Are You Looking To Get Higher Ticket Clients For Your Agency?

Hey everybody! Welcome to this video where I want to show you three simple steps that can get you lots of better clients for your agency…

Three Steps to attract better and higher paying agency clients:

  1. Put out valuable content: Make use of the expertise that you have by creating valuable content. It can be a written blog or record a video. Just spend some time to do so, and share all your knowledge to your possible clients.
  2. Position your business: Position your brand, to attract those types of clients that you really want to work with. Set up the funnels that position myself as an expert.
  3. Filtering: This means that you only want to talk to that percentage of people that are willing and ready to work with you. And to do that they’ll be required to fill an application form. By doing this, you will stop talking to shoppers or to people that cannot afford your services.

I hope this helps a lot to improve your business and save you some time getting better clients.

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Listen I know how you feel. I know that you're tired of talking with shoppers. I know that you're tired of talking with clients that cannot afford your services. Listen, I know how you feel. So today on this video, what I want to do for you is to cast away all of your problems so that you can finally get the clients that you deserve.

Hey guys, what's up? Hernan Vazquez here, I hope you guys are doing amazingly well. Welcome to this video where I want to show you three simple steps that can get you a lot better clients. So whether you are trying to grow your agency online, or if you're a coach or a consultant that you're not getting the type of clients that you want right now, well stay tuned because this video is probably gonna solve 98% of the problems that you're having when it comes to getting the clients that you want, and closing the type of clients that you want. And with that said, I upload a lot of valuable content and people are actually raving about the content.

I've got people calling me at 3:00 AM in the morning, because they are in Australia, watching the video, and they are calling me saying, “Hernan, I cannot believe this, I just stepped on shit.” And they are also calling me saying, “Hernan, this video changed my life.” So if you would just go ahead and click the subscribe button real quick so that … that you can get a lot more valuable content, I would really, really appreciate it.

And also I have people calling me at 3:00 AM in the morning saying, “Listen man, this video's just changed my life.” So go ahead, hit the subscribe button so that you can avoid stepping on shit and you can actually start down … Not only that, but you're also formally invited. So sorry that you didn't get the written invitation, but I did send it to you. Probably the postal service sucks in your place. But anyways you're formally invited, and throwing this means you joined the Facebook group, which is completely free and you'll get a lot of value out of it.

So go ahead, there's gonna be a link somewhere so you can join or you can see how this magic happens right here, right here so that you can actually join the Facebook group by inputting this on your browser. So that said, let's jump into the main three steps that you want to go ahead and implement today to actually get better clients.

Here's the thing. On the Facebook group, most people that come to the Facebook group, they're either in for product marketers, they want to sell more of their products, or they are agency owners that want to get better clients and sales. Or they are coaches and consultants that they also want to get better clients and sales.

And most of them are having this feeling that A- they're talking to people that cannot afford their services, or B- they cannot just close those phone. Because they you know feel like you are selling them on something and it's not a good feeling. It's not like you need to be closing people on the phone, you need to be hustling and grinding and making 10 phone calls a day and trying to cold call anyone.

No that's not how it works. So the main point that I want to make on this video is to show you actual steps so that you can actually get better results. And get better results I mean that you can charge more, and work less. That's basically what I want to try to explain on this video. Now have in mind that I have been working with clients for the past seven years. .

And back when I was starting it was a pain in the ass. I didn't get the type of clients that I wanted, and if I closed the client I would be so afraid of losing that client, that I would do pretty much anything for the guy. At some point I was … I'm not a videographer, I'm not … you know I can just turn on the camera, but then my guy Caesar will take over, and I was actually going out for a client that I was supposed to be doing SEO, I was doing video film making for the guy because I was too afraid of losing him, so I would go ahead and do pretty much anything.

Not that anything, I'm not a prostitute, so no. I wouldn't do that. But anything else that has to do with inner marketing-ish, social media, I don't know. Web design, whatever, you name it. Just because I didn't want to lose them. Now the problem with that is that I ended up with the worst possible kind of clients on the earth.

You know people that wouldn't pay me what I was worth it, people that would complain all the time, you know they would jump on the phone for whatever reason … That was until I implemented this simple three steps that I'm about to share with you. So step number one, if you are coach or consultant, you have an agency, or you have an infoproduct out there, you're an expert in something.

So make use of that expertise right there to actually put out valuable content. That's step number one. Put out valuable content. I choose YouTube because I feel okay on camera, and that's my weapon of choice. I've been blogging for quite a while too, but you need to figure out a way for actually putting out good quality content.

If you go through this channel, there's like, I don't know, 200 videos or something. They're really valuable. So when people want to know about something, they want to learn about digital marketing, they probably find a video and some people will actually come in and they're binge watching my videos … whatever that means.

And I don't know why you guys are doing that, but that's fine if that's what you're into. I'm not judging. But I put a lot of good quality content because you know this is what I do for a living. So find a way of putting out good quality content.

It could be blog post, written blog post, it could be video, it can be Instagram post, it can be you know, audio be it a podcast … Whatever you have to do to actually build a body of work that will legitimize … that's a word. That will legitimize that you're a real expert in your niche. So that's step number one, putting out valuable content can go a long way. Now here's the thing.

Putting out valuable content will take you time. It takes time to actually sit down and record these videos, and then we get them edited, we get them transcribed, we put them on the blog so there is a team behind this. And it's expensive. To create quality content, it's expensive. But it's so worth it.

