How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook And Instagram Ads


How much do you know about Facebook call-outs? And, how do you use them to get people to click at your ads?

Keep reading because today, I’ll answer those exact questions for you…

But first of all, why getting more and more people clicking on your ads? 

Because your CTR will increase (Click Through Rate), which is an important measure for your Facebook Ads Campaigns.

Higher CTR = Better results (for the most part)

How to make more people click your Ads Using Callouts…

What are “call-outs”? These are the first or second line of the body copy of your ad.

They are on top of your copy and their sole purpose is to catch your audience's interest.

Callout # 1 – “Attention, XYZ”

By placing this word in your ads you are addressing the people that you want to buy from you. 

It does NOT matter what marketer you’re in, call them out. 

E.g: “Attention Lawyers”, “Attention Chiropractors in Miami”, etc..

Callout # 2-  “If you are “X”… Read this!”

This call-out is useful when you’re trying to address a specific segment of your marketplace.

E.g: “If you're a chiropractor that needs more patients, read this…”

Callout # 3 – “How to “X” without “Y”

The key with this callout is that people understand that you’re being super helpful with them.

E.g: “How to scale your advertising without getting your ad account shut down…”

The difference between this call-out and the rest is that you need to actually TELL THEM how to do the thing you promised in the ad copy.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!


What's up everybody Hernan Vazquez here today what I want to tell you guys about is Facebook call outs and how to use Facebook call outs to actually get people to click on your ads. So that is something that I want to share with you guys today.

Let's talk about Facebook collapse when it comes to Facebook ads, there's a couple of key important parts that you need to put together in order for people to actually click on your ads. Okay, why do you want to get people clicking on your ads? 

First and foremost, because that increases something called CTR, which is your click through rate, the more people click on your ad versus how many times Facebook has to show that ad. So what we have here is a couple of elements that you want to nail down if you want to Facebook ads to be really effective. 

The one element that we're going to be focusing on these video today is the call out the first line or two of text, well, what we're doing is signaling or marketplace that the message of this ad is specifically for them. Alright, so I want to share with you three call outs that work really, really, really, really, really well for me. 

And again, if you want more of this, just go to ads guide 2020 dot com. So the first call out is one of my favorites is attention x, y, z. So this is something that I use pretty much on all of my ads attention, marketplace or attention, potential customer attention, realtors, attention, chiropractors, attention, Facebook, ads, managers, whatever your marketplace is, you want to call them out right away attention XYZ is a really good way to call out your marketplace. 

So if you're selling to let's say that you're selling to realtors, you can say attention realtors that need more clients or attention realtors, that the more buying leads, who you're talking to is your XYZ right here. super simple, nothing to it. 

Number two, this is also one of my favorites. If your ex read this, if you're a chiropractor that needs more patients with this, if your Facebook ads manager that just got their Facebook ad account shut down, read this. Okay, so if you're extra reading this is a great call out and I use it a lot as well. 

And number three, it's the usual how to x without why. The thing with the specific call out is that you need to be helpful in your ads, you need to actually tell people how to execute our why now let's say that you're targeting chiropractors how to get more chiropractor patients without spending a fortune on marketing or how to scale your advertising without getting your ad account shut down all of that. 

Those are great call outs but you need to actually tell them and you need to be helpful on your body copy. So these two attention XYZ and if your eggs read this, then you can be a little bit more pitchy. If you Work on the rest of the body copy or your video ad if you're running video ads or whatever, the third one, it works really well. But you actually need to tell people what you're supposed to tell them, right? 

Because people, they stop scrolling, and they hit on the read more button and now they're expecting an answer. Oh, how do I do this? Well, I read on and if they don't find the answer, then they might feel cheated or whatever, right? 

So this third call out is really powerful if you're writing those long form types of ads, so these callouts are really really helpful as well. Okay, so there you have it. my three favorite call outs again, attention chiropractor's that need more patients attention lawyers, that the more calls a fear a lawyer that needs more cases for this, I really like this because then you're commanding them to read so you're positioning yourself as the authority there. 

And then number three, how to x without why these three call outs if you use them at the beginning of your ad, meaning the first line of copy it will increase your CTR, Allah Okay, so Test it out, let me know how it goes. Again, if you want more tips and tricks like this, go to ads guide 2020 dot com and get my Facebook ads guide book. 

I condense several years of experience and I did the math. It was 9 million and change dollars last year that I was personally responsible for them. So you know, out of spending all of that money, you learn a couple things. So I put them on ads guide 2020 dot com. All right, and please feel free to share it with somebody that needs to be serious. Please feel free to drop your comments questions below. Thank you for hanging out with me. I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye

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