good videos that you can enjoy, number one. Number two, that you come and join the free Facebook group. It's 100% free. There's a lot of good stuff going on in that group as well. Let's talk about how to launch a completely brand new website in 2018. All right? Because I get this question a lot, like people wanting to launch their first website or maybe they have a couple of websites.

They want to launch a new one. The reality is that some people are … They already have a website, but they kind of plateau. Some people will come and ask me, “Hey, Hernan. How can I accelerate the growth of my website?” This kind of structure will actually help you no matter what stage of the process you're at right now. Granted if you want to launch a website, you want to launch it with a bang, right? You want to really seize. You're going to be spending money and time and resources on a completely brand new website.

You want to launch it with a bang and you want to position it so that it grows really fast, as fast as possible, and then it becomes an asset throughout time. That's exactly what I want to try to kind of show you guys. I recorded a video for one of my private students group that I want to share with you because I thought it was really, really valuable. Basically it hits on all the boxes. It fires on all the cylinders if you will, meaning that if you want to really launch a website without having to wait for SEO to kick in or without having to depend heavily on Facebook Ads or without having this structure that will allow you to scale your website, this is the video that is going to help you out.

Let's jump into the computer where I want to share with you the step-by-step method that I use. Here's kind of the blueprint that I want to share with you guys today and this is going to be as usual available for you to download and kind of go through this video a couple times because I'm going to do like a 30,000 foot view of the strategy that I would personally take if I had to settle, right, if I didn't have any kind of brand new or if I wanted to launch a new website, affiliate website or a new website from scratch. This is what I would do.

First off, everything will come out from the website. Again this is not 100% necessary, but this is something that you might want to have in mind when it comes to this is kind of the website and everything will come out of that. There's some stuff that you need to do before you actually launch your website, before you actually start putting together the website or whatever. It has to do with basically two things, two main things. Number one is based on the topic and the marketplace that you're going to go after, you need to do basically two things. Number one is to do some keyword research and competitor research, right?

Let's say that I want to launch, I don't know, a new company about nootropics or a new company about, I don't know, supplements, right, or a new company about whatever. In this case, what I would do is to go into the marketplace and try to see what my competitors are and what those folks are doing. Funny enough, I just remembered that I did for some time I didn't have like … The reality is that I didn't have the time to fully dedicate to this, but this is something that you can actually outsource most of the process if you think about it. Okay?

You can be part of the strategy, the launching strategy, but you can outsource most of the process. Going back to what I was saying is to first off do some keyword real estate and competitor research using SEMrush. If you go through my YouTube channel, and there's going to be a link somewhere around here, you will be able to find a video that I made back in the day where I was going through step-by-step on how to do competitor and keyword research on SEMrush. The reason we do this is because we are like advancing a lot forward. Like we don't need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to see kind of what the successful guys in the marketplace are doing, right?

This is basically what we want to do and do some keyword and competitor research. Again there's going to be link somewhere around here so that you can check out this video or you can just go to my YouTube channel and search for SEMrush on the search bar and you will be able to find it. That's the one thing, right? You will export. You will get all of the list of the keywords and all of the competitors and all of the different URLs and the different competitors and the different pages that will be competing with you on the first page of Google, right?

Because when you're attacking this website from this structure, you want to leverage every bit of traffic that you can get. You want to leverage SEO, but you also want to leverage PPC and you also want to leverage email marketing. All right? SEO and Google are really, really important. That's step number one. But also step number two, you want to kind of research a little bit what kind of offers and what kind of products you can monetize. All right? Again if you're starting from scratch, maybe you don't have a product or maybe you don't have a product that's already set up and ready to go.

For Semantic Mastery, we're doing these different websites that are tied in some way, shape or form to the products that we already offer, right? This is kind of going out there and trying to find new ways of bringing in more people to our brand. But if you don't have a product, if you're starting out, which is the case for 95% of you guys, what you can do is to go ClickBank, number one, and number two is to go to,, which is

You can search for keywords based on whatever, supplements, nootropics, dieting, whatever you're trying to launch, Facebook, whatever you're trying to launch and see what kind of offers you can actually have, right? This is something that you want to create a spreadsheet or something of offers because this is something that we're going to be using at a later stage.

All right? Those are kind of the two main things that you want to have in mind and that you want to start with when it comes to launching your first website or your first affiliate website, etcetera, etcetera. Now the next that you want to do is, of course, set up the website.

