How to Get Too Many Clients For Your Own Good


In this video you'll find out how to get too many clients for your own good.

Practice this exercise by picturing you ideal type of client, for that purpose you’ll need to focus on these characteristics:

Characteristics of a good client:

  1. INVESTMENT: A good type of client has to be ready to invest money on his own business.
  2. WORKING-FREE:  If the client knows where he wants to work, he might be willing to offer free work at the beginning.
  3. COACHABLE: He’ll need to listen and pay attention to your suggestions.
  4. ABUNDANCE MENTALITY: The client needs to be willing to invest money to generate more money. He will see the results at the end of the process.

So, I recommend you to think about the traits that you know people need to have in order to work with you. Your client’s list will start growing fast.  Also read, how to get long term agency clients.

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Everybody what's up? Hernan here, and welcome to another video. And thank you once again for the amazing support that you have been giving me. It's been great. And it's being I think it's been three years since I launched my YouTube channel. And I think two years since I launched my Facebook group. So, they're pretty awesome. And I thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Because you guys are awesome, too.

Now, going back to our topic today, you really get too many clients for your own good everybody. This is our man. And for the past seven years, we have been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners getting more leads and sales using digital marketing. You know, like paid media, like Facebook ads, for example, Google ads, and sales funnels. And most business owners come to us because they want to scale, they have a proven product, they have a proven service.

They know that people want what they have to offer. But they are she's not growing fast enough. Or worse yet, they're not getting the type of clients that they want to get right there might be getting clients. But the reality is that they're not getting the type of client the quality of clients that they want to get. So, for example, I was talking to one of my coaching clients the other day, and he was doing well he had this digital marketing agency, he was providing services for local businesses, and he was doing well on paper right.

But, you know, the reality is that he was really overwhelmed. He was really worried about you know, the future of his business he recognized that he had made some bad decisions when it came to taking clients and whatnot. So, we started talking and I told him Okay, so tell me a little bit about your ideal client what type of client you want to get.

And he just stare at me and said, I didn't know I could choose I would take any clients right I will go out there and promote my services on radio or maybe using Facebook ads for my agency and I was just take anyone that could come my way and I told him listen, that might be your main issues not that you cannot generate clients is that when it comes to generating those planes, you don't have the processes and the mechanisms in place so that you can filter them out and filtering them out it's actually really easy but it's also really important.

So, I basically told him listen in order for you know, somebody to work with me they have to have several I would say traits or characteristics right? like, number one, they need to be ready to invest money on advertising. Number two, they need to be cool like to hang out where that would you know, feel cool working with them for free. Number three, they need to be coachable. And number four, they need to have this abundance mentality that if we put money on advertising, it's not that they're not seeing the results right away, but they're willing to put money to make money. So basically, those were the traits that I was looking for.

And he started taking notes, because the reality is that he had never went through the exercise of actually asking himself what type of clients Should I get, you know, get any type of clients, I would do web design, and I would do SEO, and I would do content marketing. And if they would ask me to do social media ads, I will do them to just because I needed the money so but it comes to time that we're in, you're in a solid position that you can afford to say no to a couple clients that know that you say to the clients or to the leads that are not a good fit is going to give you not only better results in terms of peace of mind, but then the better clients and quality of clients that you get, the more you can charge them and the longer you can keep the relationship going through the years.

So there you have a guy sit down for 10 or 15 minutes should shouldn't take you more than that and think about the traits that you know people need to have in order to work with you. And not only in terms of money and the typical business but also what type of trades and personality traits they need to have in order to make the relationship so much fruitful.

So I hope this helps you. If it does, please feel free to share with somebody that might benefit from it. And I'll see you really soon.

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