How To Create More Revenue

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How Do I Create More Revenue?

  1. Manual:

    You have to give your customers a written step by step, so they can actually perform what you are suggesting to them. It could be a manual or a book.

  2. Coaching:

    Offering this you’ll be able to charge your customers a little bit more. And the reason why is that you’ll be monitoring their learning and watching them grow. You’re offering them your time to coach them and guide them towards the success.

  3. Let them YOU do the JOB:

    You’ll do the job for them making their lives easier.This is the most rentable thing that you can offer to your clients as you’ll receive a higher revenue for it.

Now, no matter what you’re thinking about offering, keep in mind these three levels and how much you can charge your customers on each.

Keep them in mind and start making more money!

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What's up everybody. It's go baby. Bam. You know that music really pumps me out you know?

It's pretty cool, everybody. Good morning Chad my man. How's it going, bro? I mean john here. Let's see on the YouTube's, we have a bunch of people right now what is going on everybody? Welcome to the live stream for the day.

Today's the seventh of February. It's 1105 here I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina beautiful day today as well cooled off a little bit happily. So I hope you guys are super well and have some really good news. They have some really, really really good stuff coming up. And I want to share with you guys today.

So we're going to be talking about how to increase your revenue, how to make more money, what do you do if your business this needs more revenue. That's exactly what I'm going to be talking to you guys about. And as usual, if you have any questions, we're going to be uploading like 1015 minutes, whatever you guys need for questions. So go ahead and type them you know when it comes to digital marketing when it comes to advertising when it comes to making more money. Alright, so that's exactly what I want to share with you guys today.

Now with that being said, let me actually share with you guys something that is pretty cool. You know that there's a bunch of stuff that you can do right now to increase your revenue. Among those things that you can do is to deploy some really, really high quality sales funnels. Okay, so I asked my facebook group, what you know what you guys needed help with and they answered that they needed help with sales funnels.

So what I did was to put together a list of 10 sales funnels that have allowed me to spend millions of dollars on ads have allowed me to you know, go out there and get a lot of cold traffic and turn those traffic that traffic into buyers put together a list and put together a walkthrough of each of the 10 funnels that I'm constantly using for brick and mortar businesses for info product marketing for a bunch of different stuff, and I put together and compile it.

So if you need a walkthrough of the funnels if you're looking for, you know, the 10 funnels that I've been personally using over and over again, now is your chance to grab your copy of the straining. And the way you do that is by going to, Okay, so you put that on your browser, you will learn here, it's only 100 bucks, and you get access to that. And if you didn't yet, you will also get access

to a copy of my book Perpetual Profits for free, I'm throwing that as a bonus in there.

And not only that, but anyone that gets a copy of Perpetual Profits gets access to a really pretty bad as members area, where I'll be you know, recording are being recorded a lot of additional training. So I think there's worth, you know, 1500 bucks or more of training in that room area alone. So you get access to the these 10 funnels training, where I walk you through the funnels that I've been using, you get access to perpetual profits, you get access to the bonus members area, it's only 100 bucks, okay?

And it's going to be limited. So I think that in 48 hours have gone out, completely destroyed this page that you're seeing, and it's going to be only a back end thing for people that buy the book on the first place. Okay, so that is something that I want to show when you guys go to Hernan Vazquez comm slash 10 funnels, you will be able to grab your copy today. So with that being said, let's talk about increasing your revenue. Whenever you're advertising, whenever you're selling your stuff online.

Here's the deal. I was talking to one of my consulting clients, I think was yesterday or the day before. And she was telling me she isn't a dog trainer. She's on the puppy training, right? And she was kind of frustrated because the reality is that, you know, she was advertising she was getting a bunch of leads and whatnot. She was selling her training. Right. And that was pretty much it. She was selling her training that was it.

So she was telling me Well, you know what a man I keep on being frustrated because I listened to you guys and others you know, other marketers and entrepreneurs and but not like Frank Kern or Russell Brunson and whatnot. And you guys keep on saying that, what else do I need? Do I have to offer to them? And that's basically all I got. Right?

So she was getting really, really angry and really frustrated because of that fact she felt that she couldn't apply what I was teaching, I want her to pally what I'm sharing on these live streams every day, to her business. And the reality is this. My question was really, really simple. What else can you offer? She, she she replied to me, Well, I don't have a backend developer.

Alright, so if your front end selling, now is your obligation, your next step, your next move, is to develop the backend. And here's some ideas in case you're struggling with this. Okay? So

you're selling cars, you're selling a book, you're selling something right on the front end.

So the first thing thing that people want to get our ways to achieving the result that you're promoting on your book on your course, whatever that is, either faster, cheaper, or better, faster, cheaper, or better. So what else can you offer?

So the first thing is that a lot of people that what a lot of people mistake, you know, an upsell, or buy can offer with is the fact that you never, ever, ever, ever want to make feel want to make people feel that what they've just gotten is worthless, right? Because they will felt cheated, they will feel like that you did a bait and switch. So I got this. And now to get these results, I need to buy something else. That's not what you want to do.

Okay, whenever you're selling a product or service online, the product needs to be completed needs to be a native see way of getting people from point A to point B. In any case, you want to make your customers feel that, you know, they need to put is something else in order for them to get the result that you promised, right. That's not how it works. However, you can give them an additional opportunity for you know, them to get the result that they're looking for either faster, or better or cheaper. Okay, so faster, better and cheaper.

Now, that is when it comes to upsides and downsides and whatnot. And this also works for your back end offers as well. Now, with that being said, they're like, if you think about a pyramid, right? So there's like this, this pyramid that you can do. And let me actually, you know, let me actually share with you guys why not right? We're hanging out, man share with you guys. But let me open the little Photoshop right here, I'm going to share with you guys what I think that are great offers when it comes to your back end promotion and whatnot.

