How to Create Facebook Ads that Work in Any Economy

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Learn to write ads that bring more clicks and clients, no matter the economy!


Hi everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez and today, I want to share with you how to create advertising that works in any niche, any economy, any country and in any industry.

I recommend you have in mind this framework when creating your ads, If you need to get results fast.

5 steps to create a good copy for your ADS…

STEP #1 – Specific pattern interrupt

That is the first line of copy of your ad.

Use the first sentence with a pattern interrupt to call out your marketplace, because you need to attract your targeting…

With it you’ll be trying to break and interrupt  these mental patterns that people have when they are surfing on Facebook or Instagram.

Break those patterns so that you can have the next line in place.

STEP #2 – General accusation

What you need to do here is name a group of people and differentiate yourself because you have something else to show your audience.

You can start the phrase with: “Most marketers…” or “most entrepreneurs believe that…” or even you can use “Most people think this…” but not ME.

What you do is to separate yourself from the rest of people with a general used action

STEP #3 – Your story 

You need to mention what you became to know that thing that nobody else did.

It’s the opportunity to show people your real story and what you have to say based on what you’ve found and not someone else.

Show them that you will help them.

STEP #4 – Show the benefits

Here what people will need to see is what you will do for them.

It’s important that you be clear on this step and start laying down the benefits that you can offer.

The more benefits, the better.

 STEP #5 – Call to action

In this step, you need to turn people into leads.

How? By applying specific call to action buttons.

Remember that you need to attract people to your business, so you’ll need to say something similar to: “If you want to learn more, go and click the button on this add.

So, It doesn’t matter what your business is about, you can always use this framework when creating copy for your advertising.

Give it a try and start enjoying its benefits.   


Let's talk about how to create advertising that works in any niche in any economy in any country in any, you know, in any industry pretty much.

The reason I would say I feel that I'm able to show you this is because number one, I've been doing this for the past 10 years. Number two, I've been advertising different industries over the past seven, but that doesn't matter. 

The reality is that last year, I spent $7 million in advertising, okay, between Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. So I spent $7 million in advertising on behalf of our clients and I was working, and when an agency would an eight figure ad agency, and I had to personally hire, manage and train over 15 Media buyers. 

Now these media buyers, what they were doing, they were servicing or 200 plus clients, so 200 plus clients. And you know, when you're working with this myriad of lines and we the clients were all over the place. There. mostly small business owners. They didn't have huge budgets, you know, they couldn't afford to wait six months to get results. They needed results and leads and sales right now, right? That's why they were coming to us that want. 

That's why they were hiring us. So my job as kind of the head of marketing, because I was also doing the marketing for the agency. My job was to come up with frameworks with templates so that I could give those templates to my media buyers and get the clients results. So it doesn't matter. You know, we had clients that were like, info products, webinars, you know, info product publishers, we are booked funnels, we had coaches, consultants and all of that. 

But also we had a lot of lawyers. We have a we had restaurants, we had local chiropractors, we had a local contractor. So it was definitely all over the place. We have big companies nationwide, we have small companies that were like, you know, under in their area. So how do you make it work? So my job was to collect all of that data and see what worked were the parents were what What kind of results we could get them. 

And lo and behold, one, once we start developing the frameworks, one of the frameworks that I want to share with you guys today, they started working and they started working in any niche. Like, honestly, we were generating leads for chiropractor or sales for chiropractor or patients. But we're also generating webinar leads. And we were also just generating walk ins for, you know, car dealers, and all of that. 

So the framework works that I'm about to share with you, okay. And this is a framework for Facebook advertising. So the framework I want to share with you guys today is how to get better at your copy, you know, your copy in your Facebook ads, it's a big part of what you're doing. So I want to share with you guys five steps, I think there's 12345 steps on how to create a really good copy. 

And again, I'm going I'm going to go in depth into one of these frameworks and one of these steps in my perfect ads workshop. So if you want to get it go to Hernan Vazquez comm slash perfect, okay, so the copy on your Facebook advertising, it's really, really important. Now, we were running all sorts of of ads we Running video ads will run in image ads. And usually, here's the deal when you're running video ads, you can kind of grab the framework for video ads, and your copy doesn't have to be stellar.

Right? When you're running images, image ads, they still work amazingly well, if you add something like this, your copy. And the reality is that when you're running video ads, your video ads will do most of the heavy lifting. So your copy doesn't have to be great. But when you're running image ads, and you're trying to convince somebody and strange from Facebook, to stop doing what they're doing to click on an ad to go to a page to register for a webinar, or put in their credit card. 

That's something right that is something that's a skill set that once you develop it, you will never go broke, you will never have a problem finding new clients. You will never fear the economy what's going on in the marketplace. Oh, every everyone is pulling out. No, it's nothing like that. Okay, so trust me on this one. Once you learn this type of skill set, you can grow businesses, and you can use this to grow your own business or you can use this for your clients which is super valuable as well. 