Now the website, there's a lot of stuff that you need to have in mind, but just to make it short and to the point, I would say that, a, get a branded domain. Don't get a That doesn't work. Get a branded domain because again you want to turn this into a big asset. Get a branded domain, a, b, get in on a good hosting. Don't get those cheap HostGator or Bluehost type of bullshit hosting. They don't work. Go ahead with Liquid Web or something or you can even use Amazon or you can go with WordPress hosting if that's what you want to do initially and install WordPress.

Okay? Install because again the main selling is not going to be done on that website itself. It's going to be done on another thing. WordPress is the best way to go. All right? Again if you go to my website … Not to my website, but to my YouTube channel and you search for WordPress, there's a lot of tutorials on how to do this. All right? Branded domain, get in on a good hosting, and get WordPress installed. Now once you have your WordPress installed, this is going to be kind of a blog, right, because WordPress is a website builder, but it's also a blog builder. That was the intention when they launched it.

You want to run and this is really important that you do it. You want to do at least two articles a week when you're starting out. You can go more. I wouldn't suggest less, but at minimum you want to do two articles a week. Now the articles again you can hire a writer. You can outsource them, but the articles need to be related to the keywords that you uncover on step zero, right? Not even step one. You're going to try to do articles that are related to those keywords. Again you can write it yourself. You can go out there and hire somebody. I would strongly suggest that you hire somebody. I'm not going to go into the nuances of okay, how long should that be.

No. Again go to my YouTube channel. There's a big guide on on-site SEO. I have some guides on on-site SEO in the Power of Marketing as well, so you can go back and check them out and they will definitely help you out. Initially you can do an article a day or you can do two articles a week. I would strongly suggest that you do two articles a week to start off. All right? Once you have your articles, so you have your biweekly articles for the website, for the brand. You also want to come up with a logo, of course, and you can get that on You want to create a Facebook page and you want to create your Instagram profile.

Now using something like, you can share your articles, the articles that you're posting on your website, you can share them automatically on Facebook and Instagram. That's something that you want to do. All right? Facebook page, Instagram profile. You can Twitter profile. You can create a bunch of stuff, but initially those two will do for what we're trying to do. You will share those biweekly articles to the website … From the website to Facebook and Instagram using something like Buffer. All right? Once you have that, you want to again do on-site SEO and interlink your different articles.

Let's say that you're talking about nootropics or you have 10 articles about nootropics. You want to link them together. Again go through my guide on YouTube on how to do on-site SEO. You also want to put together a syndication network. If you want to learn more about syndication network, all you need to do is just search for syndication network or go to or and that will allow you to get more information about a syndication network. It's really, really powerful and will allow you to get your wheels going when it comes to SEO.

I'm not going to tell you that this is going to be the end all, be all of SEO because again SEO takes time, but here's the thing, we're going to be kind of short circuiting or kind of taking a shortcut when it comes to getting traffic to your website. All right? That's going to be next step. Now you have your website. You have your Facebook page. You have your Instagram profile. You're doing your biweekly articles. If you'll wait for SEO to kick in, you're going to, I don't know, you're going to go crazy and you're going to pretty much die of waiting. That's not what we want to do.

What we want to do is to start running some really simple Facebook Ads to your articles, right? You need to have in mind that if you're doing supplements, it's kind of touchy-feely subject, but you can talk about how to sleep better. You can talk about how to exercise better, how to feel better. They don't have to be about how to buy modafinil or something like that. You would run some click campaigns or landing page if you use campaigns or whatever, to those biweekly articles. Why are you doing that? Because you want to start getting, a, people engaging with your Facebook page, people liking your Facebook page.

You want to start it moving when it comes to traffic to your website, right? The way you do this, you will accelerate your results in SEO because the Google bot will start seeing that traffic coming in from Facebook initially and that will definitely help you out when it comes to SEO. You want to run some $5, $3, $2, $1 a day. It doesn't really matter. The main point is that you do PPC right off the bat. This is also important. You want to install your Pixels on the website. Even if you have zero visitors, you want to install your Pixel on your website. You want to install Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel.

All right? Because again some data points were still happening on your website and the Pixel will start gathering that data point. The minute you want to start running some other campaigns, you have all of that data already there. That one is when it comes to the website. Now the next thing that you want to do is using something like ClickFunnels or something similar. You can do Thrive Themes or you can do whatever, but I strongly suggest that you use ClickFunnels and Active Campaign. You want to create a lead magnet funnel. A lead magnet funnel is simply something that says, “Hey, download this free PDF. Put your name and email here.”