Alright, so let me see if I can do this. But I'm going to stop sharing my screen. So I don't need anything over there. So yeah, those are all the those are all the templates that I was working on. Yeah, today. So let's do this. Alright, so let's say that you have a pyramid, right? Then you have some sort of pyramid right here. Okay. Look at that Bat Boy, bow. That's a pyramid.

Alright, so in the bottom of the pyramid. So you have let's say that you have three levels of desirability, so you have three different levels of desirability, what I mean is that, whenever you're offering the back end product, you have these three levels. So on level number one is the manual. Okay, let me make this a little bit bigger. And you guys can see it better. Whoops, can you do this? Come on up. Come on now? Well, apparently, it cannot let me make this bigger for you guys. Whoops.

Yeah, this is super tiny. So let's do this. So you have the manual, right? And I was supposed to write manual, not manual. Alright, so you have the manual there. So what this basically means is that you're cool. Or your book, or the manual is basically telling them, this is how you do x. So for instance, let's say that you're selling a property training, let's, let's grab that. Let's grab that example. So you're selling puppy training. So the manual will tell them how to train your puppy.

That's like the bottom level of desirability, that's the least desirable thing. Okay, and the least that you can charge for the next level of desirability when it comes to App sales and back end promotions is the do it with you type of stuff. Let me see if I can What's going on? Come on. So do it with you type of stuff, okay.

So anything that has to do with coaching, or consulting or anything that has to do, we do it with you. So I do it with you, I help you train your puppy, I'll jump on calls, you know, you'll have support blah, blah, blah. So I do it with you. That's the second level of the service ability when it comes to backend promotions. And the third level, which is the most desirable thing is do it for you. Okay, so we do it for you. As you can see, this is super professional graphic designer right there. So we do it for you.

That is like the highest level of disability, and that's the most that you can charge for. So whenever you're brainstorming what else you can offer to people that have already say yes to you, you need to have these pyramid, or these levels in mind, right? Because the reality is that you can sell the manual and you can sell the course for up to whatever, 3000 $5,000 that do it with you, you can sell it for 2015 $50,000 if you want it to, and then they do it for you, you can sell it, you know anywhere from 100 to $150,000. for, you know, anything that has to do with Hey, I do it for you.

So I'll train your puppy for you. I'll build the funnel for you. I'll help you, you know, I'll train for you in the gym and make you look fantastic. That doesn't work, unfortunately. But it will be pretty cool if it did. Alright. So whenever you're thinking, what else to offer these guys, you need to think about these three levels. Right? What else can I offer to my audience? What else can I offer to these guys so that whenever they decide to jump in, I already have my back end in place.

Right? And if you don't have a bucket, just developing, right, you're having you're doing all of the heavy lifting. If you think about it, you're doing all of the heavy lifting at this point. You're getting the hardest, yes, the hardest. Yes. And you can get is the first Yes. The second Yes, it's much easier. The third yes is much, much easier. That's why, you know, I keep on insisting that you guys should be getting your back end in place.

All right. What's up, Jason? Are you doing man? Chad is asking when you say manual is that referring to the training videos? Yes. Like basically is your course like, here's how you do X, Y, Z, that's the manual, okay? That's what I consider a manual meaning, you know, the the structure, the steps, the instructions, anything that has to do with this is what you need to do in order to get this benefit. So that's like the bottom level.

That's why you're selling a course for 997 on a webinar. That's why you're selling the course for $500 blah, blah, blah. So here's what you need to do in order to get to why, right? That's the manual, then they do it with us, Hey, I'll help you following the manual. I'll help you do it. And with you, I'll be with you at every step of the way. So that would be more on the coaching consulting side of things. All right. So that's the next level of disability. And then the third thing is, Hey, I'll prepare the whole system for you. That's a do it for you type stuff.

Alright. So hope that makes sense, man. All right, everybody, so I don't see any more questions. If you have any additional questions, please go ahead and write them down on the little on the little chat that you have right there. And again, if you want to get my top 10 funnels that turn cold traffic into buyers, it's only 100 bucks.And the way you do it is you go to Hernan

slash 10 funnels. Okay, I'm gonna put it there on the chat box. Whoops. Oh, yeah. I need to learn to type guys. So you go to, and you will be able to, you will be able to get grab a copy of my 10 funnels that turned cold traffic into buyers.

All right. So let's see what else we've got. Let's see what it was good. Put it what's up my man? Could you give examples of all three stages? So we know what their next action is? How do we need to convince them? Yeah, great question. So again, you never want to, you never want to make them feel that what they just got is not enough to get the results. Okay, so they got the course the course will walk them through from a point A to point B, that is the fact right. And then the next thing is, hey, do you need support? You want to do better? Do you want to do it faster?

Here's how do it come join this mastermind. And here's how you do it. That is the support side of things. Hey, do you want me to do it for you? Right? No worries, you can just sit back relax, I'll do this the entire system for you. I'll get you leads. I'll get you customers, whatever. Here's the key. Boom. That's the peak level of desirability if that makes sense. Okay. I hope that helps my man.

All right. All right, everybody. So thank you for hanging out with me. I hope that this helps. If it does, feel free to share it with somebody that definitely need to see stuff like this. And yeah, we'll be doing this live pretty much every every day. Now with that being said, I might start conducting some surveys or not surveys, but interviews, pretty cool interviews on my Facebook group.

So if you want to hear about industry experts, you know, you should join my facebook group and the way you do that is by going to amazon dot com, All right, boom. It's there, baby. It's in the chat box. Alright guys, thank you once again for hanging out with me. I really do appreciate you if you want to get the 10 funnels that turn cold traffic into buyers go to, and I'll see you guys tomorrow.

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