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Hey everybody! On this video, I´ll show you how to create an online platform for you to sell anything to.

Two primary considerations when creating a platform:

1 – Deliver a ton of value:  The sale of your product will come after people have known you, consumed your content, and trusted you.

2- Investment is the “key”: Invest heavily in your own business. That is to say, on Google or Facebook to send you traffic to that value so people can start getting to know you.

And, that's how you develop a platform. Remember that, building a platform takes time, money and effort, but once you have it, you can sell anything to people. So, instead of trying to sell them first, add value and build a following. Once you create a following, you can develop a vast amount of success.

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Hey everybody, what's up? On this video I'm going to show you how to create a platform that you could sell pretty much anything to.

Hey guys, what's up. Hernan Vasquez here. Welcome to another video, and thank you once again for the support that you have been giving to the channel. It's been quite a ride, and again, this is just the beginning, okay? It's a young channel and it's gaining quite a lot of traction, so I really want to thank you guys for the support, the comments, the likes, everything, so thank you. Thank you for that. You guys make me really happy.

With that being said, I just wanted to touch base real quick on a topic that I have been discussing with a couple of consulting clients for the past, I would say, week or so, which made me make this video. The main problem that many people have and some businesses that are making 30, 50, 75 thousand dollars a month on the off-line world, and they want to implement an online strategy to double that or triple that, which is completely obtainable and possible, they try to work with the same rules as the off-line world.

Now, this also applies to one these or newbies, or people that are just starting with their online paths, meaning that they are too focused on selling a product the way that you will sell it off-line, okay? I consult with a couple of guys, they would tell me, oh, yeah, I have this amazing product that I want to sell, or I have this amazing, some other product that I want to put on this market, et cetera.

The reality is that online rules are kind of different than off-line rules. So let me explain a little bit what I mean. The main focus of every, of your online efforts should be focused or aimed to the mid and long term gain. By that I mean, instead of just trying to sell a product, try to develop a platform that you can then sell anything to.

What do I mean? Let's say that you are selling watches, because I consulted with a guy that was selling watches and he wasn't getting that many results. The reality is that people that like watches, potentially like some other stuff like lifestyle, cars, travel, clothing. There is a bunch of things that are around the watches' market that you can really leverage on.

There are some markets and some niches that are amazing for some social networks. For example, Instagram. You will see watches pages that have, I don't know, a couple hundred thousand followers, and they're making a killing in there. But the reality is that they didn't focus on selling the watches in the first place, they focused on building a community, building a platform.

The only way that I know of building a platform is by delivering a ton of value and to invest to get more people to watch that kind of volume, all right? There are basically two ways, okay? You deliver a ton of value, and then pay the big guys like Google or Facebook to send you traffic to that value so people can start getting to know you, they can subscribe to you, they can follow you on Instagram, et cetera. That's how you develop a platform.

Now, that's, of course, thinking on the mid and long term because initially building a platform takes time, take money, takes effort. It's not easy. But once you have the platform, and by platform, it could be a 100,000 followers on Instagram or 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, or a list of 5,000 people, or 5,000 friends on Facebook, whatever your platform is, you can sell pretty much anything because that platform will be super, super engaged with a particular topic.

On this particular case, it would be watches, lifestyle, luxury cars, whatever. Then, you can sell pretty much anything to them. So instead of trying to sell them first, just add value and build a following. Once you build a following, you can develop a huge amount of success.

One of the best examples that I know of is Alex Becker. If you haven't seen his YouTube video, I suggest that you go and see him because he has done exactly those two things. He has given away a ton of value and he has also built a platform based on investment, okay? He invested heavily on his business and he also delivered a ton of value with his videos, okay? That allowed him to sell a ton of products, a ton of membership sites, a ton of affiliate websites, and not only that, but now he is developing software and he has the platform to sell software too.

He can go out there and say, make a JV, a joint venture with another software company, and say, hey, I have 100,000 people in my list. I want to email and to send people your way, okay? That's how you build a platform. Focus on building a platform, not selling a product. The sale of your product will come after people have known you, consumed your content, and trusted you.

If you're importing your off-line business, which is, you have this kind of building that people enter and they are pretty much convinced to purchase when they enter, all you need to do is sell to them, well, that's not how internet works, okay? Have that in mind. Now, the reality is that your online platform will also allow you to grow your off-line business, okay? And your off-line business will allow you to grow your online platform.

I'm going to talk a little bit about that on the next video that I'm going to record just after this one. All right, guys. So keep in touch, keep tuned, leave a comment below if you love this. Share this with somebody that needs to see it. I hope to see you guys on the next video. Bye-bye.

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