How To Get Better Digital Marketing Clients

How to get increase the quality of your digital marketing clients.


Steps to look for better digital marketing clients:

  1. Focus on quality: Think and write about the characteristics that your ideal client should have. They should be easy going, and fun for you to enjoy working for them. They have to be open-minded, so they pay fairly and respect the time that you need to finish the task.
  2. Ask for referrals.: If you’re doing a good job, there should be no reason a client wouldn’t refer you. Referrals are often much better than a cold lead.
  3. Try positioning yourself: Set off the way that people find you, It should be easy but also, start thinking about how to vet those clients. You can use an application form and then you decide if it worth your time. Don’t waste your precious time!

So, keep these steps in mind and start thinking about the quality of your clients. Do this exercise and improve your business.  

Also find out how to get high ticket clients.

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Everybody, what's up! on this video you'll find out how to get better quality digital marketing clients

Hey guys what's up or down here welcome to another video on thank you once again for all of the support the comments the likes the shares been a great ride with you guys. So I hope that you find these videos helpful. If you do please, share or subscribe or like it wherever you're watching these videos and we'll be more than happy that you do that we're really really appreciate that.

So on this video I wanted to kind of address the question of how to get better digital marketing clients, okay? whatever it is that you're selling, social media marketing, Facebook ads, sales funnels, web design whatever it is, how to get better quality clients. And there's two things that are quality, that quality clients have my opinion to be a quality client and our crappy clients.

So let's dive into that quality number one for me, and this is something that you want to have to, that you want to do actually, that you have to do is your dream client type of exercise. What I mean is that, you need to kind of sit down and think about, hey! if I would do it these for free, right? if I would do this for free, what type of characteristics or traits should my client have for this to be an amazing job? if I was doing this completely for free right?

And for me, there are two main, things number one they're not a deck or they're good fun, all right? so number one it's I think that a fun in business is really important at least in mind so they need to be good fun they need to be easy going any to you know crack jokes I'd like to crack jokes from time to time so they and not easily offended by my jokes because sometimes my jokes are not that are either really bad or really inappropriate so anyways but so that's number one.

Number two they need to have an abundance mentality, and abundance mentality, I think that they need to pay well, okay? they need to pay pay handsomely for my for my services. Number one because they know that they're going to get it back, right? they're gonna go out there to the marketplace that going to implement we're going to work together to kind of get it back.

So, number one abundance mentality because they can pay handsomely and also mentality of time. What I mean is that, if you're coming to me and you need results yesterday, I'm sorry can’t help you, just because of the fact that, you know, it takes time to go through a funnel and make it better. It may take sometimes, it could take a couple weeks, sometimes a couple days sometimes a couple months. No, no.

So, those are the two main threat and trait that I'd like to have, like, good fun, easy going. Number two abundance mentality. And this is a kind of an exercise that I strongly recommend you guys sit down, you know, and afternoons and beautiful. It's a beautiful, sunny, beautiful sunny day here in Argentina. It's It's Sunday, and I don't know it's 20 Celsius or something, I don't know how much is 50 maybe in Fahrenheit or something.

So, what you want to have in mind is that, you want to sit down and actually write down the trades that a great client, you know, would have for you or should have in order for it to make it a really quality clients. So once you have that, then it's time to actually get those type of plan.

Two Main Things

So again, there's two main things I keep on saying to I should say three, but whatever, let's just keep it a two. And then maybe if you have questions, you can post them in the comments below.

But the first thing that you want to have that you want to do to actually get higher quality clients is to ask for referrals. It's amazing for me how lots of people how a lot of people watching these YouTube channel and whatnot, are these these videos. Rather, they're not asking for referrals, you know, and that's a gold mine right there. Because if you're providing good services, and a good and a good, engagement, if you work or good results for your clients, there's no reason why not to somebody, hey, do you have any friends that could benefit from what I'm doing.

And that will be a higher quality client that somebody comes from called for the most part, for the most part, referrals are better than cold, you know, there are some exceptions to the rule as always, but that is something that you want to have to do. I posted not so long ago, how to get your first digital marketing client. And one of the pillars of growing your agency was to actually go out there and ask for referrals. I'm going to leave a link somewhere around here, so that you can go ahead and watch that video, which was pretty cool.

So that's number one. As for referrals, simple really see, I don't, I don't know, I've never never
incentivize meaning, you know, some people will say, hey, if you send me a referral, so I've thrown 500 bucks, I usually don't do that, I should say, hey, if you find DCs for Could you share it, whatever. So that's how I do it. So number one, referrals. But number two, it's also really important, which is positioning.

I also talked about how to charge more money for additional marketing services, there's going to links from around here, and you can go check it out. And one of the main things that I talk about their positioning by position in I mean, number one, how people are finding you. And number two, how you're filtering them, okay, so it doesn't matter if it's a referral, or if it's somebody that finds you online, you want to filter them, you want to go ahead and have some sort of application form to talk to you.

And it's not because you're a dick, but it's actually because you're somebody that things on in terms of time management for both you and your potential client, so that you guys are not wasting time, you know, I had to learn that the hard way, unfortunately, you know, I would jump in a meeting to, you know, get the ball rolling. And then I would jump on another meaning to set up the next meeting where the next meeting, I would send them a proposal and then in the proposal we will discuss on the fourth meeting, and on the fifth meaning would be a no show. But the six meeting would be somewhere where we will close the deal. So you have six meanings for somebody to tell you yes or no,I don't do that anymore.

Trust me, don't do that anymore. I tried to actually go ahead and have my for my handy dandy form in front of people and saying, Hey, this is what I charge this is what I will do for you if you're okay with it. If your game is up on a call, right? So that's basically my two ways to actually get higher quality clients. But you need to understand and you need to go through the exercise of what a high quality client is for you because otherwise you're than water pretty much. All right. So I hope this helps you if it does, leave me a comment share it with somebody that needs to see this and I'll see you guys on the next video.


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