So for example, for YouTube videos or in SEO if you're doing blogging, you just put a piece of content out there, and if you optimize it correctly, it's starts growing. It starts getting you leads, getting you new people watching your stuff, day in and day out, and you only had to work once.

So consistency when putting out content is also a really good idea. But the main point is, put out content, it's a good idea, it's a good investment for your business and it will legitimize … that's a word … whatever you're doing online and on step number two and number three. Step number two is to position. Position your business, position your brand, to attract those types of clients that you really want to work with.

Like for example, if you are like one of the main sources of clients that I used to have when I was starting out was spam. Like I know … I'm not kidding. I was hiring these big companies, that they would have data bases in the millions right? And they would just spam my stuff away and then I don't know a couple of leads will trickle down from that and then I will try to close them on the phone … It was a pain in the ass.

It was a literal pain in the ass because the quality of those leads sucked, and the type of clients that came from those campaigns, they weren't really even willing to pay. I also was doing some stuff on the Craigslist for Latin America which is known as [foreign 00:08:04], or [foreign 00:08:06] if I say it right. But I was doing that.

And the reality is that people that were shopping on those places, they were mostly trying to shop around for prices, so why on earth would I put an advertising on a place where people are shopping for pricing if I weren't … If I didn't want to discount my services. So that's step number two. Position. How do you position yourself and where are you advertising and what kind of messaging that you are using to actually get the type of clients that you want.

So for example to get people into my Mastermind, I work with you know medium sized businesses, businesses that have some traction already. That they have some business going on, that they want to get more sales, that they want to grow. That they are hungry to grow. With coaches, consultants, it's the same. With info product marketers, we work with people that they already have a proven product, that they already have a proven method and a proven concept, because that's where we excel. We can accelerate your sales from six to seven figures really easy, but if you come and you're a newbie, if you're a beginner, if you have zero sales.

If you don't even have your first client yet, it's gonna be harder for me to actually help you. So if I was putting out lead magnets that say, “How to get your first client.” Or if I was putting out videos that say, “How to go from zero to $5,000 a month,” that would attract a certain type of people right? And there's nothing wrong with that, it's just a certain crowd. Now if you want to work with … for example let's say that you're a fitness coach, and you want to get people to be prepared to be bodybuilders, right?

So that's what you want to put out, you want to put out content about how to become a better bodybuilder. Not how to become a bodybuilder, or not how to lose the belly fat, but actually how to get more ripped. That implies that people are already ripped. So go ahead and audit the content that you're putting out there so that you magnetically attracting those folks that they really want to work with you, and that you really want to work with them.

Okay and this applies for agencies, and this applies for all kinds of stuff, like for example local contractors. What kind of budget they need to have in order to hire you. Well put that in your ads, put that out there and make sure that you're advertising on the correct spots. Don't be this guy that was advertising in shit hole. Let's not talk about that.

And step number three is filtering. I did this, this is step number six, but I just meant to do this. So just discard the other … whatever. Step number three is filtering. And by filtering I mean, when you're talking to someone on the phone or on Skype or whatever, you need to enter into a disqualifying process. And by disqualifying processes that you only want to talk to you know, that two or three or five percent of people that are willing and ready to work with you. And this is done by an application form.

Like anything I do when it comes to inbound marketing has to do with A- putting out value, B- setting up the funnels that position myself as an expert, and C- if you want to work with me, you need to apply. Because I don't want to waste your time, you don't want to waste my time. So if we are clear from the get-go of how much I charge and what I can help you achieve, then we're just gonna have a conversation on the phone.

If you think about it, if you're providing value first, then you have a good positioning, meaning you're only attracting those type of folks that you really want to work with, and then you have some sort of application form or some sort of funnel that will make them really, really aware of what are your prices, et cetera, et cetera. Then the closing is not even that difficult.

Like sometimes I just hop on the phone and I just goof around with people on the phone for a minute or two, or maybe half an hour … because if I really want to work with these guys, that's a great way to do it. Have that in mind, the sales process is even the least important process at that time, you don't need to oversell yourself.

Your high quality content should already be doing that for you, doing the heavy lifting. You shouldn't actually be thinking, “Oh, is this guy gonna be the right fit for me?” Because if you have been position yourself correctly and you have been advertising on the correct spots, you don't even need to worry about it.

So at the end of the day … and if they have applied, knowing that you can charge XYZ for XYZ services, then actually jumping on a call with these folks is actually pretty cool. They will be excited to talk to you if you think about it. So go ahead, deploy these three steps, it's super simple but it will make your life so much easier.

And you will stop talking to shoppers, you will stop talking to people that cannot afford your services. That's it, again, I would really appreciate that you go ahead and subscribe because again, I sent you a formal invitation but it didn't get to you. No, that was for the Facebook group, sorry about that. But anyways, just hit the subscribe button, I will be more than glad that you do that because I do put out a lot of valuable content.

Now you know why. But you know it's really valuable. Like I'm not kidding. If I were to wait and save everything on a pen drive and then wait the pen drive to flash drive, it will be potentially worth its weight in nutranium, which is not a real metal but it's super expensive if they could actually get it. Number two, go ahead and join the free Facebook group. It's again, free. It's on Facebook, that's why I keep saying the Facebook group. And guess what? It's a group and you can join. Right?

It's not just me, it's a group of people and we kind of help a lot of each other. Well not kind of, we really help a lot each other. And I put out a lot of the valuable stuff over there as well. Thank you for watching this video and I'll see you next time.

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