So let's go into the framework. Okay, so there's five steps of this framework, this framework that I put together that is working extremely well. And again, it worked for 200 plus clients in different niches, different countries and whatnot. So the first thing that you want to put, which is the first line of copy of your ad, is an a specific pattern interrupt. Maybe you have heard this word before pattern interrupt, but the word specific pattern interrupt means that you're not just saying, Hey, stop there, or I going to throw a pink elephant on your head. Right? 

That is a pun interrupt, or what does a pink elephant has to do with blah, blah, blah, that is a pattern interrupt, but you also want to use the first sentence with a pattern interrupt to call out your marketplace. Okay, I've talked about call outs before and they're really important. So when you're talking about specific pattern interrupts you need to think about a pattern interrupt and how you can fuse that how you can kind of marriage that with your target demographic with your targeting. 

So in this case, I'm I am effectively Starting to advertise my perfect ads workshop. And the first line of copy that I have is, if you want to get better advertising call out, you need to become you need to change the way you shave. So if you want to get better advertising, you need to change the way you shave. That's a pattern interrupt, because I'm calling out people if you want to get better advertising, right? If you're not, if you don't want to get better advertising, you're not going to read my copy. 

You need to change the way you shave. Like what are you talking about? So that's kind of breaking the pattern, the thumb stopping power of the first sentence, okay? And we'll try and to break upon an interrupt because when people are surfing on Facebook, on Instagram or whatever, they have these mental patterns, right? And you want to break those patterns so that you can create an open so that you can have the next the next line in place.

Alright, so specific pattern interrupt, so call out your marketplace and then say something weird, you know, so that is basically it's so cold out your marketplace and then say something weird. Now step number two is a general accusation general. Thank you. As in most people think that or most entrepreneurs think that or most entrepreneurs believe that. That is a general accusation. So my guess would be if you want to get better advertising, you need to change the way you shave. And then I start talking about most entrepreneurs think that advertising is hard and that this economy is tanking, blah, blah, blah. But here's what I found. That is the general accusation.

Alright, so you're separating yourself from the rest of people because you found something. And then you segue into your story. Here's what I found. Here's how I found it. Okay, some people call this the Epiphany bridge. So if you have been following Russell Brunson, he will call it a 50 Bridge. I call it a story. So most entrepreneurs and most business owners think that advertising is hard in the tanking economy. But here's what I found, after servicing 200 plus clients in you know, last last year and after, you know, spending $7 million on ads, global blah, and then you go into your story, you actually telling your story how you got into that reality station. 

That is really important because on your story, you have an opportunity to educate and you have an opportunity to actually show an example what you're saying, right? And then you segue into the benefits. So the benefits is and here's what I found, here's how I find it that this story and here's what it will do for you when you do XYZ. So you know my book I'm just saying on page x, you will find why on page z you will find be on page number four, you will find the three best things to do why so you start laying down the benefits you start laying down the benefits, the more benefits the better. 

Okay, how many benefits should I have? You have a lot so how many benefits you need it's up to you but the more benefits the better. All right, and then you have right here the call to action. Okay, so the call to action is basically if you want to learn more go there or if you want to go learn more click on the button on this ad. Alright. So basically what you should start it was with a pattern interrupt, then you separate yourself from the rest of people with a general like use ation, then you Go into the story as to why you for what you found and how you find it, then then you go into the benefits as to what this thing that you found will do for people and then you go into the call to action. 

Okay, so this structure, you can use it to sell dog food, you can use it to sell webinar tickets, you can use it to sell in person dinner seminars, you can use it to sell high ticket coaching, high ticket, I don't know, industrial machinery, you name it. Okay, we've been using this. I've been personally using this to sell, you know, banking services or high yield investment services all the way up to $7 ebooks, and it works amazingly well. So go ahead and start brainstorming about how you can start doing this for your own how you can go ahead and start deploying this. This will make you a better copywriting.

Again, if you want a detail, step by step procedure. If you want me to show you some live examples, I have several million dollar ads out there. I have ads that you know, there were 300 3600 words or something like that there are actual articles that are really helpful and people are loving those articles and those those ads, that's why they work so well. Alright, so if you want me to share with you that not only for Facebook, but also how to create great videos for facebook, how to create great videos for YouTube, which are two different things, you cannot use the same videos on Facebook then you're using YouTube and vice versa. There's a reason for that.

And if you wanted me to share all of that with you go ahead and go to Hernan Vazquez comm slash perfect develop the skill set that would allow you to thrive in any economy. It doesn't matter what the market does. It doesn't matter if there's, you know, an impending threat of human you know, in human life or whatever, it doesn't matter.

It will allow you to thrive because you're helping people, you're connecting with people and people need your products and services right now more than it more than ever. All right, so go ahead, take advantage of this Hernan slash perfect while the earlybird pre launch week last which is going to end these Friday. Alright guys, so have an amazing day. I hope that this helps.

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