How to Get More People to Click on Your Facebook Ads

How do you use Facebook call-outs to get people to on your ads? Listen in as your host Hernan Vazquez discusses the essential parts you need to focus on to make sure you are getting optimal clicks on your Facebook Ads page on this episode of the Marketing Atlas podcast. Download a copy of the Facebook Ads Guide 2020 if you want to go more in-depth on what Hernan is sharing today.

Did you know that the first line of text is the call out and shares the message of the ad to specific individuals? Hernan shares his three favorite call-outs so that you can start seeing better traffic on your ads page. He believes that if you use these three call-outs on the first line of your ad, it will help your CTR a lot. If this is an issue you are having, you won’t want to miss Hernan’s easy tips and tricks to a better Facebook Ads page.

Hernan is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that works with clients and students around the world to increase their revenue through the use of cutting-edge digital strategies and technologies. His company helps students, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and infopreneurs to grow their revenue online by developing marketing funnels and email automation.

Hernan shares in-depth techniques to help you with your ads and marketing funnel. He has probably forgotten more than most of us know, so if Facebook advertising campaigns are confusing to you and you can’t figure out what you are doing wrong, this is the episode you can’t miss. 

For more information on how to fix your Facebook advertising campaigns, download my Facebook Ads Guidebook, and my Free Ads Cheat Sheet.

In This Episode:

[00:36] Welcome to the show, everyone!

[00:47] Hernan shares the topic of today’s episode.

[00:58] Hernan discusses the essential parts you need to put together to get people active on your Facebook Ads page.

[01:33] Hernan speaks about the element he is sharing with us today, the call out.

[01:45] Hernan shares three call-outs that work well for him.

[01:57] Hernan chats that the first one is Attention….whoever you are targeting.

[02:39] Hernon discusses that the second is XYZ of the ad.

[02:58] He tells us that the third is how to X without Y.

[04:48] Hernan feels like the third call-out is very helpful.

[05:17] If you use these three call-outs at the beginning of your ad, it will increase your CTR a lot.

[05:26] Hernan has put many years of experience and many millions of advertising into one easy guide for you, so download Facebook Ads Guidebook to get all of his tips and tricks.

[05:56] Thank you for hanging out with me for a little bit, and please share this podcast.

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Hernan Vazquez is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that built several 7 figure businesses from scratch. He specializes in helping business and students grow their online businesses through the use of Sales Funnels, Paid Advertising and Email Marketing.

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