How To Increase The Value Of Your Clients


1 – No matter what, keep offering: One big method to consistently get clients, is to keep making offers for your product.

2 – Create an Equity Funnel: To increase the volume of clients, you need to create a funnel. For example, a Book funnel, using this you’ll keep selling to your clients all the time.

Give this advice a shot. Go ahead and create the equity funnel and start getting more and more money. Also learn how to create The Perfect Facebook Ad here.

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What's up Facebook? What's up everybody? How are you guys today? There's a mailing spoken on the screen right now for some reason I don't know why yet they keep on popping up. What's up everybody? Maybe because I set them up and I set them up incorrectly. But everybody What's up? What's up you go have you guys you guys are super well welcome to this live stream today is the fourth day of March 2019.

And we're going to have a lot of fun today at least I hope so this was supposed to go live like an hour and a half ago. But, you know, meetings after meetings after meetings prevented me from doing so. But here we are, we're going to be talking about how to make more of that thing called money if that is something that you want to do.

Alright, so before we get into that, please remember that next week going to be holding a three day live event, three day live events going to be completely free 100% Live, all you need to do is to go to her name, and try to get my head You know, like that's kind of kind of hard, but I it's sign up for the waiting list.

I'm already seeing you guys some really cool stuff. For those of you that sign up already. Thank you guys for that. And it's gonna be awesome. It's going to be three day training full on I mean, sorry, three, four days, right. I'm going to leave you go to have larger and I'm just getting them as it's going to be like one or a half for sure. One hour like 60 minutes straight of good stuff on Facebook.

And they want we're going to be talking about how to set up your perfect Facebook ads. Okay, well I'm going to give you my cheat sheet to that you can go and follow along with me so that you can create Facebook ads that were pretty much in every niche.

Number two, On day two I'm going to be talking to you guys about how to structure your Facebook Ads Manager and your ads manager, your Facebook business manager and your ads manager and also how to set up your conversion ads for success.

Okay, and number three, we're going on day three we're going to be talking about how to scale your campaigns. Alright, so that that that sounds good again, join us for the waiting list. There's a waiting list in place and you need to go to okay to get notified
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And also if you want to get notified whenever I go live just go to alright with that being said get out get out so I would be said let's go into the actual training for today if you are and if you guys are watching this live just let me know comment live and whatnot all of that good stuff good Mila is watching this is pretty cool.

Alright so let's talk about how to make more money from your current clients so it was pretty pretty awesome last week last week know the week before I was at funnel hacking live right nashville tennessee was pretty awesome if you haven't been to funnel hacking live, I strongly recommend you do.

As I strongly recommend you do get to some other of the big conferences out there just for the networking side of things which is pretty awesome but also something pretty something pretty fun and funny that I heard about on you know funnel hacking live was Russell Brunson telling the story of how you know of the people that are he followed and he built a bunch of people right he followed like pretty much all of the people that are relevant or prominent at this point in time they're all come from the Dan Henry School.

And don't get any case you don't know him go ahead and find him because he's like I would say he's like the father of current marketing and and he's he's awesome like in terms of copywriting is then in terms of sales strategy and marketing strategy is pretty pretty cool. He saw all school in terms of you know, direct mail type stuff. And he would Russell was saying that the only reason why he kept on buying from that Henry is because of the fact that he kept on being a making offers, right, and everyone, everyone else stopped making offers for whatever reason he kept on making offers that way.

That's why people kept on buying from him. Which is pretty funny. Because the reality is that at that point, I've learned that if you really have a good product and a good service, if you really have something that could impact people live for the better than you need to sell them on that product or service.

A lot of people are saying, Well, you know, I don't feel like selling today or I don't feel like you know, I feel like a little bit Selsey but that'd be let's let's be honest here if your product can
offer value to somebody keep on selling to them. And that's the secret to actually growing your online business to get it to the place where you want to be.

That's the secret. That's the number one secret. So for instance, I was working with with one of my clients, I was having one on one one on one coaching call today. But one of my coaching calls and you know, we were discussing about different strategies on how to get more volume for his funnel. And he had all of these little things right, run around.

And I told him listen, if you if you really want to take this to the next level, if you really want to put up the volume in terms of how much people how many people you get through your funnel, basically how many people see your messaging, and basically how much how much people you know, buy from you how many people buy from you, what you need to do is to deploy an acquisition funnel. And an acquisition funnel is at the names, you know, indicates is basically a funnel that you put out there.

And then you send traffic to through advertising. And so sometimes like organic stuff, right, like Facebook posts, and whatever we can superimpose. But the main sole purpose of that funnel is to and that's my, that's my dog right there, making a lot of noise. Anyways, the only reason that you put out that funnel is so that you can acquire a customer at a break even or better precision. So great example of this is a book funnel. So a book funnel, the sole purpose of a book funnel is for you to occur, acquire a new buyer for a you know, at a break even or better. Some people are making money with their book funnels, which are awesome, which is awesome. But that's not the point.

The point is that if you make money with a book funnel, that's awesome. But the main point is that you sell them something else, and we're always selling them something else. So a book funnel, for instance, most book funnels are either free plus shipping, right? When you pay for shipping, and they send you the book, or they're just plain and simple PDFs.

And they're anywhere between $5 to $20, whatever. But sometimes to get a $20 buyer through the door, you're paying $40 to Facebook or to Google AdWords, right. So if you're paying that you're losing money, if all you're selling is the book, right, that's not a book funnel, that's a book sales page. Now, the way a book funnel works is that you have upsides and downsides and cross an order bumps and that and whatnot, that increases the that increases the average order value of any given customer that goes through your funnel.

So instead of paying $20 to get a $10 book by you're, you're paying $20 to get a $30 book by them. So you're effectively getting 20 or $10 or $15, or even breaking even on that front end. But that's just the beginning. That is just the beginning. So the way you increase the amount of money that you're making from your current customers is by offering them some something else.

So for the most part, you know, you can get like an application call after they buy the book, or maybe a webinar for $1,000 product, or a $5,000 product or a $15 $15,000 product. And people might think, well, it's a big jump from, you know, $5 book to a $15,000 package. And it is, but it doesn't really matter because there's a small portion of that people that bought the book that will get your $15,000 package.

Alright, so that is how you That is how you increase the money that you're making by deploying an equity funnel that it's a breakeven because your main point is to acquire a customer a break even or better, so that then you can sell them the monetization the real money comes on the back end comes on the follow up comes from the later stuff now the right now stuff like the later stuff, if that makes sense.

Alright guys, I just wanted to come back come by, you know, talk about a little bit about that we're going to be talking about how to send traffic to that funnel or to those funnels, rather, on the three day live training that I'm going to be doing next week. And it's going to be pretty awesome. Or it's going to be three days you know, it's free, it's going to be free. And this focus me for Christ's sake.

And this focus me all right there we go down so I looked like it looked like I'm tired. It's not like it's 9pm 8:36pm, right? Where am I? But with that being said, it's gonna be awesome. It's going to be three days going to be 100% Live, okay, and 100% free. You can come and ask any questions that you would like to know about Facebook ads, but then going to package it and sell it as a product arise. If you want to get access to the training, make sure that you go now to her now. Vasquez. com slash live training that's going to take you to my landing page where you will need to sign up for the waiting list.

Alright guys, so I hope you have an awesome week. Have an awesome Monday. Again, you're cordially invited to join the Facebook group by going to If you want to get notified whenever I go live. Just go to her now Vasquez. com forward slash notify me Alright guys, thank you once again for hanging out with me. Thank you for watching this and I'll see you really really soon. Bye bye.

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