How To Get High Ticket Digital Agency Clients

Hey, everybody! On this video, I want to show you how to get clients that pay you $5,000 a month and grow your digital marketing agency. You’ll find the main tips to do this bellow:

Three steps to get clients pay you more Money:

1 – Positioning: Pay attention to what kind of bait you're using to attract them. Somebody would be much more excited to pay you more money if you bring them more clients, so focus on that.

2 – Where am I advertising?: Check what kind of channels are you using to advertise your agency. You may be attracting the wrong type clients using the wrong channels.

3 – Conversation type with clients: The type of conversation that you're having with your clients will determine two things: 1) What kind of clients you're getting and 2) How much you can charge a client. Focus on the important thing which is to get them more clients or leads, not on what you’ll do to get them.

Keeping in mind these steps you’ll improve the quality of clients and consequently, you’ll get more money definitely.

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Now, I wanted to answer questions that I got on my Facebook group that was related how to get clients that pay you more.

A lot of people that are on the Facebook group are having this issue, that they are feeling that they're talking to shoppers, they're talking to people that don't have money, or they're talking to people that are not wanting to pay what they're worth, so on this video you'll find out how to solve that.
With that said, if you also have questions, and if you also want to grow your digital marketing agencies, you want to sell more of your products, more of your services and whatnot I really suggest you join the free Facebook group. It's 100% free. 

Now, with that said let's talk about how to get clients, and specifically how to get high ticket clients. A while back I made a video that's going to be somewhere on screen right now that showed you my specific steps of the funnel that I actually use to attract high ticket clients.

Now, here's the thing, when it comes to attracting these type of clients you should be thinking about two main things. Number one, what kind of bait you're using to attract them, number one. Also, number two, how are you talking to these folks?

Number one is the bait, like where are you advertising your agency? What kind of channels are you using to advertise your agency? I see a lot of people are, for example, on Facebook, advertising their agency on Facebook groups. They turn around and you get a lot of contacts and messages and whatnot, but people don't have money to invest in advertising. Yet they want you to serve them for free.

That's not a good sign that you are advertising correctly, so you may want to go ahead and check that out.

I think that the most important thing comes to play when it comes to what kind of conversations you are having with clients. Back in the day when I was starting out, when I was launching my SEO agency, I would just take pretty much any type of client that I could get because I really needed the money. I didn't have a job. I just had to go ahead and quit my job. I was, like … I didn't have an income, so at that point in time I decided that I needed any kind of money.

Now, there's two main problems with that. Number one is that I came from a position of need, meaning, yeah, sure, I would say yes to anything just for the fact that I would make more money, number one.

Also, when I was discussing these conversations, when I was having these conversations with clients I would talk to them in terms of rankings, in terms of keywords, in terms of traffic, and whatnot. Those were the kind of conversations that I was engaging with, which made me get the type of clients that would also be focused on those conversations.

If you have a business owner that is focused on rankings and traffic and keywords that's going to be potentially a pain in the ass business to work with because of the fact that they're not focusing on what's important.

By what's important, I mean clients, leads, and sales. That should be the main focus of any business owner. When I realized that I started changing the topic of my conversations. Instead of just saying, “Yeah, I'm going to build x, y, z, I'm going to do this for you, I'm going rank you for these keywords,” I started talking about we're going to get you x amount of sales or we can increase your sales, we can get you more conversions, and whatnot.

That completely changed the type of conversations that I was having with my clients. It also changed the type of clients that I was getting because those clients, those business owners really were focused on what matter. Not only that, but it also allowed me to charge more.

If you think about it, it's all a matter of positioning, meaning somebody would be much more excited to pay you more money if you bring them more clients, if you bring them more sales, if you bring them more leads, if you actually impact the bottom line than if you're just building backlinks.

It also happens if you're selling Facebook ads or if you're selling social media managing. People don't care about how many posts you make on Instagram. A business owner that is focused on the right things is hiring you so you can take that out of the equation for them and you can focus on bringing them more leads.

The type of conversation that you're having with your clients will determine two main things. Number one, what kind of clients you're getting, again, which is the main focus of the client. Also, number two, how much you can charge a client, because if you really want to get the type of clients that are paying you $3,000, 4,000, $5,000 a month, which is completely doable, you need to change the value that you're providing this client.

One thing is to just build backlinks or just launch Facebook ads, or just do posts on Instagrams. Now, a completely different thing is to actually add value and to actually change the fabric of their business, meaning if you're getting them more sales, if you're jumping into actually change their business around, then you become 1,000 times more valuable. That's also impacting the type of money that you're getting for your services.

Now, with that said, I usually suggest my students and people that talk to me and whatnot that they aim for high ticket businesses, right? Businesses that have a healthy profit for everything that they're selling, whether they're simple products or if you're doing local. People are charging two, three, $5,000 per service and whatnot.

Those usually make a lot more sense because of the fact that if you want to get people that are paying you, let's say, $5,000 a month and they're closing leads, and those leads can represent to them another ten grand in income, or for each lead they are getting paid $5,000, it will make a lot of sense for them to pay you that money because you can get them leads left and right every day of the week.

Again, positioning, number one. Number two, where you are advertising. Number three, what type of conversations you're getting with business owners and you're having with business owners. Again, having in mind that a business owner that's heavily focused on clicks, heavily focused on keywords, heavily focused on little details that you should be focused on, right? That's why they are hiring you in the first place, it's going to be potentially a pain in the ass client. I usually tend to run away from them.

If the client is good, and the client is focused on what they should be focused, which is leads and sales and bottom line revenue, then they can pay you more and you can do your job much, much easier. All right, guys?

I hope this video has helped you. If you have any questions on how to get these type of clients you can drop them in the comments below. You can also join the free Facebook group, it's completely free, and I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye.

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