Why we're doing this? Because you want to start collecting emails right off the bat, right? We will have call to actions from the biweekly articles that you're making to the lead magnet funnel. A really, really simple lead magnet funnel is this one. Let me show it to you guys. Cheat sheet. This is a really simple lead magnet funnel whose sole purpose is to capture emails. You want to start building your email list right off the bat. Okay? As you can see, you can create a PDF, a free PDF, which is, “Hey, 10 best nootropics or 10 best ways to wake up energized,” whatever. You want to start having that call to actions.

It can just be links on your website on your biweekly articles and also on your sidebar. All right? The way it works is that ClickFunnels will allow you to set up all of the landing pages and Active Campaign, which is my autoresponder of choice, will capture those emails and you can start creating something that I call an indoctrination sequence. An indoctrination sequence is basically something that you will send one email per day during seven days adding more value to what they're already downloading. Let's say that they downloaded something like, I don't know, seven steps to wake up more productive.

You can send one email a day with one of the steps broken down, right? That will be called an indoctrination sequence. For that, I'm using Active Campaign, which is again my autoresponder of choice. Then after they are done with those seven days, you can just start sending them affiliate stuff. Remember that we already made that research, right? Remember that on step zero we went through ClickBank and OfferVault that we saw what kind of offers we can send them to. That's exactly where you send them to. Okay? After the seven days, you're sending them emails pretty much everyday or every week or twice a week, whatever, with affiliate stuff.

Affiliate promotions, affiliate stuff. That way you're monetizing, right? That way you're monetizing your list right away. Not only that, but you will be sending Facebook call, meaning Facebook for interests, and you will be doing Facebook advertising for interests and sending them to your articles. Maybe some people will log in and sign up, sorry, for your lead magnet from there. Also, what you want to do is this. For people that visit your website and they haven't downloaded your lead magnet, you want to do some Facebook retargeting. You would do all website visitors, for example, minus leads and you will send them to your lead magnet funnel.

All right? This is basically the structure that you want to have in mind when you're launching your website. All right? Again we're hitting kind of all the different spaces here. We're hitting SEO with our content, biweekly content or everyday content. Up to you. We're hitting Facebook advertising. Some really mild call campaigns that will bring traffic to your website. We're doing some retargeting. We're gathering email list from day one. We have our Pixel. This is kind of the structure that I will go when I'm starting out.

I would definitely start by doing some keyword research and ClickBank offers, right, because I want to start monetizing this as much as possible pretty much immediately or after a month of launching this. Then I will have my Facebook page, I will have my Instagram profile, which again they will be automatically populated by Buffer and that will start generating some followers there. Then I will have my website on WordPress. I will have my content interlink. I will have my syndication network, which again will help with the indexing and everything.

Maybe three or four months down the road or maybe six months down the road, you will see that you'll start up being on the search engines. That's traffic that you want to get. Again you have your Facebook Pixel and your Google Analytics Pixel, which is collecting all of that data. The minute someone lands on your website, whether it is from your Facebook page or your Instagram profile or Google, whatever, you can retarget them into a lead magnet. That way is how you launch a website right off the bat. Tools here are SEMrush. ClickBank and OfferVault are free. My YouTube channel which is free. Facebook and Instagram which are free.

Maybe you need to pay for a hosting website for hosting. You need to pay for articles. You will need to pay for your Facebook Ads and then ClickFunnels which is decently affordable. Active Campaign is super cheap. That's pretty much it. That is pretty much it, guys. This will be my launchpad. Then you can go crazy with, I don't know, I want to start doing an influencer campaign to get more traffic. I want to start doing, I don't know, some of the stuff like I want to develop my own products. The launchpad structure is this and that's basically all you need to do, right?

Again if you don't have money to run any ads, if you don't have money to pay for your hosting, you don't need to be thinking about this. You need to go back and get a job. All right? If you don't have even, I don't know, 500 bucks a month to invest in your business, go back, get a job. With part of that money, come here, invest it. Right? There's no free meal. There's no free lunch. Everything that you're doing out there, even if you get organic free traffic, you're paying for it because you're paying for your time, right? You're paying for it with your time. That's something that you want to do.

If you cannot even spend 500 bucks a month on your website and trying to grow an asset that could bring you at some point if you make things right and if you keep it super simple, it can be worth six or seven figures, I mean you need to go back and get a job and then come back and start investing in your business. All right, guys? I just wanted to make that super clear. If you have any questions, just drop them on the Facebook group, drop them below, and I'll be more than happy to help you guys out. All right? I'll talk to you really, really soon.

All right, guys. I hope that you have enjoyed this video. If you have, please share this with somebody that needs to see this. If you loved it, please leave comment, leave a like. Again subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the Facebook page, wherever you're seeing this video and come and join the free Facebook group. It's 100% free and I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. Thank you guys for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. Bye, bye.

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